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Jon Lajoie - The Phone Call. Jon Lajoie - The Phone Call. The Bastard Break Up. The Bastard Breaks Up Again. Jon Lajoie Friend Steve. Mysteries of Genitalia. Brent Horst: Politician. The News with Shakespeare. Punched In (by Jon Lajoie) Punched In: Ep 2 (Jon Lajoie) Watercooler Conversations #2 (Jon Lajoie) Watercooler Conversations #1 (Jon Lajoie) Jon LaJoie Disses Justin Bieber in an Interview. Pop Song (Jon Lajoie) making-of. Jon Lajoie - Swallowed All That Toothpaste. Jon Lajoie talking to Boston - Big Pimpin' Too Fast (Jon Lajoie) Alone in the Universe (Jon Lajoie) Stay At Home Dad. 2 Girls 1 Cup Song.

Chatroulette Song (Jon Lajoie) Jonlajoie-potty time. Comedian Sensation Jon Lajoie sings a song to Strombo. Potty Song. "The League" Birthday Song (Jon Lajoie) "The League" 3 Penis Wine Infomercial. JON LAJOIE - Two Girls One Cup - exclusive performance. Dating Tape. Why Did You Leave Me? Jon Lajoie - I don't understand (Legendado PT-BR) Cold Blooded Christmas. High as F#%k" Music Video. Osama Is Dead. Pop Song (Jon Lajoie) Sunday Afternoon. Jon Lajoie - In Different Ways. I Can Dance (Jon Lajoie) The Best Song (Jon Lajoie) Jon Lajoie - Different Kinds Of Trees. Radio Friendly Song. Michael Jackson is Dead. I Kill People. Show Me Your Genitals. Show Me Your Genitals 2: E=MC Vagina.

Very Super Famous (Jon Lajoie) Drug Commercial (Jon Lajoie) Jon Lajoie Commercial. Pedophile Beards. Being Gay" Commercial. The Fellatio Truth Movement (Jon Lajoie) Rapist Glasses. Hands Commercial (Jon Lajoie) Breathing Commercial. Mainstream Media Commercial.

Not Giving a Fuck! Everyday Normal Guy. JON LAJOIE - EVERYDAY NORMAL GUY ACOUSTIC. Jon Lajoie - Vaginal Hubris (Extended Version) Everyday Normal Guy 2. Everyday Normal Crew. Gromada WTF (WTF Collective) - Jon Lajoie POLSKIE NAPISY. WTF Collective 2 (Jon Lajoie) WTF COLLECTIVE (Jon Lajoie) F**k Everything (Jon Lajoie) C**j ze wszystkim (F**k Everything) - Jon Lajoie POLSKIE NAPISY.