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Wargames Emporium. Plastic and metal 28mm historical miniatures. Range2 - Peter Pig 15mm American Civil War. Paint by Shakespeare Studios Click Here Notes on the new Peter Pig Figures. As the new packs are introduced customers will notice some new words : Forage Cap. This is the kepi style cap which has a flat top that falls forward. This is mainly used by Union troops. Kepi. Marching poses are suitable for the right shoulder arms. Each of the figures in range 2 is designed to reward painting as well as making painting easy. This range probably contains all the troops you will need for fighting the battles of the ACW in 15mm. Rafal from Poland has come up tops with these fine chaps!! All basic packs have either 8x 15mm infantry(3 poses) or 4 cavalry figures(2 poses) . Artillery and vehicles etc are priced singly , ie one per pack. Paint by Jase at "The Bunker" 07891541889 Ring him for details and prices Click here to return to Peter Pig PP home page See this!

These Pictures all all from the collection of Fermin Munoz Sanchez of Spain . Turn 1 – The Reb attack begins all along the front. Preiser Modellfiguren für Dioramen, Modell eisenbahnen und mehr - Onlineshop. Front Rank - How to Order. You can place an order by any of the following methods: Discounts Front Rank Figurines offer discounts for larger orders. We offer these discounts all year and they apply to all our figurines including our Battalion and Special Deal packs, excluding the OptiVISOR® 10% OFF figurines valued £150.00 and over. 15% OFF figurines valued £300.00 and over. 20% OFF figurines valued £600.00 and over.

Postage and packing rates for our figurines The postage and packing rate is calculated on the order value before any applicable discount or VAT is deducted. Rates for U.K. and BFPO P&P is a minimum of £4.00, then 13% to a maximum of £11.00 Rates for Overseas Customers and not Front Rank Figurines are responsible for any applicable duties and/or taxes levied at the point of entry into the destination country. We reserve the right to change our postage and packing rates without notice. Method of dispatch UK orders weighing less than two kilograms are dispatched using Royal Mail. Methods of payment.