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PUSH is an exceptional company, which offers training programmes and thus, empowers people to live happily and healthily. For more information visit:

Health - A Sneak Peek into the Features of a Workplace Wellness Programme. Most of the individuals are aware that health, productivity and happiness at a workplace are related notions and companies must put in their utmost effort to foster all the three.

Health - A Sneak Peek into the Features of a Workplace Wellness Programme

Well, one of the best ways to do so would be by investing in comprehensive corporate wellness programmes. Research shows that these initiatives not only help employees by allowing them to lead a hale and hearty life but also benefit the concerned organisations by enhancing its sales. Energy Dimensions for Productivity in Workplaces by pushmindandbody on DeviantArt. Mindfulness: Reclaim the Present, Live and Work Best. A large number of reputed companies in London realised the significance of integrating meditation and mindfulness into the programmes of workplace wellness.

Mindfulness: Reclaim the Present, Live and Work Best

This actually makes sense- the professional world is bound to be competitive and stressful constantly challenging individuals, and in such a situation, the only way to succeed is keeping calm and enhancing concentration levels. The tension that is associated with conducting business, carrying out projects and meeting deadlines can generate toxic emotions such as frustration as well as anger. Innovative Ideas to Formulate Corporate Wellness Programs. If you have gone through any of the articles on corporate wellness programs then you must have identified that they have numerous positive impact on the lives of your employees.

Innovative Ideas to Formulate Corporate Wellness Programs

Therefore, whether you are willing to start working with a corporate wellness programmer or want to have your own wellness program in your company, the best thing is that you don’t have to worry much about the cost involved. As per the latest statistics, it is said that for every single dollar spent on the corporate wellness programs, businesses can save up to $3 for the cost involved in health care and $2 forabsenteeism. Businesses can also earn have ROI up to 300 percent. Let’s check out some of the amazing ideas to formulate programs for corporate wellness in London or in any given locations. Start Offering Bonuses For Smoking Cessation.

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Executive Coach. Let’s start with the benefits of hiring an executive coach - • Helps in improving the professional as well as interpersonal communication skills • Resolving conflict with efficiency • Maintaining a dedicated team • Motivate to work towards a specific particular goal to increase the productivity of the firm • Helps to take effective decision with great leadership qualities And many more… What do you think?

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Executive Coach

Techniques Involved in and Advantages of Workplace Wellness. 3 Pointers to Know How Mindfulness Helps In Enhancing Productivity. Benefits of Encouraging Exercise in Workplace. Push Mind and Body – The First Step towards a Balanced Lifestyle. 4 Tips to Follow before Executing Corporate Wellbeing Program. Ultimate Guide to Corporate Wellness Program. Why has Nutrition at Workplace gained such Importance? Take a Glimpse at the Brighter Side of Opting For Mindfulness. Are you aware how mindfulness can enhance one’s performance at workplace?

Take a Glimpse at the Brighter Side of Opting For Mindfulness

Well, mindfulness activities can benefit the employees to a great extent. Owing to the advantages, most of the businesses are nowadays embracing meditation as well as mindfulness training not just to reap out the best from the employees but also for their well-being. It is known to all that workplace is the zone where most of the individuals experience the greater sense in terms of personal development. The best employees are rewarded when they perform well. Besides, these they are always encouraged to keep honing their game. Techniques Involved in and Advantages of Workplace Wellness.

In the past few years, a large number of top-notch researchers put their maximum efforts, in order to fabricate and implement strategies that would positively impact the health of the employees at a workplace.

Techniques Involved in and Advantages of Workplace Wellness

The exceptional wellness programmes managed to offer assistance to some well-known companies of London by enhancing the overall lifestyle of the staff members and effectually contributing to the sales of the concerned organisation. In the following discussion, let us explore some excellent techniques which could be utilised for promoting a positive work atmosphere. Take a close look at them as they are mentioned below in brief. Ways to Foster Workplace Wellness An individual, working in a contemporary multinational corporation, needs to spend a major portion of their day sitting on the office chairs. Now let us talk about the benefits that one would be able to relish if they implement the above-mentioned tactics. How to Integrate Positive Psychology to a Workplace? Business owners all across the globe, especially in London, are taking some noteworthy steps, in order to enhance the psyche of the staff members and change the entire working atmosphere.

How to Integrate Positive Psychology to a Workplace?

None of us can really deny the fact that employees stand to be the most significant asset in almost every business setting. The present economic condition and narrowing job markets have led to an increase in the workplace stress. In such a situation, employers are trying to craft and utilise strategies that would bring positivity in the office. According to the latest studies, caring for your employees would create an exceptional workplace, where everyone would be engaged, appreciated, professional and thriving.In the following discussion, let us explore three necessary ways that have quite successfully contributed to the positive energy in the workplace of London based companies.

4 Reasons Why Every Organization Needs an Executive Coach. We are living in an ever-changing world where our life moves at a lightning fast speed.

4 Reasons Why Every Organization Needs an Executive Coach

In the era of corporate culture, one must know the how to perform as a team and enhance the profit of the organization that they are working for. But in the competitive struggle of a corporation rat race, we often forget the role that we suppose to play. As a result, the success of the organization become secondary and induvial performance gets all the focus.

That is common in everyone’s life. So the biggest question arises here, who will teach us how to be a member of a team, act like a team, produce like a team and taste the success or failure as a team. How an Executive Coach can Help Your Business: • United we stand divided we fall: The point has been started with a famous quote and you might also understand how this could help your team to rise together. . • Getting Brilliant Ideas: Will anyone in this world give you amazing ideas so that your business can stand up? Conclusion: Save. PUSH Mind and Body Ltd: Four Significant Features of an Optimal Wellness Programme. Ideas Framing Corporate Wellness Program in a Firm. If you think that starting or setting up corporate wellness program in your organization will turn out to be a major investment then let me correct you that this is not the reality.

Ideas Framing Corporate Wellness Program in a Firm

Setting corporate wellness program does not always mean hiring full-time wellness coaches or installing fitness center in your organization. It can be done with a simple, right and cost-efficient initiative. Let’s discuss about some effective ideas which every businesses should consider before designing a corporate wellness program in their respective organization. Create on-set wellness program. Why It Is Important to Achieve Mindfulness at Work. Why London based corporate firms are emphasizing on Corporate Wellness? According to the latest studies, chronic issues such as heart disease, obesity and strokes account for almost 75% of the total healthcare expenditure.

Why London based corporate firms are emphasizing on Corporate Wellness?

The same research has also effectually proved that all these problems could be easily prevented if one follows a healthy lifestyle. Considering that individuals all across the globe spend a major portion of their day at the office and 80% of them suffer from utmost stress, it is natural to formulate a workplace wellness programme that would allow employees to work happily and healthily. Whether your organisation is willing to construct a corporate wellbeing programme or wishes to enhance an existing one, you must not forget to look for the below-mentioned four aspects: Almost all the initiatives of workplace wellbeing in the UK includes varied assessment activities.

These are quite necessary as they are capable of evaluating what kind of health risks the employees might be going through. Like this: Like Loading... Behaviours that Limit your Progression in Exec Coaching. Opt For Exec Coaching And Gain A Broader Perspective. 5 Ways to promote Workplace Wellness through Nutrition. Designing a Programme of Corporate Wellbeing that Works. Importance of Corporate Fitness Training for Employees.

The fast lifestyle of people often takes away the healthy living option that is so essential. People these days are left with less time for them and as a result, are harming their bodies in a great way. Workplace Wellness Program: Ensuring the Business Success. Modern men and women, regardless of complexion, origin and working culture, have become more and more conscious about good health and physical wellness not only in their residence but also in the workplace. And Why not! Studies reveal that a large portion of their expenditure comprises of expending much in medicine and doing some diagnostic reports. Corporate Wellness Essential for Organization’s Growth. The need to combine the routines of exercises and proper nutrition is a necessity in the present everyday lifestyle of the people.

The demand of the office going corporate lifestyle often steals the very agility and fitness of a human being. The resultant effect of corporate teams consisting unfit employees is disastrous to the production and output levels of the organisation too. In order to bail out organisations and its very valuable employees from such drawbacks, a number of fitness bodies have started its programs across the globe, helping by working for the companies to recreate a healthy lifestyle for its employees. Importance of Mindfulness for Mental Wellbeing. Mindfulness- The Key to Radiate Positive Energy in Workplace. Being happy is the key to be productive, some employers think when they are paying enough to the employees they are bound to be productive but how can you expect your employees to work dedicatedly when they are simply not happy with the work culture or anxious about their life.

Most often you will simply end up having a bunch of employees who are just performing their jobs tediously without putting an effort to improve it. Creative mind and curious souls can only derive development and growth, hence until and unless you will take measurable initiative to exude positive energy in your workplace and unless your workers are imbued with that sense you can’t expect little improvement in the profit ratio. The sedentary lifestyle deteriorated with monotonousness, unhealthy diet often leads to exhaustion. A Brief Overview on the Essentials of Nutrition at Work. Workplace Well-being Programmes: An Integrated Approach (with image) · pushmindandbody. PUSH: Providing Responsive Programmes for Your Well-being - Feedage - 23891159.

Preview: PUSH: Providing Responsive Programmes for Your Well-being PUSH: Providing Responsive Programmes for Your Well-being Thu, 03 Nov 2016 06:52:09 -0500. Pushmindandbody - Rising Popularity of Mindfulness and Workplace Well-being. Mindfulness and Workplace Wellbeing has gained much prominence throughout the world, yet many people are still unaware about their workings and advantages. Although there are no clear-cut definitions of these procedures; mindfulness refers to a method of living at the present with great awareness.

It allows individuals to get rid of their unconscious habits and focus completely on the current situation. Behance. Brief Overview on the Fundamentals of Wellbeing at Work. Necessity of Mindfulness and Proper Nutrition at Workplace — PUSH's Blog. Published Although, the process of mindfulness has acquired much recognition in the present, many people still do not have any ideas about its workings. PUSH- Trusted Well-Being Company That Allow Healthy Living. Know How Mindfulness Can Enhance Your Performance at Work – PUSH Mind and Body Ltd. Can mindfulness really enhance your performance at workplace?