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Peter Murphy's Panoramic VR Weblog. International Fleet Review 2013 October 6th, 2013 Commemorating the centenary of the arrival of Australian’s first fleet of (British built) warships into the harbour in 1913 there was a week of naval events in Sydney — including this projections with fireworks event on the Saturday night.

Peter Murphy's Panoramic VR Weblog

This projection shows Prime Minister Menzies, aka “Pig Iron Bob“, declaring war (World War II) with Germany on radio. Vietnam got very brief coverage in the half-hour long projections, even though the navy was involved there for ten years. Panorama. Stars over Megalong Valley September 13th, 2013 Megalong Valley west of the city is a good spot for photographing the night sky without too much light pollution. Panorama. Giant duck January 5th, 2013 This giant duck is bobbing around in Darling Harbour at the moment.

Pole dancing in Martin Place December 7th, 2012 Part of a charity event in Martin Place yesterday at lunchtime - a world record attempt “run around the city in scanty swimwear” concept. Harbourlife 2012. Publish your Panorama! Click Here for single image virtual tour (java based)Click Here for multiple image virtual tour, with pull-down menu (java based)Click Here for single image virtual tour for Quicktime (QTVR) Publish for Java viewer While there are several Java viewers available, these parameters are specific to PTViewer, a terrific and FREE viewer from Helmut Dersch.

Publish your Panorama!

Requires no plug-in, but the visitor's browser must be Java-enabled. Here is the code for embedding a single panorama into your web page: What do these parameters mean? *Product names referenced herein are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Questions? Tutorial by Ben Kreunen. This tutorial covers most of the methods and software I use for the creation of Big Ben's Virtual Victoria and other panoramas.

Tutorial by Ben Kreunen

There are many ways to achieve the same result and each person has heir own preferences for the way they work. These are mine, although many of the ideas have also been passed on by others so I can't take sole credit for them. To keep up to date with tips and suggestions I'd thoroughly recommend you subscribe to the Immersive Imaging mailing list. I've split the tutorial up into separate sections partly because it was getting so big, and partly because not everyone needs the entire tutorial. Such is the nature of the software that there are many uses other than the panoramas you see on my website. Online Depth of Field Calculator. Making Panoramas the Free way. Tutorial Author: Pete Black Introduction ==> Step by Step 1.Photographs 2.Software 3.Camera FOV 4.Scripting PT 5.Invoking PT 6.Viewer applet Netscape users: due to a bug in the way Netscape renders CSS positioning [within nested <DIV> elements] some links may appear not to be active or not work properly.

Making Panoramas the Free way

. , for your convenience, and sincerely hope Netscape get around to fixing this bug in later releases. Introduction and Background My interest in panoramic photography was sparked a few years ago when i was working on a website for a helicopter-skiing company. Thinking it would be cool to try and get something like this on the website, I looked at ways to create a panorama. This was fairly easily accomplished using VRML. QTVR Anatomical Resource. QuickTime is an example of media that is not directly handled by web browsers. When a browser encounters a reference to such media in an html document, it can either hand the media file off to an external application (i.e. QuickTime Player in the case of QT or QTVR) or use an extension to the core browser software, a plugin or ActiveX control.

When the plugin handles the media file, it will play within the browser, either in line on the web page or in a separate window. In order to use the plugin or ActiveX, you must reference the media file with the correct html syntax. Netscape on Windows and Macintosh, Internet Explorer for Macintosh, and older versions of Internet Explorer for Windows can use the EMBED tag to handle QTVR in web pages with a plugin. The required code consists of an HTML OBJECT element with an enclosed EMBED element as in the following example: QuickTime VR tutorial. QuickTime VR Quicktime Embed tags from Apple.

QuickTime VR tutorial

Everything you need to embed the movie in a web page. QTVR Tutorial for educators an old tutorial but still a good introduction to Cylindric and Object movies. Tutorials - PanoTools. QTVR pano The Process of Making a Pano. 360days/blognoise/63/qtvr-podc... QTVR podcast genre: texts by mickael par ici pour la version française This is a testpage for podcastng a vr to iTunes, if it works you should be able to see it by clicking (or copying) this link and subscribing it to iTunes podcasts, it works for me does it for you ?


QTVR podcasting: how to The long road to podcasting a QTVR to iTunes has been explained by Hans Inge Hagen, you’ll find all the instructions and files to manually code your iTunes feed here. Graphic Designers - La Grille / The grid. Point nodal et pupille d&#039;entrée en photographie panoramique. &gt;FromParis - Technical documentation and tutorials : panorama.