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Pure Research Private Limited

Pure Research Private Limited provides customised research and business intelligence to corporates, public sector organisations, financial services firms, and professional services firms worldwide. The company delivers high quality procurement and supply chain intelligence to procurement professionals and their organisations. It provides business and market intelligence to strategy and marketing teams at corporations, and to professional services firms. Pure Research Private Limited also provides customised financial research and ESG research to financial services firms. Analysts from Pure Research Private Limited work as an extension of their client organisations to deliver high quality research and insights. The company has offices locations in London, U.K. and Delhi, India.

Pure Research Private Limited. ESG Research Providers. The past decade has seen a rising trend of long term investors getting more inclined towards sustainable and responsible investing and investment managers are adopting ESG research as a part of their research methodology and decision making process.

ESG Research Providers

The rising count of UNPRI signatories is a testament to the fact that many asset owners, investment managers, sell-side firms and professional services firms have adopted ESG research. Our customised ESG research solutions can be used by sell-side as well as buy-side firms to enhance and augment their ESG research capabilities. Sample use cases for Buy Side firms: Private Equity Research. Private Equity Research solutions across the Investment Lifecycle The private equity industry has become highly competitive due to significant growth in capital inflows and limited investment opportunities, thereby enhancing the criticality of idea generation, deal sourcing, portfolio management and exit planning activities in order to generate sustainable returns.

Private Equity Research

At Pure Research, we have developed an expertise in supporting private equity firms throughout the investment lifecycle. Pure Research’s research and market intelligence support for private equity firms ranges from identification of investment themes and acquisition targets, to deal evaluation, to portfolio company monitoring and exit planning, and fund raising & investor management. Supply Market Intelligence. Actionable market intelligence tracking the evolution of procurement categories With globalisation and technological advancements, procurement categories and supplier business models are evolving rapidly.

Supply Market Intelligence

Therefore, category managers today need to adopt a pro-active approach to category planning based on actionable market intelligence. Strategic Sourcing Solutions. In-depth intelligence for your tactical and strategic sourcing needs An underlying trend at leading organisations today, is the shift to strategic sourcing for most important categories, this transition however, is not easy.

Strategic Sourcing Solutions

The organisations can do the spend analysis basis their internal data; use advanced technology platforms to monitor important KPI’s; and may also hire in-house industry experts for a couple of most important categories. However, most organisations find it difficult to get a deep and comprehensive understanding of various supply markets that they source from.

This knowledge is critical for strategic sourcing to yield best results. Pure Research fills this gap through its ability to conduct customised and in-depth research on different supply markets and produce easy to understand and integrate deliverables for the CPO office. Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting. Enhance sustainability of supply chains and strengthen supplier relationships Sustainability of supply chains today not only has reputational but also financial connotations, and with the latest GRI G4 guidelines increasing focus on reporting supply chain performance it is becoming essential for CPO’s to ensure a pro-active approach in this direction.

Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting

Most organisations are contend with issuing “sustainable procurement guidelines” that list expectations from suppliers on common sustainability parameters, and act as a screener at the time of on-boarding a supplier. However, to achieve maximum benefits from sustainable procurement, organisations should conduct thorough and periodic assessments of its suppliers, and engage them on sustainability issues to improve their performance on an ongoing basis. Sustainability Assessment Solutions Pure Research has developed a comprehensive sustainability assessment framework, which we use to assess suppliers across industries and geographies. Desk Research Companies. With terabytes of digital content generated every day, organisations that underestimate the importance of desk research might be losing out on critical strategic information.

Desk Research Companies

Useful information is generated from consumers, analysts, governments, investors, suppliers, research houses, consultants, and media on a daily basis which can be useful for corporate leaders to know. Organisations would therefore be well advised to conduct periodic research on their markets, consumers, competitors and other indicators that impact performance, so that they can maintain their market leadership. Supply Chain Risk Mapping Solutions. Critical suppliers are not the only source of risk in an organisation’s supply chain.

Supply Chain Risk Mapping Solutions

Often, risks germinate from tier two, tier three or even tier four suppliers. Procurement Market Intelligence. As procurement organizations across the globe shift focus from cost to value, a ‘need to know’ attitude can clearly be seen emerging among procurement professionals.

Procurement Market Intelligence

Supplier Risk Management Solutions. Supply Market Intelligence & Comprehensive Business, Financial and Sustainability (BFS) Assessments for your Critical Suppliers Every organisation has a set of critical suppliers, which are deeply integrated into the supply chain, and any risk to these critical suppliers can cause supply chain disruptions for the organisation.

Supplier Risk Management Solutions

Therefore it becomes important for organisations to stay aware and updated about any potential risk to these critical suppliers. While, leading organisations have embraced supplier risk assessments, these are often equated with the unilateral approach of reviewing financial performance, to ensure that suppliers are not staring at insolvency.

However, such financial assessments point only to the symptoms (financial health indicators), but fail to identify the underlying business conditions that actually result in deterioration of their financial health. BFS – Our Comprehensive Risk Assessment Framework An indicative list of parameters used for BFS assessment: Pure Research Private Limited offers M&A research solutions to help you with your inorganic growth strategies. Competitive Intelligence Consulting. Staying ahead of the competition is what every business tries to achieve, and the C-Suite is always in the pursuit of that elusive winning strategy.

Competitive Intelligence Consulting

Most successful business have a winning strategy but they need a constant dose of intelligence about how the consumer markets and competitors are responding to their strategy and prevailing market trends. At the same time, they also need to keep a tab on the various macroeconomic, technology and regulatory indicators that can impact their business. Financial Services Research. With declining research commissions, growing investor need for timely insights, and increased scrutiny of research budgets, we believe that the need for on-demand customized research is higher than ever right now.

Private Equity Research. The sell side teams are entrusted to focus on key tasks such as idea generation, organising corporate roadshows, deal making etc. along with other tasks including creation and distribution of equity research reports. Pure Research helps its sell side client’s free up significant bandwidth from research work by providing equity research support across a broad spectrum of activities which varies from maintenance of client’s model to writing the complete equity research reports.

The investment research team at Pure Research possesses domain expertise across industries and geographies, which helps client expand the scope and depth of their in-house equity research functions. Our investment research team is very efficient in maintenance activities which involves populating the client’s financial model based upon client guidelines in a time sensitive manner. Pure Research Private Limited. Supply Chain Risk Management. Private Equity Research Solutions. Make your financial research a profitable function.

Actionable market intelligence to enable proactive procurement.