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Signage Is Imperative At Parking Facilities, But Shouldn’t It Take A Sophisticated Approach As Well? Navigating parking facilities is made easier with consistent branding.

Signage Is Imperative At Parking Facilities, But Shouldn’t It Take A Sophisticated Approach As Well?

The ParkLine® sign system, developed by our friends at PICTOFORM has taken the parking industry by storm with over 150 parking garages and franchises all across North America. They feature a unique anodized aluminum sign rail, 100% recycled rubber-tire sign panels and pre-packaged mounting hardware This is the first-ever sign system designed specifically to meet the needs of parking garage wayfinding with 20 years of facility sign planning and design incorporated into it. The ParkLine system is easy to install, as simple as drilling two holes. Hardware and mounting instructions as well as a mounting kit are included with every order. And because the lower portion of the sign is recycled rubber, it's easy to disguise scratches caused by car antennas and roof racks. ParkLine sign panels can be easily interchanged with a seasonal, event replacement panel or new permanent panel.

The ParkLine Sign System Key Features: Graffiti be Gone! Spring Clean Continues at The ParkingZone. Spring cleaning is in full effect here at The ParkingZone!

Graffiti be Gone! Spring Clean Continues at The ParkingZone.

This week, we are here to help you get rid of that hard to remove, unsightly, ugly, or offensive graffiti from your property. There’s Safety in Numbers with Safe-Hit. When it comes to entry-level permanent delineators, Safe-Hit is the only option!

There’s Safety in Numbers with Safe-Hit

These semi-flexible delineators can be used for on or off-road applications, and even up to freeway speeds in certain configurations! Heavy Duty, Lockable Valet Tip Box – ParkingZone. Installation Video for Gorilla Post Magnetic Mounting System Asphalt Surfaces - ParkingZone. Sun’s Out, Time for Spring Cleaning! Spring is starting to arrive which means only one thing, time for Spring Cleaning!

Sun’s Out, Time for Spring Cleaning!

All forms of physical payment such as coin, bill, or card, carry a surprising amount of dirt and grime. This is easily transferred onto your expensive parking payment equipment. Annual and regular maintenance is key to keeping your expensive hardware running consistently and your customers happy! Gate Arm Invasion! New Kits Are Out of This World! At last!

Gate Arm Invasion! New Kits Are Out of This World!

The ParkingZone is happy to introduce its newest line of products for the New Year! Starting now for all Amano AL12, AL20, AL25, and AL35 Gate Arm Kits, you will have the option of adding all-new high-density foam protection pads! This added level of protection helps protect pedestrians, vehicles, and your entry and exit equipment at the same time. Amano-McGann Entry and Exit Gate Arms are very popular with many parking operators all across the country.While the AL12, AL20, AL25, and AL35 all come with a rubber gasket-type cushion on the underside of all gate arm kits, this gasket installed in a channel inside of the gate arm is thin, and only offers the bare minimum coverage and protection.

The ParkingZone’s Deluxe Gate Arm Pad Upgrade Kit comes with a high-density foam that is UV and water resistant. Ramp-Up Accessibility with Sidewalk Ramps! Making sure permanent and temporary venues, garages, and parking lots are safe for customers of all types is an important responsibility for facility operators.

Ramp-Up Accessibility with Sidewalk Ramps!

Curbs, sidewalks, stairs, and other obstacles can create hazards that could injure or impede customers. The ParkingZone is all about safety and ensuring that everyone is taken care of in the parking industry, and that’s why we offer the best curb ramps available. The ParkingZone offers two different types of Curb Ramps. Both ramps are made from durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) in a bright safety yellow.

Servicing The Troop: Gorilla Post Maintenance. Winter takes a toll on everyone and everything.

Servicing The Troop: Gorilla Post Maintenance

Maintaining your Magnetic Gorilla Post system during the cold and inclement weather can be critical to preserving the performance and quality of the product. No matter if you’re from Washington or Wyoming, New York or New Mexico, it is very important to keep your Gorilla Post working at their best! Magnetic Gorilla Posts were originally designed for the capital city of bad weather, Portland, OR! Intended originally as an all-weather alternative to booting single-space parking meters, Gorilla Posts had bad weather on the mind from the very beginning. There are only a few things that is required to keep a Magnetic Gorilla Post healthy and working properly, and the experts at The ParkingZone are going to walk you through everything you need to know! First starting at the bottom with the base plate. Maintaining your Magnetic Gorilla Post system is an easy, but essential part in the life-span of the product.

Inclement Weather Issues Cured With Creative Solution. Preparing for snow and other inclement weather can be a slippery slope, but that’s why The ParkingZone is here to help you get ready for and brave it through the rest of winter!

Inclement Weather Issues Cured With Creative Solution

One great way to help prevent accidents and warn pedestrians and drivers of the conditions is to deploy signage with messages announcing the presence of ice, water, and other weather-related obstructions. However, purchasing and deploying independent signage for part-time usage can be costly in both time and money. That’s why The ParkingZone has brand-new custom designs for the bollardSOX™ that slide over existing bollard sleeves and posts just in time for the holiday season! The original bollardSOX™ are the perfect way to quickly change the look and feel of any parking garage or lot with different weather, parking, and holiday-themed covers. A quick installation and removal process means that messages can even be changed on a daily basis, depending on the weather or driving conditions. Go, go graffiti! Graffiti can be unsightly, vulgar, distracting, yet, sometimes, even beautiful, but is usually unwanted by the owner of the tagged property.

Go, go graffiti!

Illegal spray paint art, otherwise known as graffiti, can come in all sizes, colors, and forms, but can be incredibly difficult to remove if you don’t have the right tools. Thankfully, the ParkingZone is here to clean up your act with some amazing cleaning and graffiti remover products! SnagWolf has created some of the most effective graffiti removers on the market. BioKleen Keeps your Planet Green! The ParkingZone is the number one parking shop, so it makes sense that we would want to help you keep your company, property, and planet clean!

BioKleen Keeps your Planet Green!

Whether it’s cleaning cards, cleaning pens, graffiti remover, or SNAP cleaning swabs, the ParkingZone knows how to keep your organization running as cleanly and efficiently as possible. We have helped everyone from small family-owned businesses all the way to the Moda Center in Portland achieve green greatness, so let us dive into a unique cleaning-based product line that is out to help you stay clean without hurting the environment. BioKleen is a small business located in the same city that The ParkingZone is based out of, Vancouver, Washington.

As a company, we recognized their dedication to providing not only local, but other communities around the country without the hazardous, noxious, dangerous chemicals typically found in industrial cleaners. All other types of cleaning work can be tackled by the BioKleen All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign. Ped-in-a-Bag ® Pick A Color, Any Color For Your Gorilla Post Delineators. In the past, our standard 2 1/3” Gorilla Posts have been limited to 6 different post color options. Recently, Gorilla Post added a new vibrant royal blue post to the color option mix. The new blue color works perfectly with ADA signage where the bright royal blue enhances the ADA signage creating a larger visual footprint. Additionally, we can now apply that custom process to produce any post color including your corporate or school colors. With a minimum order of 250 posts, you can specify any one color you wish to use to help build your business’s or school’s brand.

You can even mix and match any of our 6 post bases within your order. Branding is one of the most important elements for any organization. Lyle Peters, Director of U.S. The first and most important step in visually building a brand is communicateing it consistently. Back To School – Traffic Safety Products. August is already here! The leaves are slightly changing color on the trees, signaling that Fall is starting to draw near which means only one thing, the beginning of the School Year! Staying well stocked and prepared going into the school year is the smart way to do things as you don’t want to get caught off-guard without the right equipment! We offer everything from sign bollards, to deployable and portable cones, delineators, safety vests, gloves, wands, stencils for handicap spaces, crossing zones, playground hopscotch, and many other different types of accessories!

Have no fear, the ParkingZone is here to make your school year safe! Delineator Surface Mount Base. Pipe Protector - Types'R1' & 'R2' Traffic Tally Counter Kit. We are Contest Crazy at the ParkingZone! Do you stay connected with the ParkingZone on social media? Parking Patriotism is even easier with Red, White, and just-introduced BLUE Gorilla Posts! Happy Fourth of July to all parking enthusiasts! In perfect timing to celebrate the Fourth, the ever-popular 2-1/3” Gorilla Post line now has a new color option. For the first time ever, you will be able to purchase BLUE Gorilla Posts! You heard the news here first. Our just launched Blue delineator and signpost will be shipping in mid-July! That means you will now be able to combine any of our five options for bases with a Blue 2-1/3 inch Gorilla Post as well as our other six post colors.

ParkingZone and Portland Trail Blazers Celebrate Green Commitment. Pacific Cascade Corporation employees joined the Portland TrailBlazers recently for an evening of corporate bonding and sharing our commitment to the Green Sport Alliance! The featured game was focused on the efforts that the Moda Center and TrailBlazers have made towards conversation and green-thinking. Portland is a city that takes pride in its continued push for reducing environmental impact. The ParkingZone and GreenDrop recycling have worked with the Blazers for years in perfecting the best waste and recycling diversion units available. The GreenDrop stations, found all over the Moda Center, have helped it reach LEED Gold status; a highly coveted recognition for the dedication and hard work gone towards conservation and lessening environmental impact.

The Time has Come to Upgrade Your Clock! Believe It Or Not, Your Parking Lot Could Be What is Holding Back Your Potential Customers. The first thing that most people typically see about your business is your parking facility. The most important reason to maintain your commercial parking lot is that your business depends on it. Gorilla Bollard Replacement Component. Gorilla Post Post Adapter. Gorilla Post Asphalt Base Plate. Traffic Cones - Parking Lot Cones. Black Powder Coated Ticket Box. Yellow Polyethylene Wall Protector (Set Of Two) 24-Inch Bollardkat Customized Cushion Wrap. Our BollardKat™ Customized Cushion Wrap is a protective barrier for support bollards and poles typically found in parking garages. It is designed to protect people and vehicles from injury or damage due to unintentional contact with the item covered. Columnkat Custom Column Pad. 18-Inch Indoor Safety Border Convex Mirror. Consumers Are Ready For & Support Sustainable Brands.

As customers’ ecological concerns are steadily growing, demand for products and services designed to be less harmful to the environment has increased. The Self-Driving Car Scoop. Black Handheld Electronic Traffic Tally Counter. Unattended Entry And Exit Station Labels. Kneeling Pad Or Anti-Fatigue Mat. Gojak Kit. ParkingZone’s ‘Secret Menu’ The ParkingZone is the number one place for all your parking needs! With hundreds of products ready for you to browse through, you can consider the website to be our “Ordering Menu”. Honor Box Hardware Kit Mounting System. Graffiti - Art or Community Blight? Many people consider graffiti and street art the same - they are not. All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. Citrus Soy Solvent Degreaser. Glass Cleaner Spray. Bac-Out Multi Surface Floor Cleaner.

Waffle technology Card Reader Cleaning Cards. Waffletechnology S. Making our New Mirror Policy More Transparent. Mirrors can be an incredibly handy tool when designing a parking lot, garage, or roadway to help you keep your customers safe. Carrying a wide array of designs, styles and sizes to choose from, you are bound to find what you are looking for at the ParkingZone. Retractable Reflective Cone Bar. Package Of 2. Strongwall Ada Pedestrian Barricade. Crowd Control Barrier With Bridge Feet. 8 Ft X 45 In H. Loading Stencil. Zone Stencil. 10-Inch Vice Stencil. 72 And 96-Inch Number Stencil With 4-Inch Stroke. 72 And 96-Inch Letter Stencil With 4-Inch Stroke. Number 0-9 Stencil Complete Set. 10-Inch President Stencil. 10-Inch Doctor Stencil. 10-Inch Mgr Stencil.

When It Comes To Convex Safety Mirrors, Bigger Isn’t Always Better! Spring Season Brings Freshness to the ParkingZone! Visitor Stencil. 10-Inch Only Stencil. Floor Mounted Stop Sign. Protective Corners - 2D Or 3D. Set Of 2 Nylon Replacement Straps. Decorative Bollard Covers. Federal Lathem Time Clock Printer Ribbon. Water-Resistant Parking Notice Envelopes - Box Of 500. Jump-N-Carry 12V Jump Starter. Foot Warmer, Booth Or Valet Mat. Black Handheld Electronic Traffic Tally Counter. Driveway Signal Bell Kit. Reduce Parking Operation Costs and Customer Frustration. Get Professional Looking Labels For your Unattended Amano Overture Pay Stations.

Designed solely to work on Amano’s Overture System machinery, our specially crafted labels help your customers understand how to pay for their parking and minimize inquires when a customer pushes the wrong button. The need for these custom labels came about when DGM Systems started installing the Amano Overture Pay Stations at several parking facilities across the Pacific Northwest.

There was a significant increase in intercom calls with customers needing assistance, particularly at the exit stations. The GoJak got an EXTRA LARGE upgrade! Overture Thermal Paper. How To: Gorilla Post Sign Adapters Installation. Gojak 6000 Series, Portable Jack And Dolly. Credit Card Reader Cleaning Cards. Snap Cleaning Swabs. 2019 the Year of Change – New Sales Tax Law! Yellow Polyethylene Wall Protector (Set Of Two) Yellow Polyethylene Corner Protector (Set Of Two) Yellow Structural Column Protector. Curved Arrow Stencil. IR Bolt Kit. Black Handheld Electronic Traffic Tally Counter. Traffic Tally Counter Kit. Short Black Waist Apron. What’s up with WindMasters? Amano Overture System Labels. Rounded Rectangular Corner Mirror. Traditional Style Bendable Bollard. Indoor Or Outdoor 48" Convex Mirror. Traditional Style Bendable Bollard. WindMaster V4 Model 4504 Curb Sign. Farewell 2018, Hello 2019! Lane Alert 3 Pack.