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Sex Trivia. Fairy Tales, Cartoons The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time television wereFred and Wilma Flintstone In the original Grimm fairly tale of Sleeping Beauty the Prince rapes her while she sleeps and then leaves before she wakes up.

Sex Trivia

Men A man will ejaculate approximately 18 quarts of semen, containing half a trillionsperm, in his lifetime Men are six times more likely than women to peruse sexually explicit material onthe Internet. Injuries-page-e1297971147298.jpg 580×3,110 pixels. Graph. Because You Can Never Be Too Safe! But Enough With The Finger Pointing! Make Love Not Porn. 7 Sex Tips from Cosmo That Will Put You in the Hospital. You've walked innocently past issues of Cosmopolitan magazine a thousand times, every time you've checked out at a grocery store.

7 Sex Tips from Cosmo That Will Put You in the Hospital

If you glanced at the covers then you know it's all about sex, and helping girls bring out the sexual animal in their man. Not that kind. But littered amongst their mildly kinky and often impractical advice ("wear a wet t-shirt to bed! ") you get horrifying tips that border on genital mutilation. Think we're kidding? 154749_700b.jpg (666×964) Go-figure-Sex-Ed-110929.jpg?1317658019 from livescience.com. Sex The Definitive Infographic. Los Angeles Infographic. Average Age at first sex by Country. Female_orgasm_facts.jpg (JPEG Image, 560x3750 pixels) - Scaled (17%)

The Truth About Orgasms. Strange But True Sex Facts - Lustability. During the months of research which have gone into devising our sexual compatibility test, we’ve uncovered some pretty extraordinary facts.

Strange But True Sex Facts - Lustability

We reckon they’re too cool to keep to ourselves. 1. A woman is more likely to want to commit adultery during ovulation than at any other time in her cycle. 2. Telling a convincing lie to someone is much more difficult when you find them sexually attractive.