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Meera Y is providing International Internship Program in India, in various stream like MBA Internship, Engineering Internship, Accounting Internship with Travel Package.

Your unpaid internship could lead to a paid internship or a full. Guidelines for college students & young professionals seeking Tech career. Do internship facilitate you in getting your dream job(1) 10 Things You Should Know About Singapore before doing Internship in Abroad. 5 Things to NEVER Do When Interviewing for a Fashion Internship. Fashion designing internship. How to make most of your Internship(2) Interior Design Internship program. What Interning In a Big City Will Do For You.

Why should you opt for an Internship regardless whether it is paid or unpaid. I Love My Internship. Work for Free The Internship Dilemma. Internships Help Students Prepare for Workplace. This internship gives at risk teens a taste of the professional world. 10 Reasons You Should Do An Internship While Studying. Journey so far Pursueasia. How to survive an internship you despise. Know what you want, plan ahead to land internship. Internship Wish List The 12 Things Students Value Most.

Textile internship program. Mechanical or Manufacturing Internship program. 10 Tips from Experts on How to Land Your Dream Internship. Computer science engineering Internship. Civil engineering Internship program. (774411974) Know what you want, plan ahead to land internship. Internship Wish List The 12 Things Students Value Most. Civil engineering Internship program. Computer science engineering Internship. Mechanical or Manufacturing Internship program. Textile internship program.

How to make your internship sound best in resume. Nailed It 5 Ways to Finish Your Internship Strong. Interns Should Get More Out of Internships than Employers. Students Why You Should Start Thinking About Your Summer Internship Now. 10 Easy Things You Should Always Do in Your Internship. How to tailor your resume for an internship. How to tailor your resume for an internship. Internship teaches students how to run a business. Top tips for interns 5 things you need to know.

India Internship Program Pursueasia. PursueAsia Singapore Internship Program. 78 year old grandfather starts an internship. New Internship or Career Ace the First Few Weeks. Value of opting an internship with PursueAsia. Will an Internship Abroad Guarantee More Employment Opportunities. Top 10 Benefits of Interning Abroad. Internship scheme is 'instant success'

How to fit an internship into your busy schedule. Careers. Engineering. Career / school. PursueAsia Singapore Internship Program. PursueAsia Dubai Internship Program. PursueAsia Accounting Internship program. 3 habits of successful interns and internship programs. Six Tips to Land a Summer Internship. Internship. Check. Job Offer. Check. Career That Is Fulfilling. 7 Tips To Help Land That Internship. Having a good internship ‘really sets students apart in the eyes of employers’ Internships can benefit student and business. 5 Best Types of Internships For College Seniors. Internship confirms real estate a good career. Top 10 tips to get an internship. Find a Mentor . Land an Internship. Internship leads to own business. Why International Internships Are Key to University Global Engagement. The Do's & Don'ts of Internships. Internship Based Story. College counselor the importance of internships.

39 yearsFrom an intern to general manager. (701117478) Internships Have Value, Whether or Not Students Are Paid (1) (701082868) To Hire an Intern or Not (1) (701070642) 5 Reasons Why Internship is Essential to Your Career. (687344909) What No One Tells You about Working in Fashion. (687285248) Youth, and the internship conundrum. Human Resource - PursueAsia. Learning adaptability.

Human Resource - PursueAsia

Finance - PursueAsia. An incredible opportunity for the future a finance internship offers an incredible opportunity to gain real-world experience in the high-stakes finance industry.

Finance - PursueAsia

Most importantly a finance internship allows an intern to distinguish oneself from one’s classmates,as he/she gains a competitive advantage by connecting the coursework with industry experience. Interns do gain valuable experience from companies focusing in wealth management,capital assets, financial analysis, and client services. Exposures during Internship Interns perform a variety of tasks which include: Researching and designing client portfolios,organizing client databases,attending inter-office training and meetings.

The best financial internships have these main attractions for students: A no-risk introduction to a company and/or field A chance to get the inside track on full-time positions Development of skills transferable to other fields Resume-building through experience with a respected employer and programme. Interior Design - PursueAsia. Learns the various stages effectively Interns assist interior designers and design teams with various stages of the design process.

Interior Design - PursueAsia

This may include capturing client requirements for budget, use, and function of a space. Interns may use the requirements along with building codes, structural constraints, climate and lighting considerations, as well as other factors, to create a new aesthetic and effective solution for the space. With any internship, specific daily responsibilities may vary based on the requirements of the host company or organization, as well as on the location or timeframe of the internship. The Value of Interning Abroad Many students spend hours in the classroom, only to graduate with no practical experience.Completing an international internship can provide the interns the much needed experience and confidence needed to pursue the chosen career after college.

International influences are inextricably woven into the fabric of what is considered contemporary design. Marketing Internships, Internship In Marketing, Internation Internship. Currently in India, the national economy and marketplace are undergoing rapid changes and transformation.

Marketing Internships, Internship In Marketing, Internation Internship

A large number of reasons could be attributed to these changes. One of the reasons in these changes in the Indian Market Scenario is Globalization, and the subsequent and resulting explosive growth of global trade and the international competition. The other reason for these changes in the Indian Market Scenario is the technological change. This is an important factor because the technological competitiveness is making not only the Indian market, but also the global marketplace cut-throat. In the Indian Marketing Scenario, the market success goes to those companies that are best matched to the current environmental imperatives. Electronics and Telecommunication Internships, Internships In Asia. Not only this, similar to industrial estates, Electronic Technology parks are being developed in various Centre’s.

Electronics and Telecommunication Internships, Internships In Asia

The Indian telecommunication sector has registered a phenomenal growth during the past few years and has emerged as the second largest network in the world. On back of ongoing investments into infrastructure, the country is projected to witness high penetration of Internet, broadband, and mobile subscribers in the near future, as per an RNCOS report. India’s mobile services market touched Rs1,200 billion (US$ 20.24 billion) in 2013, registering a growth of 8 per cent from Rs1,100 billion (US$ 18.55 billion) in 2012, according to a report by Gartner Inc. The mobile value-added services (MVAS) market is expected to reach US$ 9.5 billion in 2015, from US$ 4.9 billion in 2012, stated a joint research report by Wipro Technologies and the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

Civil Engineering Internship, Internship in Civil, Internship in Asia. So it’s quite obvious that India’s civil industry along with the growth in infrastructure is ever increasing.

Civil Engineering Internship, Internship in Civil, Internship in Asia

To deliver potential real estate space and planned infrastructure, India needs nearly 4 million civil engineers, architects and 119,000 planners on an average, over the next decade. The estimated supply of non-core professionals in the built environment sector is nearly 3 times the supply of core professionals. Civil engineering department has the potential of creating job opportunities, some of the job types are contractors, builders, educators or researchers.

Civil engineering industry has the potentiality to build a strong economy and so more multinational companies and engineers are showing their interests to be involved with this industry. With the development of society and because of technological advancement, demand of civil engineering activities are also increasing. Mechanical Engineering Internship, Manufacturing Internship India is fast emerging as a global manufacturing hub.

Mechanical Engineering Internship, Manufacturing Internship

India has all the requisite skills in product, process and capital engineering, thanks to its long manufacturing history and higher education system. India’s cheap, skilled manpower is attracting a number of companies, spanning diverse industries, making India a global manufacturing powerhouse. India with its vast design skills has attracted a lot of outsourcing technological orders.

According to a United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) analysis based on 2007 figures mentioned in the International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2009, India ranks among the top 12 producers of manufacturing value added (MVA). India is expected to become the global manufacturing hub for automobiles.

India’s passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturing industry is the 6th largest in the world, with an annual production of more than 3.9 million units in 2011. Textile Internship, Internship in Textile Design, International Intern. It also contributes around 3% to the GDP of the country.

Textile Internship, Internship in Textile Design, International Intern

India textile industry is also the largest in the country in terms of employment generation. It not only generates jobs in its own industry, but also opens up scopes for the other ancillary sectors. India textile industry currently generates employment to more than 35 million people. It is also estimated that, the industry will generate 14 million new jobs by the year 2014. Textile industry is one of the leading in the world. Some of the reputed names in the Textile companies in India are: Raymonds, Arvind Mills, Reliance Textiles, Vardhaman Spinning, Welspun India, Morarjee Mills, Century Textiles, Ginni Filaments Ltd, Mafatlal Textiles, S. Supply Chain & Logistic Management Internship, Logistic Internship Asia. As big money gets pumped into manufacturing and other growth-centric sectors, especially retail -the role and potential of logistics companies is on the upswing as crucial business operations like supply chain management and contract logistics become key issues of managing the titanic surge in national business, both locally, nationally and globally.

Supply Chain & Logistic Management Internship, Logistic Internship Asia

On the logistics front, India has picked up good momentum over the last decade. With an estimated market worth Rs.260,000 Crores, the industry contributes 13 per cent to the national GDP. In India, with demand for end-to-end logistics solutions far outstripping supply, the logistics market for organized retail is pegged at $50 million and is growing at 16%. It is expected to reach $120-$140 million by 2014. Organized retail on the other hand is growing at 400% and is expected to reach around $50 billion by 2014.The supply chain management is logistics aspect of a value delivery chain. Information Technology Internships, Intenrship in IT, IT Internship. They have been enhancing their global service delivery capabilities through a combination of organic and inorganic growth initiatives.

Information Technology Internships, Intenrship in IT, IT Internship

Global giants like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Lenovo have already established their captive centers in India. These companies recognize the advantage India offers and the fact that it is among the fastest growing IT markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The size of the Indian IT industry, according to NASSCOM, has been estimated to be around US$ 47.8 billion. Indian IT Services exports grew from US$ 10bn in FY05 to US$ 13.3bn in FY06, registering a growth of 33.4%, and is further expected to reach US$ 18.1bn in FY07 posting a growth of 36%.

While the global IT players are aggressively scaling up their operations in India, due to the advantages that the Indian industry offers, the Indian IT companies are also preparing to tap the global market. There are plenty of software companies in India which have been doing well. Film - PursueAsia. Growth in interest Interns will note that a successful intern at PursueAsia will spark their interest in pursuing some specialty of film cinematography,casting,animation,documentary,critical writing and publishing,and film archiving to name a few.Film Studies interns gain real-world experience, discover new things about themselves, develop new skills, and learn from some of the top professionals in the field.Infact,film and media programme is a one of a kind programme that is based in the heart of India’s film industry.

First Hand experience The internship is a great way to see the industry first hand through its professionals and work environments. Internship in Asia - PursueAsia provides international internship program. Internships provide opportunities to experiment and pursue careers that match academic and personal interests.There are many benefits to completing an internship including the development of strong teamwork skills balanced with the exercise of individual responsibility, the opportunity to experiment with jobs that match academic and personal interests, the chance to develop industry-specific abilities while enjoying the advantages of a liberal arts education.

Internships help students become viable, experienced job applicants when seeking employment after graduation. In fact, many employers consider internship experience in the hiring process, and often look to their own interns as the best potential candidates for full-time positions. Internships are a unique opportunity that you will never again encounter throughout your career. This is your chance to test drive different positions to see which ride you enjoy most. PursueAsia - India Internship Programme. International Summer Internship Program, India & Dubai. Interns Activities at PursueAsia - Gallery. Accounting Internship, India & Dubai - Pursueasia. Venue for applying theoretical knowledge The young professionals and students do get a scope for applying their theoretical knowledge as well which is very essential for gaining future success and a better understanding of accounting process.

In addition they get to learn good behavioral skills and competencies. It will give you the opportunity to develop your technical understanding and practical application of accounting. Participants get on-job training as well as technical and business-oriented education which will be of tremendous help to them in the future. MBA Internship, Management Internships, Internship In MBA, MBA Interns. Choosing the Right Organisation As a graduate, students often mistake by choosing a career that does not go in line with their skills and personal capabilities. Endlessly, interns strive hard but at an inappropriate place and do not get optimum benefits as desired. PursueAsia takes this responsibility off your shoulder and places you in firms that would fit you the best. Additionally, you learn better and offer quality work if you are at the right place at right time. Gives a Grounded Personality. Hotel Management Internship, Internship In Hotel Management Asia-India. Our Hospitality Internship gives an exposure of the real world work environment and puts forth a fair opportunity to apply theoretical learning into practice.

You learn various know how of the hospitality industry and hone your skills to best match the department that aspires and also suits you the most. An excellent communication and interpersonal skill is a must have for an Internship in Hotel management. You would come across multiple situations in your workplace where you need to tackle situations by convincing or assuring people. Our hotel management internship programme provides you employability and makes you more operational before stepping into a job. Law Internship - PursueAsia. There are many law firms, paralegal bodies and secretarial schools that demand a substantial learning from your internship as a module of their course work.

Engineering Internship - PursueAsia. No discipline encounters more real life application as does Engineering. Fashion Internships, Fashion Internship in Asia, Fashion Summer Internships. Contests such as these made Indian models recognized worldwide. Computer Science Engineering Internship,