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Toilet Paper Origami. Toilet Paper Origami is the origami-style folding of toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Origami

There are two ways to do this: - fold the toilet paper while it is still on the roll, or - fold a single sheet of toilet paper. Fold Toilet Paper while still on the Roll. Sweet origami hearts. To be honest, I was never keen on origami hearts (or roses for that matter) for a fairly long time because it was hard to accept the way they look — I find them too edgy and not very loving.

Sweet origami hearts

Well that’s all in the past. My perception has changed (and I’m so glad). I have embraced their looks and I will admire them as they are. I’ve been on a folding spree over the new year break, particularly enjoying making heart after heart, starting with: Modular origami: rings by Mette Pederson « I’ve wanted to make some rings, modular rings.

modular origami: rings by Mette Pederson «

I though that it should be fun and the result pretty. No surprise after I’ve made them: fun and easy to do and pretty and cute to look at. After seeing these a friend of mine asked me if I could teach her origami because it’s cute. I have to make a selection of simple models for that matter. And find some time, of course.