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Actionable On-Page SEO Tricks to Improve Your Rankings - LogiCrux. Do you want to make your search engine rankings higher for targeted keywords? Well, we have got great techniques that are no nonsense. Search engine rankings primarily rely on search engines. And google being the most used search engine, shares 65.4% of the global search engine market share, it becomes important to find out the factors which lead to rank on the first position. Google uses almost over 200 ranking factors, from this you can imagine how complex the search engine ranking algorithm is. As we’re talking about search engine, let me inform you that Google produced 86% of all organic search visits in the US and 90% of mobile organic search visits . And Google gets over 100 billion searches a month worldwide. Where do you focus when you’re trying to improve your search engine rankings?

Most people focus a large proportion of time on “Keyword Optimization” and still not get expected results. Let’s start with points that you must keep your eye on to improve your website’s ranking. URLs.