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The Best Ways of Sourcing High-Quality Products from China. China offers an incredible business opportunities for importers and business owners around the world, but like any country, it has its own set of rules and regulation which can make importing from China a bit difficult for importers.

The Best Ways of Sourcing High-Quality Products from China

But the best part is that you can manage and reduce these risks with carrying a methodical approach to sourcing products from China. Follow the below- mentioned tips to get the best of sourcing. Choose a good sourcing agency. Selecting a good sourcing agency will be helpful in many aspects. In sourcing, you will come across many difficulties. Identify your import rights. Before importing commercial goods into your country, you have to identify your importing rights.

Identify the goods you want to import. Although the sourcing firm will identify the right goods for you, it is always better to select and inspect the first sample of the product by yourself. Ensure what you are importing is permitted in your country. Reasons Why You Should Start Importing Goods From Vietnam? Compared to other countries, most importers had not given Vietnam much consideration for sourcing their products.

Reasons Why You Should Start Importing Goods From Vietnam?

Indeed, even with the positive economic developments and reforms in Vietnam, it was still known as a normal developing country with having a humble sourcing capability. But after the emerging as a sourcing giant, importers are showing their interest in Vietnam. Importing goods from Vietnam is becoming easier than before as rules and other factors of sourcing are less stringent compared to other countries in Asia. Vietnam continues to develop from a low-cost labour economy to a high-quality enterprise marketplace. According to many economic surveys, Vietnam will make its place in top 10 fastest growing countries in the next few decades. Vietnam’s manufacturing and sourcing sector now accounts 25 percent of Vietnam’s total GDP, it shows that this country has established itself as the leader in low-cost manufacturing and sourcing. Vietnam: The Rising Star in Sourcing Sector. – qaizengroup – Medium.

Vietnam has emerged as a sourcing hub and, consequently, as a cost-competitive alternative to China.

Vietnam: The Rising Star in Sourcing Sector. – qaizengroup – Medium

Although, some analysts have been pointing out several similarities between Vietnam and China economic rise, it must be appreciated that Vietnam is following its own unique road-map for exporting, many analysts believe that importing goods from Vietnam is very easy as compared to other Asian countries. Vietnam has become increasingly investor-friendly in recent years. Tips For Beginners on How To Import Goods From China? It is obvious to raise hundreds of questions while getting started in the importing business.

Tips For Beginners on How To Import Goods From China?

Especially, in China, where language barriers can be the biggest hurdles in products sourcing. Apart from this, you may face difficulties in finding the answers of these questions – How to find suppliers? What are the profitable products? How to determine what product to sell first? How to Overcome China Products Sourcing Challenges and Complexities? China has emerged as a premier sourcing destination for worldwide companies, when it comes to importing goods from China.

How to Overcome China Products Sourcing Challenges and Complexities?

China is the fourth largest country by area and also known as a most populous country in the world. The country’s sheer size (with low labour costs), economic growth, stable political system create healthy business opportunities which attract many potential investors and corporate buyers around the world. Vietnam, the Distant Land of Multiple Business Opportunities. Vietnam is an emerging business destination in Asia.

Vietnam, the Distant Land of Multiple Business Opportunities.

There are many advantages when you are sourcing from Vietnam, almost the same as what China offered in the early 90’s. With many options available for importing, it is better to choose a good sourcing firm in the process. A mediator can have core expertise in solving all the hassles and smoothing the process of import or export. Also, since this is their core business, they are less likely to make mistakes. Why You Should Hire Sourcing Companies to Import Products From China? Without taking assistance from China sourcing companies , it is difficult to import products successfully from there.

Why You Should Hire Sourcing Companies to Import Products From China?

One of the biggest problems in sourcing is that to find manufactures who can supply products in small quantities. It is a very daunting task to find out such suppliers who are willing to accept your small orders. Sourcing companies have a vast network of small, medium and large manufactures. So, it is not difficult for them to find a suitable one for you who can meet all your business requirements. The Competitive Advantages of Investing and Doing Business in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government has made lots of efforts to advance the private enterprises and the state enterprise.

The Competitive Advantages of Investing and Doing Business in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the private enterprises have special importance, since it is considered as the motivation of the economy. The private sector increased high development rate with an extensive share of contribution to the state budget in the five-year plan 2001–2005. The research shows that despite being small in size, the non-state sectors accounted for the highest growth rate. The growth rate was 24.6% of the total industry production volume in the year 2000, and this rate grew to 27.5% in the year 2003, 28.5% in 2004 and reached above 37% in 2005. There are numerous individual enterprises, private enterprises as well as farms only in the agriculture sector. Importing from China – Websites, Tools and Resources for Importers. We’ve prepared a list of useful websites for those who is thinking about starting to import from China.

Importing from China – Websites, Tools and Resources for Importers

Importing goods from China is a long process. Buying online from Chinese websites are quite risky, you may face the scam at any stage. Vietnam is Much Preferred for Start-up Manufacturing Projects. Determining the Legitimacy of a Chinese Company from Its Website. As China has progressed as an international business destination, so has scams become common here.

Determining the Legitimacy of a Chinese Company from Its Website

A good number of those who import products from China, take it for granted that a website confirms the legitimacy of a company, which can hence be traded with. Beware! Scamsters easily manipulate information to create well-performing ‘virtual companies’. Successful sourcing from China will require extensive online research and analysis. Especially if you are located far away, your source for procuring information pertaining to a company could well be limited to its website.

An informative, well laid-out website, seldom arouses suspicion. However, it’s also noteworthy that many large operating factories in China do not possess a website, or have one that has not been updated for a decade! The Bag Industry of Vietnam: Low Cost, High Quality Product Sourcing. The abundance of natural materials like bamboo, rattan, water hyacinth and seagrass has helped develop the handicraft industry in Vietnam.

This thriving industry is supported by artisans from over 3,000 villages across the country. These handicraft artisans has directly contributed to the development of the present day Bag Industry in Vietnam. Handicrafts are among the many products which business owners, especially from developed nations, prefer importing from Vietnam, rather than manufacture locally. China Reaches Out to Foreign Investors With 3 New Free Trade Zones. The goal of launching Free Trade Zones in China was to improve the integration of the Chinese economy with international practices. The Chinese government’s efforts to test reform policies has greatly boosted China product sourcing, resulting in the creation of three more Free Trade Zones, since the Pilot Free Trade Zone came up in Shanghai in September 2013: The Fujian Zone, consisting of the cities of Xiamen and Fuzhou and the county of Pingtang, covering an area of 118 km2, is significantly important for the Chinese government.

Due to its proximity to Taiwan, it is expected to offer a wide range of innovative incentives for investors from Taiwan, thereby encouraging importing goods from China. It will also promote a number of new sectors in the zone. The Guangdong Zone, consisting of the districts of Nansha in Guangzhou, Henqing in Zhuhai and Qianhai, and Shekou in Shenzhen is intended to boost investment, while fostering sourcing from China. Vietnam: An Analysis of the Country’s Investment Environment – Medium.

Is Vietnam the next China? Perhaps that would be too much of an expectation, at least for now; but Vietnam’s rise as an exporter is quite reminiscent of China’s. Cheap labour, great infrastructure and a booming economy inspired many multinationals to shift their manufacturing bases to China. And now, for the same reasons, an overwhelming lot are importing goods from Vietnam. With the implementation of pro-business policies, the government has encouraged not only sourcing from Vietnam, but also setting up business establishments in the country.

Let’s take a look into the investing environment in Vietnam. How to Efficiently Plan and Conduct Your Factory Visits in China. Almost anyone would advise against importing goods from China, without a prior visit to the manufacturing facility. However, this not at all easy, considering the sheer size of the country and its cities. Your factory visits must be carefully planed, so as to save both time and money. Here is a guide to how you may effectively do it: 1. Visit no more than two factories a day. When you restrict factory visits to just 2 a day, you can conduct a more comprehensive survey of the premises, which may have to be compromised with, if you have too many visits scheduled for a single day. 2. It is likely that you will be provided with two different addresses of your supplier. 3. It is not very difficult a job to find a car-on-rent for your factory visits.

Import of Indoor Furniture from Vietnam Has Some Good Potential. Traditionally, Vietnam has been a producer of outdoor furniture; but of late, the country is rapidly moving towards the production of indoor furniture. There is already a long list of products which dealers and retailers prefer importing from Vietnam. Here we review the Furniture Industry in Vietnam and explain why you should consider Vietnam as the destination to source Indoor Furniture. Vietnam, which is a major exporter of electrical equipment, footwear and machinery, is also the second largest furniture producer in Asia after China. Quality Control Inspections: The ‘Un-Leave Outable’ Part of Importing – Medium. Chinese products have an ill reputation of not meeting high standards of quality. This is not always the case. The country’s consumer market is no different from the rest of the world, where both good and inferior quality products co-exist.

However, when importing goods from China, you should be familiar with quality control inspections. They can drastically improve the quality of your products and in turn, help you sell more products. Quality control inspections are neither complicated nor too expensive, yet, a crucial aspect of profitable China product sourcing. Though a quality control inspection can be undertaken by the importer himself, or by an appointee, hiring a third party company would be far more convenient.

Simple inspections could be like checking whether your products are packaged and labeled according to your specifications, quantity validation, and/or supplier verification. What Makes Sourcing From Vietnam Such a Viable Option for Traders – Medium. Low-Cost-Country Sourcing. Why Importers Need To Learn Some Basics of the Chinese Language. A Brief Guide to the Import and Export Regulations of Vietnam – Medium.

How a Private Labeler Can Increase His Competitive Advantage. Until a few years back, sourcing China would simply involve procuring the products and listing them on eBay. Many still believe, that’s how it ought to be for private labelers. But the dynamics of the market has changed, and successful sourcing today, would require you to do a bit more: The demand for certain products can fade pretty rapidly. Before importing goods from China, verify what is currently in demand in the target market; then make them available as quickly as possibleBreak your shipment into smaller segments after arrival, to ensure better logistics managementQuality control is a no-tolerance issue.

How a Private Labeler Can Increase His Competitive Advantage. A Brief Analysis of the U.S.-Vietnamese Commercial Relationship – Medium. Ever since the United States lifted the embargo against Vietnam in 1994, trade between the two countries have been on the upswing. With continual increase in sourcing from Vietnam, the U.S. is now a major source of foreign direct investment and the largest export market of this tiny Asian nation.

Vietnamese consumers have a positive towards America. Planning a Business Trip to China: Places and Events to Visit. Trade Shows are synonymous with China product sourcing, and though virtual market places like Alibaba are great for finding a deal, few can afford to give the fairs a miss. Qaizengroup.kinja. With a population of just over a million, few have even heard of the small Chinese town of Yiwu. This includes a good number of importers, who associate sourcing China with just the Canton Fair. Interestingly, the largest wholesale market in the world, with over 40,000 shops, is located in Yiwu. This is a great destination, if you are looking for china product sourcing. Not only will you find a great range of products here, you can also import them in unbelievably small quantities – which isn’t very common in the better known Chinese markets.

If sophisticated, complex products are what you are looking for, Yiwu isn’t your place. Doing Business in Vietnam: The Different Barriers to Look Out For. Startlingly low costs of production, proximity to important ports and a rapidly developing infrastructure contribute towards large scale importing goods from Vietnam. Ensuring Transparency: Auditing the Supplier’s Facility in China – Medium. There are a few aspects of sourcing Asia, which cannot be ignored. Importing Profitably From China: An Essential Step-By-Step Guide – Medium.

2016 Is Forecasted to Be a Good Year For the Chinese Economy. 2016 Is Forecasted to Be a Good Year For the Chinese Economy. Vietnam’s GDP Growth Rate is Above the Average of ASEAN Nations’ – Medium. Contemporary Vietnam: The Exemplary Economic Reform and What It Means. Things You Need to Verify Before Paying Your Chinese Supplier – Medium. Businesses Benefit as Vietnam’s Export and Import Tax Law is Revised. Qaizengroup.kinja. Doing Business in Vietnam: Different Business Structures and Policies – Medium. Communicating With Chinese Suppliers Introduced at the Trade Show. Guide to Successfully Sourcing from China — the Investor’s Paradise – Medium. Doing business in Vietnam: Understanding the Norms of the Region. Things You Need to Verify Before Paying Your Chinese Supplier – Medium. Why the Electronics Industry of Vietnam Allures Foreign Investors.

By 2020, the Port of Hai Phong Will Become an International Gateway. The Market of Vietnam is of Great Interest to Foreign Investors. How to Make Money through Importing Goods from China? – Medium. Vietnam Flourishes, as More Manufacturers Seek a Cheaper Market – Medium. What Factors should be Considered while Developing a Customised product in China? What are the Qualities of Good Sourcing companies of China? China’s Business Climate is Evolving – Shows New Sector Reports. 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Sourcing Trade Show in Vietnam. Factory Visits in China: How to Efficiently Plan and Conduct Them.

How to Find, Verify and Initiate Ties with a Chinese Supplier. Rejected Products: What Happens to Them and How You Should Handle Them. Analysing and Utilizing the Present Business Situation in Vietnam. Vietnam is Reportedly Emerging as the Next Sourcing Hot Spot. How to Make Payment via Telegraphic Transfer to a Chinese Supplier. A Guide to the Important Business Cultures in Vietnam. How to Deal with Your Chinese Supplier’s Outsourced Production. Qaizengroup Revamps its Supply Chains to Offer Inexpensive Sourcing Services to Importers. Advantages of Sourcing Furniture from China. China or Vietnam? Which Destination to Choose for Product Sourcing. Investment Opportunities in Vietnam: The Emerging Market of Da Nang. A Guide to Finding the ‘Right’ Products to Import from China.

Exploring China: The 3 Most Promising Regions for an Importer. Qaizengroup - Leading Sourcing Company in China. Things to Consider before Paying the Deposit to a Chinese Manufacturer. How to know if the production may not go well? Challenges Faced by Chinese Suppliers: Knowing and Dealing With Them. Identifying Trading Companies from Manufacturers and Dealing with Them. High Quality Products to Import from China. Best Products To Import From China. Qaizengroup: How Does The Chinese New Year Affect The Quality Of The Products? The Impact of the Chinese New Year on the Production Time of Goods: qaizengroup. Trade Show, Importing Products China - Qaizen Group. Trade shows - Importing goods from China.

Scams in China: How They Occur and How to Get Over Them? How to Attend Trade Shows – The Gateway to International Business. Importing & Sourcing Products From China – Right Suppliers. Right suppliers - Sourcing products from China. How to Choose the Best Products to Import from China? What Are the Advantages of Third-party Inspection for Importers? China Product Sourcing Company. Product Sourcing Company In China. Reasons for Order Rejection While Sourcing from China. Supplier Qualities for Successfully Importing Products from China. Premier Product Sourcing Company In China. Qaizen Group Services - Sourcing Products From China. Mistakes You're Likely to Make While Importing Goods from China. Profitable Sourcing from China. Top-notch China sourcing company. A Legit China Sourcing Company - Just a click away.

Quick Tips to Deal with your Chinese Suppliers. Convenient Shipping Methods for Importing Goods from China. Sourcing Goods From China - Call Qaizen Group. China Sourcing Company - Qaizen Group. Qaizen group: What are the Authentic Ways to Find Right Suppliers in China? Importing Goods from China - Learn to Avoid the Common Mistakes. An Indroduction Product sourcing company In China - Qaizen group.

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