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Hundred's of Links's to Jewish Index with thousands of links to Jewish everything worldwide... A History of the Abuyudaya Jews of Uganda. By Arye Oded (Israeli Ambassador to Kenya) King Mutesa I (1856-1884) of Buganda introduced far-reaching religious, social, and administrative reforms in his kingdom.

A History of the Abuyudaya Jews of Uganda

He was motivated by various factors. This shrewd king eager for knowledge strove to strengthen his kingdom by utilizing the superior technology that he discovered among the Arab traders and the Europeans which visited him. His foreign policy was to gain the friendship of the Sultan of Zanzibar and the support of the Arab traders; from these he hoped to obtain weapons to establish his authority over his neighbours and prevent a possible Egyptian inversion from the North. Hebrew at Stanford: Multimedia. Cursive | Print | The Rashi Script Cursive: Click on the letter to see how to write it: Click on the name of the letter to see how to write it:

Hebrew at Stanford: Multimedia