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Les végétaux contenant du saccharose (betterave, canne à sucre…) ou de l’amidon (blé, maïs…) peuvent être transformés pour donner du bioéthanol, obtenu par fermentation du sucre extrait de la plante sucrière ou par hydrolyse enzymatiques de l’amidon contenu dans les céréales. On parle généralement de filière « sucre » pour désigner cette filière de production du « bioéthanol ».

Par rapport à la filière « huile » permettant de produire de l'huile végétale brute et du biodiesel (ester éthylique d'huile végétale ou EEHV), la filière « sucre » est de loin la plus développée dans le monde, principalement au Brésil, où le bioéthanol de canne à sucre couvre 22 % des besoins nationaux en carburant, en Suède où outre la vente de superéthanol, l'essence contient 5 % de bioéthanol (à base de canne à sucre). Aux États-Unis, plus de 10 % de l’essence contient du bioéthanol (principalement de maïs) à hauteur de 10 %. Historique[modifier | modifier le code] Coeur de dragon (1996)

Harry Potter : Triwizard Tournament

Le règne du feu (2002. Edit Storyline It is twenty years in the future, and the planet has been devastated by vicious fire-breathing dragons.

Le règne du feu (2002

The last vestiges of humanity now struggle for survival at remote outposts. In a ruined castle in the English countryside, Quinn is desperately trying to hold together a band of frightened, restless survivors. As a boy, Quinn watched his mother die protecting him from one of the beasts, and is still haunted by the memory. Plot Summary | Plot Synopsis Taglines: Fight Fire With Fire See more » Edit Details Release Date: 12 July 2002 (USA) See more » Also Known As: Where Heroes Go Down See more » Box Office Budget: $60,000,000 (estimated) Opening Weekend: $214,648 (Japan) (30 May 2003) Eragon (2006. Trivia The final writing credits for the movie were not decided on until days before it was released, resulting in the posters crediting various combinations of Peter Buchman, Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal and Jesse Wigutow for the screenplay.

Eragon (2006

In the end, the WGA decided that Buchman alone should get the screenplay credit. See more » Goofs In the beginning when Eragon and his uncle are talking while brushing the horse, as the camera cuts back and forth between the two, Eragon is holding hay in his hand that's on the horse - then he's not - then he is - then the hay is gone at the end. Quotes.

Spirited Away (le voyage de Chihiro)

Gekijô ban Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion - Mô hitotsu no hyôrinmaru (2007. Edit Storyline An artifact known as the "King's Seal" is stolen during transport from the Soul Society by an unidentified Soul Reaper and two Arrancar resembling girls who control fire and lightning.

Gekijô ban Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion - Mô hitotsu no hyôrinmaru (2007

During the attack, Toshiro Hitsugaya corners and seems to recognize the Soul Reaper, who immediately stabs him in the stomach. In the middle of battle, Hitsugaya abandons his post to pursue him and leaves his squad behind to fend for themselves. After the battle, The Soul Society suspects Hitsuguya of treason and orders his immediate capture. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Edit Details Release Date: 22 December 2007 (Japan) See more » Also Known As: Gekijô ban Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion - Mô hitotsu no hyôrinmaru See more » Company Credits Technical Specs Runtime: Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1 See full technical specs »

Bleach : le manga de Tite Kubo - Bleach Web : Les Zanpakutô.


Dragons (2010. Official DVD Site. On DVD & Blu-ray Friday, October 15. Toothless - How to Train Your Dragon Wiki. Toothless is the name of Hiccup's dragon in both the book series and film.

Toothless - How to Train Your Dragon Wiki

In the books, Toothless is a young Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus, although it is originally believed he is a Common or Garden Dragon, while he's a larger, black Night Fury in the film adaptation. In the film, he is the first dragon ever to be trained and serves as one of the most major characters in the franchise. He is the quintessential dragon in the series, and remains unrivaled in both speed and intelligence. He is presumed to be the only living Night Fury.

In the Books Toothless is Hiccup's hunting Common or Garden Dragon in the book series, who likes to cause mischief when he can. Physical Appearance & Personality Toothless is much smaller than any of the other young Vikings' dragons. Although selfish, Toothless is actually very attached to Hiccup. Toothless also has a huge crush on Stormfly, Camicazi's Mood Dragon.