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Why do automation projects fail? Approach to Cognitive vs Traditional RPA. Introduction and benefits of RPA. Sustainable investing, not just a dream for 2017. Eco banking, or green investing.

Sustainable investing, not just a dream for 2017

It seems to have reached the top of its hype around 2008, or around the time when Coldplay said it would plant a tree for every album sold or downloaded. It was also around the time when the notion of carbon credits would work for our system –– that companies would pay others to make their businesses carbon neutral, and less damaging to the atmosphere by way of greenhouse has emissions. But since then the topic has petered away. Did those trees that Coldplay planet ever grow? Who thought about the cost of maintaining those $1 trees every year? Why did this happen? But the green or clean tech companies that survived until today are different.

But we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. According to numerous reports, including a recent one in Forbes, green or sustainable investing can help you meet your portfolio goals without sacrificing your bottom line return on investment. April 9, 2012 In "Energy" Eyal Hadas from Cukierman & Co.

Comments. The Startup Magazine Everything You Need to Know about Core Banking Implementation and Modules. NFC payments made easy with Proximity Pay Edge. TradeEdge - Distributor Management System for Retailers. Overview | Features | Benefits Overview Servicing retailers in the emerging markets require brands to appoint multiple distributors.

TradeEdge - Distributor Management System for Retailers

Currently technology enablement of these distributors takes the form of order / shipping / billing software that is installed at each distributor location. This process of on-boarding and standardizing distributor operations is expensive and takes several months. Accelerating growth in the emerging markets depends on the ability of brands to enable distributors, operationally and technologically, with speed. TradeEdge ‘Distributor Management System’ is a simple, easy-to-use, and configurable ERP capability for distributors that runs on low cost cloud infrastructure.

Features. Cloud Based Source to Pay Procurement Software by ProcureEdge. Marcus by Goldman Sachs Deploys Finacle Solution on Cloud for its New Online Lending Business. New York and Bangalore – November 30, 2016: Finacle, part of EdgeVerve Systems, a product subsidiary of Infosys (NYSE: INFY), announced that Marcus by Goldman Sachs has implemented the Finacle Core Banking Solution for its consumer lending operations.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs Deploys Finacle Solution on Cloud for its New Online Lending Business

Marcus, a brand of GS Bank, has deployed the Finacle solution to manage the complete consumer loan-servicing life cycle. The fully cloud-based model, hosted by Goldman Sachs, allows Marcus to achieve the necessary scale as well as provide enhanced functionality, business confidence and security to its consumers. Highlights: Comprehensive research was conducted by Goldman Sachs to understand consumer preferences around unsecured lending and borrowing priorities.

Marcus then used these insights to design differentiated consumer lending products on the Finacle solution.Marcus is now able to deliver extensive self-service capabilities on digital channels to design truly personalized products. Finacle Youth Banking - Unique Banking Solutions For Youth by Infosys. Finacle Youth Banking solution is a comprehensive banking solution for young people between the ages of 12 to 18.

Finacle Youth Banking - Unique Banking Solutions For Youth by Infosys

This solution helps banks arm young people with the tools they require to effectively manage their financial goals. While banks today do offer junior bank accounts for people under 18, there has never before been a solution completely focused on this segment. Finacle Online Banking Solution - Truly Digital Banking Model for SME Banks. Finacle Online Banking solution provides a unified internet banking platform that caters to the banking needs of a bank's retail, corporate and SME customers.

Finacle Online Banking Solution - Truly Digital Banking Model for SME Banks

The solution has a comprehensive set of features targeting each of these segments. Our customers have deployed this solution in different ways – choosing to cover a single customer segment or across all 3 segments. The solution is truly omnichannel enabled, delivering exceptional user experiences across channels and devices. The solution uses the latest technologies in UX design to deliver responsive and adaptive user experience. Today, the solution is used by over 195 banks in 65 countries. Finacle Mobile Banking - Secure and Comprehensive Mobile Banking Solution. This is the age of the connected consumer.

Finacle Mobile Banking - Secure and Comprehensive Mobile Banking Solution

Mobility is at the center of a technology-driven revolution which is inspiring these connected lifestyles. As the banking industry struggles with the challenges of non-traditional competition and changing customer preferences, banks are counting on their mobility investments to drive business growth and to achieve customer centricity.What banks need today, is a solution that’s designed to offer extreme agility to keep pace with consumer expectations, and technology advancements. The Finacle Mobile Banking solution offers an intuitive and secure, banking and payment experience to retail and corporate customers.

Architected on the IBM MobileFirst platform, this solution delivers banking on a variety of mobile platforms, devices, and access modes. Key Features Business Benefits. Finacle Lite - Automated Cloud Based Banking Solutions From Infosys. Finacle Lite is a banking solution, on a private cloud environment, specifically tailored to address the core banking, e-banking and mobile banking requirements of co-operative banks, community banks and credit unions worldwide.

Finacle Lite - Automated Cloud Based Banking Solutions From Infosys

The integrated and pre-configured solution automates all core banking processes across business product lines, entities and currencies. It supports a wide spread of financial offerings such as trade finance, savings accounts, checking accounts, term deposits and lending products. It effectively automates critical banking functions including customer acquisition, multi-currency transactions across retail, corporate and trade finance modules, real-time transactional services and regulatory reporting.

The solution is built to support and sustain high-volume transactions, across channels, with speed, agility and flexibility. Finacle Core Banking Solution - Real Time Account Processing Platform. Edgeverve Blockchain Framework Technology for Financial Services. EdgeVerve Blockchain Framework for Financial Services Blockchain is arguably the greatest disruptor to the global financial system in a generation.

Edgeverve Blockchain Framework Technology for Financial Services

While many technologies have changed banking, few have fundamentally challenged the operating principles underlying banking transactions and book keeping. The underlying technology is complex, but what the blockchain can do for the banking and financial services industry is simple. Blockchain enables secure, peer-to-peer transactions that can be verified without any centralized authority. Finacle Online Banking - Universal Banking IT Solutions by Infosys. Solutions Solutions Finacle solutions are currently powering banks across 94 countries and serve over 848 million customers – estimated to be nearly 16.5 percent of the world’s adult banked population.

Finacle Online Banking - Universal Banking IT Solutions by Infosys

The solution’s componentized structure and enterprise-class capabilities help banks boost the agility and efficiency of their operations, and significantly improve customer experience across channels. Please click on the solution name below, to read more. Share the page. Finacle - Banking IT & Financial Software Application Services. Top10 Challenges. The future core banking.

Agile banking managing. FCIssue2 Challenges of Core Banking Replacement. Frictionless banking, biometrics based banking, passwordless banking. Event Details | About Event | About Speakers Event Details Date: 5th Oct 2016Time: 11:30 hrs EDT and 14:30hrs ISTDuration: Only for webinars About Event Infosys Finacle is proud to present a webinar on 'Password- free banking with biometrics' where Industry leaders present their perspective on why biometrics in banking is essential and how it provides value to customers, business and IT teams alike.

Frictionless banking, biometrics based banking, passwordless banking

The themes covered by the the webinar include: Why Biometrics in BankingTrends around biometrics in BankingSpotlight on the solutions offer in biometrics by Edgeverve & Infosys FinacleQ&A session The webinar will be hosted on two time slots (2:30pm IST and 11:30am EDT) Register for 2:30pm IST Register for 11:30am EDT. How to Prioritize in IT Spending for Large Enterprises - Eyes on the Dollar. In today’s emerging global platform, a singular need for valid data analytics is taking a lead in the FMCG, CPG and Services sector.

Every company today pledges to have their own setup of concrete IT investment projects to have a greater understanding of data harmonization and trade promotion analysis. Companies today need to have a more comprehensive understanding of intelligent robotic process automation and data analysis framework, for prospective growth markets. During this age of fund mobilization and cost cutting benefits, companies need to track resources for adequate data harmonization and implementation. This manifests in the changing trend of IT investments by FMCG and CPG companies which allot a bulk of their funds for sales optimization. While some big sharks in the business network are always hungry for data resources for maximum trade promotion, a few companies are still ignorant of the benefits of pumping funds into the IT sector.

Realize Right IT Investment Goals. Top 5 Roles of Frictionless Banking in Financial Services — My Personal Finance Journey. The following is a guest post by Ryan North. Ryan is a professional Blogger, Entrepreneur and Banker. Enjoy! Top 5 Core Banking Software Applications by Enterprise Edges. Share Tweet Email Banking application software is a series of encoded information or computer instructions exclusively meant to assist banking transactions.

Typically, banking software application refer to core-banking software and its interfaces that allow banks to conduct and record transactions made by the bank’s customers to their accounts. With technological advancements in the banking and finance industry, almost all banks across the world have started using banking software in smaller or bigger way. Let’s look at the 5 banking software applications have been declared at the top of the game by banking and finance technology experts. Everything about Internet Banking Solutions by Enterprise Edges. Internet banking, also known as online banking or web banking, is an electronic payment gateway that enables customers to carry out different types of monetary transactions through the internet.

The internet banking system is typically a part of a bank’s core banking network, which connects the various branches, and allows the customers to access their account anytime from anywhere in the world. In fact, in the United States, there is a rise in the number of ‘internet-only’ banks — these banks work very much like the traditional banks except they don’t have brick-and-mortar branches. The zero expenditure on infrastructure and maintenance considerably brings down the operational costs for these banks.

Infosys Finacle - Efma Report 2016. Digitization and Disruptive Technologies spurring Banks to invest in New Business Models Efma and Infosys Finacle are proud to present the eighth annual study of innovation in retail banking. The theme of this year&'s study is the emergence of new banking business models and how disruptive technologies are driving the latest developments in the industry. The report also explores the role of fin-tech start-ups and how banks are collaborating with them in the new ecosystem. Finacle - Banking Technology News Magazine. Top 5 Core Banking Software Solutions in 2016 - Worldwide. In last two decades, banking and finance industry has evolved technologically.

Banks have deployed technology-intensive solutions in all areas of governance, operations, and control. With growing dependency of the banking and finance industry on technology, there has been a surge in the number of companies that provide specialized services and software for the industry. Many reputed and old companies have recently ventured in to the core banking software domain. There has also been a great increase in the number of new companies which exclusively cater to the banking software domain. If you are a banker, the good news for you is that you have unlimited software platforms options to choose from and depending on your need you can get customized solutions as well. Top 5 Benefits of Core Banking Solutions for Banks.

Core Banking Solutions allow customers to manage their bank accounts using the interconnected branches from any part of the world. Finacle - Core Banking software & Application System Demo. Finacle - Case Study on Core Banking Transformation. Infosys Finacle - Sibos 2016. Reimagining Corporate Banking The sluggish global economy, which grew by just 3.1 percent in 2015, has taken its toll on banks and businesses worldwide.

On the other hand, with increased globalization and digitization of supply chain, corporate customers demand sophisticated and tailor-made banking solutions. Finacle - Banking IT & Financial Software Application Services. Qantas Credit Union Selects Infosys Finacle to Transform Digital Capabilities and Services with Cloud Flexibility. Finacle - New Core Banking Solution deployment at Heritage Bank. EdgeVerve - Albaraka Announces Successful Implementation of Finacle Banking Solutions. Finacle selected as Mobile Banking Solution by SACOMBANK. Finacle - Omni Channel Hub - Enterprise Level Order Management System. Infosys launches TradeEdge – an insights-driven sales platform for distributor management.

About Infosys Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions. We enable clients, in more than 30 countries, to stay a step ahead of emerging business trends and outperform the competition. We help them transform and thrive in a changing world by co-creating breakthrough solutions that combine strategic insights and execution excellence. Visit to see how Infosys (NYSE: INFY), with $7.4B in annual revenues and 160,000+ employees, is Building Tomorrow's Enterprise® today. Infosys Finacle Positioned as a Leader in IDC MarketScape of Worldwide Core Banking Solution Providers. EdgeVerve Launches Blockchain Framework for Financial Services. Core Banking Solution. AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation EdgeVerve. Infosys Finacle named a Leader among Omnichannel Banking Solutions.

TradeEdge - Distributor Management System for Retailers. Finacle Core Banking Solution - Real Time Account Processing Platform. Finacle Mobile Banker Solution for Tellers, Relationship Managers and Agents. Finacle Online Banking - Universal Banking IT Solutions by Infosys. Digital Transformation: Are you getting it right? Webinar on Digital Banking. Digital Banking transformation : Are you getting it right?

Finacle Youth Banking - Unique Banking Solutions For Youth by Infosys. Finacle Wealth Management - Customer Portfolio Management Solution. Finacle WatchWiz - Bank Monitoring and Management Solution From Infosys. Finacle Universal Banking - Comprehensive Banking Solutions From Infosys. Finacle Treasury Solutions - Global Integrated Banking Treasury Management. Finacle SME Enable - SME Tailored Digital Banking Solution From Infosys. Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise 2016 Sydney. RPA & Artificial Intelligence Summit 2016 London.

Finacle Small Finance Bank Solution - Pre-Configured Banking Support. Finacle Payments Solution - Advanced Enterprise Payment Services From Infosys. Finacle Payments Bank Solution - Banking Platform For Payments Based Banks. Finacle Loan Origination Solution - Simplify Credit Lifecycle Across Loans. Finacle Operational Data Store - Comprehensive Data Management Infrastructure. Finacle Offers and Catalog Solution - Bundled Product and Service Management. Finacle Mobile Banking - Secure and Comprehensive Mobile Banking Solution. Finacle Lite - Automated Cloud Based Banking Solutions From Infosys. Finacle Liquidity Management Solution for Banks - Enhance Liquidity. Finacle Islamic Banking Solution - Service Oriented Architechture Platform. Finacle Banking Inclusion Solutions - Customer Onboarding & Biometrics. Finacle Finanz Tools - Personal Financial Planner Banking Tool.

Finacle Direct Banking Solution - Online Customer Acquisition & Fulfillment. Finacle Digital Commerce Solution - Enhance Customer Loyalty and Revenue. Finacle Banking CRM Solution - Customer Acquisition and Lower TCO. Finacle Core Banking Solution for Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) Finacle Core Banking Solution - Real Time Account Processing Platform. Finacle Analytics Solution - Advanced Integrated Real Time Data for Banks. Finacle Alerts - Real Time Multi Channel Customer Alert System for Banks. Finacle Advizor - Fully Assisted Banking Customer Support Solution. Key Trends in the Banking Sector by Mr.Yadavalli Srinivas, Bank Sohar. Finacle Online Banking - Universal Banking IT Solutions by Infosys. AssistEdge - Customer Service Solution with Finacle Banking Software Integration. Ajay Anand, Senior Director and Global Head, Digital Platforms at EdgeVerve.

Abhay MC, Business Development - ASIA at EdgeVerve. Integrated Credit Servicing and Asset Management by CreditFinanceEdge. Cloud Based Source to Pay Procurement Software by ProcureEdge. Distributor Management System & Sales Force Automation by TradeEdge. Customer Experience Management Software & Analytics by AssistEdge. EdgeVerve Blockchain Framework for Financial Services. Customer Experience, Enterprise Buying, Credit Servicing Solutions. Infosys Finacle – Leading Online Banking Software. Innovative Cloud Based Enterprise Software Solutions by Edgeverve.