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What Is The Temperature Of Your Traffic? The Importance of Traffic Diversity | Converting Copy. Yesterday, I identified what is a content farm and explained why Google has recently taken issue with and action against them by tweaking their algorithm again. On a related note, today I’m going to talk about the importance of traffic diversity. There are many ways to bring in traffic and many of these methods fall under the umbrellas of either paid or organic. Despite what some people say, we know there’s no perfect source of traffic and nothing is without its “catch”. PPC costs a lot of money and a bit of time, SEO costs a lot of time and (sometimes) a bit of money. While it’s certainly convenient and easier putting all of your eggs in one place where you can keep an eye on them… this actually isn’t ideal. No form of traffic is ever guaranteed and permanent, and Google’s content farm SLAP the other day is another recurring example and warning of that.

I’ve been doing SEO and building links for over 5 years now. Incoming search terms: importance of traffic. 10 Insights on How to Attract More Traffic with Distinctive Writing .. Attracting an audience and readers to your blog, website or your social media profile is more about retaining viewers than actually gaining new ones. Keeping the readers you already have is more effective than trying to get new people to read what you have written. If you write with your own style and voice, you will find that you gain a loyal readership and are also more likely to attract new people to your writing. It’s about being memorable. Here are some insights into how to attract more traffic to your blog by being distinctive with your writing. 1.

If you have a distinctive writing style that makes it easy to spot your writing compared to other peoples writing, then you are one-step closer to having more visitors and repeat visitors. 2. It does not seem obvious or likely, but the fact is that regular viewers will write about your services and your writing on other websites and social media. Reward your loyal and repeat viewers by giving them what they signed up for. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Increase Traffic - 25 Proven Strategies to Grow. How To Develop A Content Strategy & Increase Traffic To Your Website. Today’s post looks at how to develop a quality content strategy for your website, which will increase long tail traffic and rankings. It doesn’t matter if you are running your own ecommerce business, an affiliate site or a blog – to succeed on the internet and to increase your traffic from search engines you are going to need to develop a content strategy. For certain industries this is pretty straight forward and there is always something to write about, but what if you are in a boring niche?

How do you churn out high quality content on a consistent basis that will build your traffic and keep the search engines and your visitors coming back for more? Well, to help you out, here is an example of a real life consultation I had with the owner of a hairdressing scissors business and how after a couple of hours we had gone from a blank piece of paper to enough content ideas to keep him going for years! But first… Why You Need A Content Strategy Firstly, content can be a number of things. Or… 1. Content Marketing: 49 Creative Strategies that Work. Content Marketing Strategy: Getting More Website Traffic. How to Increase Blog Traffic by 69% in 27 Days. Today I’m going to show you how I slapped a jetpack on my blog’s growth. And more importantly, I’m going to tell you exactly what I did so you can model it. What’s better is this: Even though I used this simple strategy to increase my blog traffic, you can use this framework to grow anything, from raw traffic numbers to loyal customers.

You ready? Let’s do this. First, A Little Backstory Back in early November 2011, I was hanging with Pat Flynn in Los Angeles, and between beers, I heard Pat say “~20% of my readers said they first found me on iTunes.” I didn’t spit on myself, thank god, but I did have the foresight to DRILL him on that number. You see, I never ran a podcast before, but with results like that, I knew I had to create one . But I wasn’t going to rush it… Instead, I was going to follow what I call the “launch anything” formula. And here’s what happened: My Podcast Came Out In Early January… …and here’s what happened: But let’s not just talk about traffic… …let’s talk about RSS subscribers. Three Ways To Get Listed In Google. By Michael Wong inShare3 In this article I show you three ways to get listed in Google, including one method that is virtually guaranteed to work. I'm constantly surprised by what I find when dealing with search engine optimization clients.

One of those "surprises" is coming across sites that aren't listed by Google, even though they have been live for many months. For most Web sites, Google refers more traffic than any other search engine. There are three simple methods to getting listed in Google, but only one of these is guaranteed... well almost. 1. The first method is to submit your web site via Google's free submit your site form. However, Google does not add all submitted URLs to their index, and there is no guarantee as to when, or if, your site will be indexed. 2. The second method is to get a site that Google already crawls to link to your site. This is Google's preferred method of finding sites to index. 3.

Blogging 101: Traffic Generation for Blogs on a Budget | SEJ. Running a blog often sounds very appealing. You’ll have a place to share your thoughts, build a community, and also generate some much-needed cash. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, the reality is it’s not as easy to achieve this as a lot of people make out. I hear the same old things time after time: “Just create awesome content” or “Build a social media following so that you can drive traffic back to your blog.” It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Who in their right mind would start a blog with the intention of producing crap content and completely neglecting social media? The reality is you could be producing the most awesome content in the world, but if nobody gets their eyeballs on it then it all goes to waste. I’ve been blogging for a fair amount of time now and have learnt a lot of tough lessons along the way. Within this post, I’m going to show you some ways that you can generate traffic to your blog without breaking the bank.

Long Tail Keyword Research It was time for a change. Anyway… The 10 Best Ways to Generate Traffic Without Google. How to go From Zero to 379,518 Page Views In One Month. I knew social media can give immense amount of traffic, but didn’t know the power of it until I got to see the results on my own. One of our clients (obviously I can’t disclose their identity) started with us as a start up.

We were honored to work with them as they are backed by few big names in India. The challenge was huge and the expectation was too high. But never the less we started good. The only thing we asked our writers was to come up with brilliant content. The Strategy We had a plan, to start the proceedings with StumbleUpon, then Reddit and then on Digg.

The first figure is showing the number of page views and the second one depicts the number of hits. So starting the proceedings, we took StumbleUpon as our first tool. My Views on StumbleUpon Traffic StumbleUpon traffic is of a very different kind. StumbleUpon as known gives traffic for days to come (on-going traffic). Traffic Distribution Country Wise 1. Visits Duration 40.6% of the visitors stayed for more than 30 seconds. Boosting Traffic with Alexa and StumbleUpon. Blog Traffic - List of 100 RSS Submit Sites. Want more blog traffic? Often times blog traffic, like website traffic, can be elusive. Being proactive in getting blog traffic is an important part of blogging. You can use the usual methods of getting traffic to your blogs, like article marketing, social bookmarks and other link building methods that bring traffic.

But, you can also take advantage of the RSS feed technology that comes with blogs and promote them with special RSS/Blog submission sites. Because blog's have feeds and are updated regularly with fresh content, RSS sites exist to promote such content to their own members, and that means BLOG TRAFFIC for you. Blog TrafficMany of these RSS/Blog directories have lots of members and so they can bring you tons of blog hosting traffic and especially targeted blog traffic since most of these sites categorize the blog submissions by niche, topic and/or subject.

Backlinks Many of these sites are high PR, some 4, 5, 6 plus. 100 RSS Submit Sites for Blog Traffic. Use Yahoo Answers to Generate an Insane Amount Traffic to your Website. 7 Non-Traditional Ways to Attract Customers. » Hidden Traffic Sources. If you’re reading this I’m betting that you probably already know about a lot of the traditional marketing methods… article marketing, guest posting, press releases, affiliate programs, blog commenting, social bookmarking, video marketing, pay-per-click, etc… This article isn’t going to talk about any of those methods. Although all of those strategies can be extremely powerful, I would like to go outside the box a little – revealing unique traffic strategies you’ve probably never heard of before. So, let’s get started… We’ll start with some of my favorites. – If you have content that’s cool and interesting then is the place to submit it.

The key is to be creative with your content. Here are some of the most popular titles currently on the site: All of these stories received over 20,000 visitors. Quick Hint: If you noticed, one of those links was a YouTube video. There are also a number of similar sites to where you can submit your content. How to go From Zero to 379,518 Page Views In One Month. Make Money Online With Internet Marketing.

Web Traffic - The life & blood of online business. One of the most important reasons for failure in affiliate marketing in my list of ‘ 5 reasons for failure in affiliate marketing‘ is not getting enough traffic. Traffic is the life and blood of your affiliate business, in fact, any online business. So why some of the sites are always jammed with traffic and some sites are like abandoned roads with no visitors? In this post I am going to share the techniques that will help you drive traffic to your sites. 1. When you are unknown, socialize Social networking sites are now hot places to network with like minded people. In the virtual world of World Wide Web, you meet a lot of people from different corners of the world. 2.

What kind of audience will be interested in the information you are providing in this article? The answers to the above will help you find a list of keywords for that particular post/page. Try to have one of your main keyword in the title of the post. 3. 4. 5. 6. Popularity: 9% [?] The 10 Best Ways to Generate Traffic Without Google - SEW. Having a mix of trophy and long-tail phrases ranking in Google search engine results pages (SERPs) is the equivalent of manna from heaven to any online business. There's nothing better, if you have it, and nothing worse, if you lose it. More than one business has suffered collateral (sometimes fatal) damage in the wake of a Google algorithm update. Thousands more are certain to suffer a similar fate in the future. The reality is that most small companies will never rank well in Google and are wasting their time focusing on SERPs alone. If you don't have the budget to create content and build backlinks better than your competitors, you will not outrank them.

Rather than worry about losing or never having Google organic search traffic, plan for it. Here are the 10 best ways to generate traffic without Google. 1. There are several top blogs in your niche (like this one) that get hundreds if not thousands of visitors on a daily basis. 2. Some popular aggregators include: 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. 9. 10.