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The Healthiest Coffee Brew | Wpsuo. Research shows that coffee has tremendous advantages for the body, mind, and spirit. But it needs to be brewed correctly, which means no half-caf, double-hot, no-foam, or other hyphenated descriptors. Choosing the appropriate roast, grinding properly, brewing method, water temperature, and other things you're probably not doing or not doing well.

Not to worry; we asked experts for their secrets on brewing the healthiest cup possible. Healthy Coffee Beans Coffee can accomplish almost anything, according to research. Mainly due to polyphenols, plant-based chemicals present in coffee beans. The Coffee Lover's Diet author and former chief medical reporter for NBC News, Bob Arnot, MD, believes getting enough polyphenols is essential to get tremendous health benefits from your coffee. The roast matters. Healthy Coffee BrewingAfter choosing the finest beans, grind them. The primary advantage of grinding your beans is control over the fineness. How to Serve Coffee Healthily Making Coffee Healthier.