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Mocap Files - Library. DIGITAL STORYTELLING. VOIX. Reynante Martinez - Portfolio. Smoothing Camera Motion in Blender. Handheld camera work is very common today, but if you’re out there shooting your own movies, sometimes you may find your footage has a high frequency shake that is just really annoying.

Smoothing Camera Motion in Blender

I’ve found that the smaller the camera is, the more chance there is of introducing that jittery motion. With people shooting movies on smartphones and GoPros, cameras really can’t get much smaller! That means there is a lot of high frequency jitter in those handheld shots. Realistic shaders tutorial in Blender and Cycles. - BlenderNation — Blender Tutorials, Blender Art, Blender Community, Blender Development. Customizing Your Startup File in Blender. Have Blender your way As an open source application, Blender is naturally very customizable.

Customizing Your Startup File in Blender

Of course like most programs, we can modify User Preferences, save render presets, build custom UI themes, and save layout presets. But beyond User Preferences, Blender allows us to customize our the startup scene. With the startup.blend file we have incredible freedom to tailor Blender so it launches with our exact specifications. What You Will Learn. Blender compositing tutorial: Set extensions. This tutorial was written by the amazing Sean Kennedy and appeared in issue xx of 3D Artist Set extensions are the kind of visual effect that every single movie released today has.

Blender compositing tutorial: Set extensions

Not just the big blockbusters, but comedies, little indie dramas and even just about every TV show has some type of set extension or background enhancement happening in it. It can be anything from alien landscapes and futuristic buildings to simply replacing a traffic sign or a storefront. OpenVisualFX.