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Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP)

PWS Group is a firm of independent financial advisers serving expatriates globally. They provide personal financial planning and wealth management services to thousands of individuals across all continents.

Independent Financial Planner Dubai. PWS Group Expanding in 2017 – PWS Group. PWS Group — Retirement Planning Crisis in the UK By PWS Group. BENEFITS OF HIRING A FINANCIAL ADVISOR. If you’re looking to invest, you should buy a financial product or plan. Of course, financial decisions are daunting; hence, it is advisable to hir… Family Financial Planner Advises Importance of Financial Planning for the Future. United Arab Emirates, February 23,2018/ -- Prestige Wealth Solutions is a leading financial advisory firm with its head office in Dubai and catering to private and commercial clients throughout the world on a daily basis.

Family Financial Planner Advises Importance of Financial Planning for the Future

This very well-established financial advisory firm has years of industry knowledge and experience combined with top quality services and superior levels of customer support that their clients can count on when it cones to their unique financial goals and requirements. This company has a very experienced and dedicated team of professionals who are passionate when it comes to providing their clients with the finest quality service and support. The team all have extensive industry experience and sound knowledge to ensure that they provide their clients with the valuable advice, assistance and support that they need when it comes to making financial decisions for the future of their family. - Journaux du Monde Entier. Understanding Family Wealth Management – PWS Group. Family wealth management is something you can think about when it comes to managing your money and ensuring the best for your family financially.

Understanding Family Wealth Management – PWS Group

Thousands of households rely on family wealth management advisors each year to assist them in setting their financial goals and meeting them with confidence to ensure their financial stability. There are many benefits to family wealth management with the main benefit that you need to understand as growing your wealth. Saving money into a bank account each month is not going to provide you with the interest earned that you deserve. Your family wealth management advisor will be able to steer you in the right direction, providing you with the best investment solutions to meet your needs which have been carefully weighed up against the other to ensure you have the best options. Why Use a Family Financial Advisor? – PWS Group. Have you recently got married or you are thinking of starting a family and your friends, colleagues and family members are recommending you hire the services of a professional family financial advisor to assist you?

Why Use a Family Financial Advisor? – PWS Group

Maybe you’re wondering what a family financial advisor can offer you that you don’t already know. It’s important you have some indication on how these professionals can assist you with your financial goals in the long run and how they can assist you with your wealth management moving forward. The first thing you will find when approaching a family financial advisor is that they will be able to assist you with saving for your child’s college fund. These days a good education isn’t cheap, especially if you want to send your child to one of the top universities in the world. Financial Planing Testimonials. “My wife and I had the pleasure of being introduced to Aiaz in early 2016, this was after a week of meeting another financial advisor from a competitor; so we had the benefit of direct comparison.

Financial Planing Testimonials

I am a financial services professional and have been formally exposed to wealth management, financial planning, retirement planning, life risk analysis and product sell strategy. In short, I was thoroughly impressed by Aiaz’s sound knowledge contextualized with his understanding of the Gulf regions’ peculiarities for expats, patient demeanor and attentive nature.

Our engagement with Aiaz was to have our general financial planning needs assessed with life risk, stage of life and retirement planning being the main focus areas. He takes keen interest in affording the client to fully express their financial situation, aspirations and world view in order to later digest and propose viable solutions which are sustainable in the long run. Regards,” News. Shareholder Protection. The untimely demise of a business owner is, of course, very traumatic for his or her family as well as those connected to the company.

Shareholder Protection

One of the financial implications may be that the owner’s widow, widower or other beneficiaries will inherit the shares but may have an immediate need for money, while the surviving shareholders may want to buy the shares but not have sufficient funds available. Shareholder protection pays out a cash lump sum when a person it covers dies during the term of the cover, which can be used by the surviving business owners to purchase the insured shareholder’s interest in the company and retain control over the running of the business. Group Medical Insurance. Financial Planning & Wealth Management. SIPPs - Self-Invested Personal Pension. A SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) is a UK-based personal pension regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which allows clients to choose from a wide range of investments approved by HM Revenue & Customers (HMRC).

SIPPs - Self-Invested Personal Pension

It is a more flexible type of pension, giving members the ability to choose (with the help of a financial adviser) where and how their money is invested, when they want to start receiving benefits (from age 55) and who they want to leave their residual pension to following their demise. Moving your pensions to a SIPP removes the need to purchase an annuity. Instead, members can leave their money invested and drawdown an income from the capital, which is widely regarded as better value for money in today’s low interest rate environment. Retirement Planning Advisor UAE. Family Financial Planner Advises Record Demand in 2017. United Arab Emirates, January 24,2018/ -- Prestige Wealth Solutions is an independent financial advisory firm that provides their services to clients throughout the world on a daily basis.

Family Financial Planner Advises Record Demand in 2017

This is a very well-established company with a head office in Dubai, catering to private and commercial clients offering years of industry knowledge and experience along with top quality service and support that their clients can trust. The company has built up an outstanding reputation for their bespoke services which they provide to their clients, helping them make informed financial decisions to meet their particular goals and needs. the company advised that they work to very high standards, ensuring that they surpass their clients expectations on a daily basis. - Journaux du Monde Entier. Getting on Track with Family Finances – PWS Group. Living from paycheck to paycheck is stressful.

Getting on Track with Family Finances – PWS Group

Not having enough in savings for emergencies or put away for retirement can keep you up at night. Many couples fight over money as they have different spending habits. You can make a difference in your current financial situation and the future by working closely with a family financial planner. Planning your Finances – PWS Group. Nobody can deny the importance of having their finances in order, even from a very young age.

Planning your Finances – PWS Group

That is why those with the necessary foresight, whether they live in their country of origin — such as the UK — or as an expat elsewhere, will always make sure they have access to the services of the best family financial planner. Having a proper plan in place will ensure that you make provision for retirement, but also for the years leading up to that day. Planning means you earn — whether it is a fixed monthly salary or what you make from the proceeds of your own business — and you’re saving at the same time. You save for retirement, but you can also save for life’s necessities as they present themselves during the years leading up to old age and retirement. Planning will involve various aspects of one’s financial planning. Needs always differ, and no two families or clients have the same requirements in terms of their financial profile. Retirement Planning Crisis in the UK – PWS Group. Retirement Planning Crisis in the UK.

PWS Group — Retirement Planning Crisis in the UK By PWS Group. Retirement Planning Crisis in the UK. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Retirement Planning Crisis in the UK' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_645895'></script><p> From <a href=' For <div class='visually_embed'><iframe width='1' height='1' style='width: 1px !

Retirement Planning Crisis in the UK

Customize size. One in Three Will Rely on State Pension in the UK. At PWS Dubai, we are passionate in helping our UK clients manage their pension pots and secure a financial future for their retirement years. These days people are living until an older age, but this means that your pension has to stretch out for much longer. As you can imagine this is a serious concern for us, as the State Pension starts to dwindle. A recent study has shown that approximately fifteen million people in the United Kingdom don't have a pension plan, which means that they will be relying solely on the state pension, which is a bleak state of affairs. FCA Survey The FCA conducted a survey called The Financial Lives survey, which took a close look at thirteen thousand consumers and found a scary statistic that only thirty one percent of UK adults have no private pension and will be relying only on the state pension that they will receive, which is currently sitting at £159.55 per week, barely enough to pay rent, utilities and eat.

Pensions Taxable Amounts to Increase. There is a certain amount you are allowed to save throughout your lifetime for your pension which has tax breaks, but the tax breaks are due to rise for the very firs time since April in 2010. This has been confirmed by the government and is something everyone who is saving into their pension pots needs to be aware of. As of April 2018, the lifetime allowance for pension contributions will be increased by £30,000. Which will take the lifetime allowance from £1 million to £1.03 million. All pensions are tested for lifetime allowance at different points, this is also done when you make your first withdrawal, then at the age of seventy five. Any excess would result in tax charges. Don’t Leave Your Workplace Pension With Discussing Your Options with Independent Financial Advisor. Here at PWS Dubai we are concerned to note that one in eight workers in the United Kingdom are thinking of leaving their pension schemes as they set to rise in April 2018.

This is research conducted to Aviva and is a serious concern, as workplace pensions are making up the shortfall people need to live comfortable in their retirement years. According to the research, four percent of people have confirmed that they will stop contributions next year, half of which are thinking of saving into a pension scheme of some kind and the remainder are not sure how to proceed moving forward.

Automatic Enrollments Automatic enrollment into a pension scheme started in 2012, which introduced millions of workers to a private pension plan which enabled them to save for their retirement years. Two percent of a workers salary is paid into the pension, this is due to rise to five percent in April 2018, workers will be required to pay three percent and their companies pay two percent.

Millennial Defying Odds and Heading for Comfortable Retirement

Prestige Wealth Solutions — PWS Group Expanding in 2017 PWS Group is a firm of... PWS Group Expanding in 2017. More Pensions Expected to Be Living in Rented Accommodation - pwsgroup. The team here at PWS Dubai are concerned to note that more than one million pensioners in the United Kingdom could find themselves in rented accommodation in the next twenty years. This leaves these individuals vulnerable to the exploitation of landlords and more. There are more than three hundred and seventy thousand pensions who are currently paying rental each month to private landlords on a national scale. Concern as more pensioners turn to private rentals The major concern is that this figure is expected to rise to nine hundred and ninety five thousand pensions in private rental accommodation by 2036, if the housing remains at its current levels. This means that pensions are going to have to rely on housing benefits to cover their rentals, putting additional pressure on the welfare budgets.

Research has revealed that the older tenants are more likely to focus on secure tenancies, where they get rental controls and tenancy guarantees that they can count on. Are You Saving For Your Retirement? – PWS – Prestige Wealth Solutions – Dubai. At PWS Dubai we are seeing an increasing number of people in the United Kingdom that are facing working until their eighties, in some instances. This is to ensure that they make enough money for their last few years of retirement. The Financial Conduct Authority (FDA) currently advised that around one third of all workers, that is fifteen million people, haven’t saved towards their retirement. Don’t Rely on your State Pension We cannot stress enough that people in the United Kingdom cannot rely on their state pensions alone. For many, the state pension is an integral part of their retirement fund, but it’s not enough to live on comfortably and maintain current lifestyles. PWS Group - Five Effective Tips to Rid Yourself of Debt.

People of all ages find themselves in debt from time to time. From credit cards to loans and even mortgages, most people owe some money somewhere. Are You Prepared to Work Longer Than Anticipated to Ensure a Comfortable Retirement? There has been quite a reshuffle when it comes to retirement age in the United Kingdom. It has gone as far as Chancellor Philip Hammond possibly using the November 22 Budget to refocus on the balance between young and old, getting the younger to pay for the older so that they can benefit. The concern is that official data has suggested that the elderly are already working for longer than they anticipated to ensure their financial security before retiring. This is becoming a common trend and we are seeing our older generation working longer and longer in order to secure their financial security, bridging the gap between an inadequate pension pot and a longer retirement. Pensioners paid £262 million of Tax Refunds in 2017. – PWS – Prestige Wealth Solutions – Dubai.

Is Your Pension Pot of £100,000 Enough for Retirement? One of the most important questions you should be asking yourself is whether your pension pot is enough to last your retirement years. Analysis has shown that if you are putting down more than five percent per year, you could still not have enough for your retirement, in fact you could have an empty bank account by the time you reach eighty.

In fact the analysis focused on people retiring in 2000 with a £100,000 pension pot and found that if the saver withdrew seven percent each year, they would run out of money by 2014, that gave them only £7,000 per year. For those who only took six percent a year, they still had a small amount left in 2014 but still not enough left by the time they reach 2020. Staff Requesting to Swap Final Salary Pension for Cash in 2017.

It has been reported by British businesses that more current and former employees are asking to swap their final salary pensions for cash. One hundred and eighty two employers were surveyed by the Association of Consulting Actuaries and half of these employers advised that they had received a transfer request from at least five percent of their scheme members this year. Prestige Wealth Solutions Testimonials – Craig McConnon. 8 OUT OF 10 MIDDLE EAST EXPATS ARE NOT SECURING THEIR FINANCES - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Eighty percent of Middle East Expats are not taking enough measures to secure their finances, new research has revealed.

Doha English Speaking School Winter Fair - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Jamie Scott - PWS Adviser of the month. With more than 25 years of UK and international experience in wealth management, please meet our adviser of the month – Jamie Scott. Regional Managing Partner at PWS, Jamie is an expert in wealth management and is a UK-qualified independent financial adviser. Jamie offers clients a friendly approach and extensive industry knowledge, with a genuine, professional manner. A British expat who has been living and working in the Middle East for six years, Jamie is a valuable member of PWS and prides himself on providing the best service and forging long term client relationships based on diligent asset management advice.

TOP TEN TIPS FOR SAVING MONEY IN THE NEW YEAR - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Now that 2016 has arrived, we’ve got some expert pointers on how you can save money in the year ahead. Evening With Harry Redknapp - Sponsored by PWS - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Al Khor Youth Sevens Tournament - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning.

Escalating pension deficits. Why now’s the time to think about a SIPP. - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. The behemoth of pension deficits shows no sign of turning tail for top FTSE companies. In fact, according to recent analysis by one leading firm of employee benefits and pension scheme specialists, the total pension liability facing FTSE 350 companies soared to £62bn in 2016.

That’s around 70 per cent of the combined pre-tax profits of the index’s companies. If you are a member of a defined benefits scheme belonging to one of these companies, the danger that this threatens, combined with the boost to available transfer values brought about by the still very low yields of gilts, provides a double-edged reason to think hard about the possibility of transferring out of the scheme and into a Personal Pension Plan.

Acceleration in rise of pension deficits. What happens if my pension goes into the PPF (Pension Protection Fund)? - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. If you’re paying into a company pension scheme (or if you have funds accrued in a company scheme sponsored by a previous employer), the high profile corporate insolvencies that have hit the headlines over the last couple of years may have caused you the odd moment of concern. Group Medical Insurance - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. News - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. PWS GROUP - Effective Tips to Prepare for Your Retirement by Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP) Benefits of Using Independent Pension Advisers PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7684412. Benefits of Using Independent Pension Advisers PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7684412.

How British Steel Pension Changes Are Going to Affect You. Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP) £800 Billion in Unknown Pensions in 2017. Have You Paid Too Much Tax on Your Pension? Tax Loophole – A Scandal in the Future - Prestige Wealth Solutions. Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP) Are You Pension Ready If Planning to Move Abroad? Financial Planning Platform. Calculators For Financial Planning. Financial Planning & Wealth Management. Business Protection - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Wills - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning.

Discretionary Fund Management - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Shareholder Protection - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Key Man Cover - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Group Medical Insurance - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Group Life Insurance - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) - Financial Planning. Prestige Wealth Solutions - Britain's Tax Burden Almost at Highest in Four Decades. Prestige Wealth Solutions - Britain's Tax Burden Almost at Highest in Four Decades by Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP)

Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP) Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS GROUP) How Will Your Finances Be Effected with This Years Poll — By Prestige Wealth Solutions. Prestige Wealth Solutions Dubai — Do You Know How Much You Will Get From State Pension on… Do You Understand How QROPS Work? What You Need to Know. Tips to Saving For Retirement – Craig McConnon – Medium. Prestige Wealth Solutions. Introducing prestige wealth solutions. Cold Calling from "Expat Financial Advisers" - Take Note! : dubai. Prestige Wealth Solutions, Pws dubai. 14 best images about Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS Dubai) on Pinterest.

Prestige Wealth Solutions — QROPS to Face Twenty Five Percent Tax Charge. Poorest Pensions At Risk When Comes to Future of State Pensioners. How Will Your Finances Be Effected with This Years Poll — By Prestige Wealth Solutions. VW Experiencing Profit Increase in 2017 – Craig McConnon – Medium. UAE Contact and Business Location. 8 out of 10 expats not securing their finances properly. Prepare for Retirement by Receiving Help with Your Finances. Gym 64 - A big thanks to the gorgeous Craig McConnon for... Uae Regulator Grants Broker Licence To Advisory Firm Pws - International Adviser. The Media Network. PWS - Qatar - Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS Dubai) bungee jump for WeCare - Bilal Mughal, Senior Adviser. Prestige Wealth Solutions – Dubai Pensions – Marlon Bruges. Prestige Wealth Solutions, company, 3, Emaar Plaza Street (Dubai), Dubai. Sharjah. Ajman — 2GIS.

Prestige Wealth Solutions Dubai, UAE, , , Quilter Cheviot Partners Up With Uae Advisory Firm Pws - International Adviser. UAE Contact and Business Location. PWS - Innovative and complex risk solutions.