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Meta Data Optimisation Guide: Page Titles & Descriptions. In a highly competitive industry, one of the basic rules of SEO is for digital marketers to have the ability to compose well-written page titles and meta descriptions that help users locate your webpage and/or answer their specific search query.

Meta Data Optimisation Guide: Page Titles & Descriptions

No matter how short these HTML elements may be, they play a crucial role in connecting users to your page amid millions of other webpages found on the internet. Let’s look at why these elements are important and learn the best practices are for optimising each of them. Why it pays to create well-written page titles and descriptions Title tags and meta descriptions are some of the most important elements search engines rely on to obtain the full context of what your website is all about. Search engines will use them to understand the content of your website and determine whether or not they are relevant for a specific search query.

It’s also worth noting that Google rewrites meta descriptions. Writing Optimised Title Tags Keep it clear. Top Digital Marketing Campaign Tips for the Tourism Sector. Let’s face it, we all miss travelling.

Top Digital Marketing Campaign Tips for the Tourism Sector

With travel restrictions still in place, there’s no doubt that the tourism sector has seen better days. However, as one of the most lucrative industries in the global market, the tourism sector is choosing not to be fazed by the recent economic downturn. In today’s tech-focused age, the importance of digital marketing for businesses has boomed, and the travel and tourism sector shouldn’t let the opportunity slip away. New Year, New You: Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy. With 2020 finally behind us and a new year of prospects ahead, it’s the perfect time to refresh our digital marketing strategies!

New Year, New You: Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Through our research covering the latest digital marketing trends and technology, we reveal the digital marketing innovations we predict will dominate marketing strategies in 2021 and beyond. Conversion Marketing Across new MarTech (Marketing Technology) innovations, conversion marketing is a common feature, considered by many to be a central pillar within effective digital marketing practices. It is used to prompt customers who visit a company’s website to ‘take action’ (i.e., make a purchase) by ‘converting’ online window-shoppers into paying customers.

Twitter Relaunching Verified Accounts in January 2021. Three years ago, Twitter received backlash from its users due to uncertainty of the “blue badge” verification process.

Twitter Relaunching Verified Accounts in January 2021

In November 2017, Twitter stated that while the “verification was meant to authenticate identity & voice,” it was “interpreted as an endorsement or indicator of importance.” Twitter has a longstanding commitment to only allow information on the platform in line with their own rules & regulations, and many verified accounts whose behaviour did not fall within their guidelines were removed or de-verified in 2017. What Is Behavioural Targeting, and Why Is It Important?

Want to know a bit more about how your Google Ads campaigns work?

What Is Behavioural Targeting, and Why Is It Important?

Behavioural targeting is an important part of any search marketing strategy, which helps focus the aim of Ads campaigns within Google’s key ad markets: Search, Display, YouTube, and Gmail. Each of these four markets is massive in their own right, and behavioural targeting is how we navigate these markets in order to deliver the best possible results. To find out more about how it works, and just why it’s so vital to the success of Google Ads campaigns, read on. How does behavioural targeting work?

Behavioural targeting is a tactic used for online advertising and published content in which user data helps narrow down the ideal audience for the delivery of the ad or piece of content. Behavioural targeting can also help companies track potential customers across the web to other websites. The above is just one example of who you might want to target. What We Learned at The 2020 M2 Summit. Pure SEO was proud to attend the 2020 M2 Summit in Auckland at the Cordis Hotel on 4 November, where we heard from some of the most influential entrepreneurs and business leaders in New Zealand.

What We Learned at The 2020 M2 Summit

Everyone from independent venture capitalists and knighted philanthropists, to the head of public policy for Uber in New Zealand took the stage to offer fresh insights and perspectives into the future of business and leadership, and to share stories of their success. So, what did the Pure team take away from the ten speakers? Check out some of the best highlights and the insights from the M2 Summit that we thought mattered most to the digital world. Data will be one of the most valuable commodities of the coming decades. Tips for Inclusive Holiday Marketing in 2020. This year has been nothing short of a shakeup, with a pandemic, forest fires, racial injustice, and other issues dominating news headlines everywhere.

Tips for Inclusive Holiday Marketing in 2020

Amidst these repeated crises, people are now, more than ever, seeking authenticity from the brands they connect with and being careful about where they put their money. Where before your consumers might have brushed off a non-inclusive marketing campaign, they will now condemn one if it’s filled with the same faces over and over. As the holiday season—and with it, the gift-buying fervour—rolls around, this is more important than ever for companies to consider. Audiences of today are demanding authenticity, inclusivity, and diversity as they see it in the real world and reflected in the ads on their screens.

They want to connect with brands on a human level, see themselves and those they know in the promotions, and consume ethically. Understand Your Audience. WhatsApp Unveils New Online Shopping Features. Good news for WhatsApp users!

WhatsApp Unveils New Online Shopping Features

You can now directly buy from companies online with WhatsApp chats. Thanks to Facebook’s new development with the app, the two social media moguls announced brand new tools that help businesses sell more online and consumers shop with convenience. The rising trend of online shopping Following the footsteps of Instagram’s in-app purchases, WhatsApp now implements the same functionality. The recent move came in the advent of the pandemic. What is “Digital Transformation” in Marketing? Digital transformation is an all-too-familiar phrase that gets thrown around often in the professional landscape and within multiple industries.

What is “Digital Transformation” in Marketing?

But what does it exactly mean? And how does it relate to the work of marketing? Digital transformation is not as complicated as it sounds. The term revolves around a simple concept that is actually really easy to understand. However, there are multiple definitions of digital transformation, and these largely depend on when and where you use it. Amazon SEO Explained: A Guide to Ranking in Amazon Search Results - Pure SEO.

E-commerce giant Amazon has taken off in Australia after launching in late 2017, having revealed a revenue of $292.3 million in 2018.

Amazon SEO Explained: A Guide to Ranking in Amazon Search Results - Pure SEO

The creation of their Australian website has since seen three fulfillment centres pop up around the country, with another set to open at the end of the year in Brisbane. The current and forecasted success of Amazon Australia has led to whispers that the company could launch a New Zealand website in the near future—an exciting prospect! As a digital marketing agency, we think it’s important to prepare for this possibility and get our heads around Amazon SEO early. Optimise your Digital Marketing for the 2020 Holidays. The Holiday season is slowly creeping in, but you won’t want to wait until the last minute to turn your digital marketing strategies up a notch.

While your physical store or office may be gearing up for the holidays, is your website prepared? Have you thought about how you’re going to refine your digital marketing strategy? It’s no secret that most consumers these days go through multiple channels before committing to any single purchase of a product or a service. Omnichannel marketing is more powerful than ever, and with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to rethink your online presence. Plus, with 2020 being the unprecedented (and frankly apocalyptic) year that it’s been, being prepared is now more important than ever.

Finalist of the Westpac Auckland Business Awards for Excellence in Strategy & Planning. Award-winning digital marketing agency Pure SEO has been announced as a finalist in this year’s Westpac Auckland Business Awards for the North & West region for the third consecutive year. While the news was delivered virtually, the awards team are hoping to celebrate with finalists at a gala dinner in October. The prestigious awards have been delivered by the Auckland Business Chamber for over 15 years.

The number of entrants reached a record number this year, with 744 entries across the different regions. This shows how businesses are still taking pride in their strengths and successes despite this year’s unprecedented challenges. Digital Marketing Training with the Tourism Transition Fund - Pure SEO. Are You In Need of Digital Marketing Training but don’t have the budget? Pure SEO, one of New Zealand’s most awarded digital marketing agencies have been approved to deliver fully funded training to the tourism sector. (Under the Tourism Transition Fund) The funding amount is up to $5,000 plus GST, and must be used with an affiliated provider.

The Opportunities and Challenges of Enterprise SEO - Pure SEO. When you hear the phrase “Enterprise SEO”, you may be wondering how this differs from traditional SEO. In general, this term refers to SEO practices for large enterprise websites, but what really goes into the nitty gritty of it? In this blog, we give you a rundown of Enterprise SEO and go through some of the challenges and opportunities that arise from this particular breed of digital marketing. TF-IDF Content Optimisation: A Guide to an Underappreciated SEO Concept. As SEO professionals, it falls to us to track Google’s ever-shifting mood and the flow of the algorithm’s 200+ ranking factors, and then create action points from our findings. Over our many years in the business, if there is one thing we have discovered, it is this: Content is indeed King. Good content can make or break a website, drawing your customer in with relevant information or expelling them out into the cold. Interestingly, the content’s importance is criminally underappreciated by the modern SEO community.

Many professionals in our industry are so focused on the numbers game that few surfaces long enough to address any lacking content. TF-IDF Content Optimisation: A Guide to an Underappreciated SEO Concept. Google Analytics: Understanding Key Terms. Fundamentals of Ecommerce SEO (Updated 2020) In the wake of Covid-19, ecommerce has grown significantly as consumers move online. What is A/B Testing & Why Should You Be Doing It? - Pure SEO. Why You Should Care About Your Competitors - Pure SEO. As businesses, we are often too busy and concerned with our own brand, believing that we provide superior quality, service and delivery. UX to Become Google Ranking Factor in 2021: Page Experience Ranking Update - Pure SEO. Your Guide to Optimising A JavaScript-enabled Website - Pure SEO.

If you’ve ever opened up a website and immediately encountered a bright and shiny animation, or a pop-up prompting you to another page, then you already know at least some of what a JavaScript-enabled website can do. Modern web developers and digital marketing professionals are constantly looking for ways to make websites more dynamic and interesting for the users who come across them, and JavaScript is the language that allows them to do it. JavaScript—while arguably not a programming language in its own right—is the key to making a website interactive and engaging. However, despite the fact that JavaScript is implemented on 95% of all websites, there is a significant portion of people in the online industry who don’t know how to optimise their JavaScript-enabled website.

What is JavaScript? JavaScript (JS) has a variety of applications. Popups and alertsAnimated graphicsScrolling video boxesCustomised content updates. Google Vs. Facebook Marketing: Engaging Your Audience Online - Pure SEO. Four Ways to Optimise eCommerce in Uncertain Times - Pure SEO. Times are difficult. As a leading digital marketing agency, we’ve seen that vast numbers of businesses are facing enormous obstacles. For many, these challenges will be the biggest they’ve ever seen. Picking the Best Stock Images & How to Optimize Them. Google Answers: Do Links Lose Value Over Time? - Pure SEO. In a recent Q&A stream from his home in Switzerland, Senior Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller offered some interesting insights regarding the shelf-life for inbound links.

Post-COVID Advertising: Will Your Business Be Ready? - Pure SEO. The Ad Creation Cheat Sheet - Pure SEO. Four Ways to Optimise eCommerce in Uncertain Times - Pure SEO. Social Media Marketing NZ - Facebook, Linkedin, & More. Microsoft Bing Ads - Reach Potential Customers on Bing. Google Display Advertising - Reach Your Audience. Google Search Ads - Pure SEO. SEO Australia - Search Engine Optimisation Services. Instagram Cracks Down on Spammy Stories Views - Pure SEO. Google Assistant Now the Most Accurate Digital Assistant - Pure SEO. YouTube Marketing - Pure SEO. Google Shopping Australia. Paid Search Melbourne. Google Adwords Melbourne. Search Engine Marketing Australia.

SEO Australia. Google Makes Changes to 'nofollow' for First Time in 15 Years. Paywalls and SEO: Can They Work Together? Google Confirms Florida 2 Search Algorithm Update. Top SEO Factors That You Need to Prioritise This Year.