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Fash n Chips Fash n Chips Sooo.. Awards Season has kicked off this week and you may remember from previous years on my blog that I'm the kind of geek who gets pretty excited about this. However, I've only actually seen a few of the films yet that are in the "race" this year so this means that I'm going to be really busy catching up on those over the next few weeks! And what it also means is that until then I will mainly be focusing on the red carpets instead. I've picked out a few (mostly current season) gowns I'd love to see the (so far) nominated actresses wear on the red carpet and so tomorrow on Golden Globes night I'll be holding my breath (no, really..) to see if any of them (and their stylists, obviously) will make my red carpet wish come true - OR if perhaps they've had an even better styling idea 'cause I sure wouldn't mind some big custom made surprises either. credit: (edited by me)
Search results for party Search results for party A big congratulations to one of our dearest blogger friends, Anna from See Jane Work Play Live, on her wedding! While Anna's off to Mexico getting hitched and honeymooning, B&B has been called to fill in- what a treat!! We can only imagine how crazed Anna must be tying together all the last minute details. We figured we could leave all the dirty details (use your imagination) to Anna's trusted bridal party, soo we decided to focus on what we consider to be the 'fun' stuff... honeymoon attire. Duh! 1.
I’ve always wanted to be a small business-owner. I’d have a bakery specializing in savory and sweet pies, like Mrs. Lovett, but with normal ingredients. All the pies would be individually-sized. I’d even have a savory-sweet pie combo! There are only two things standing in the way of my dream. Starting Your Own Business - An Interview With a Young Entrepreneur Starting Your Own Business - An Interview With a Young Entrepreneur
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DIY Necklace Headbands Aug16 Welcome back to my blog ! Im so excited to share with you how to make DIY Necklace Headbands ! You can do so many different looks wearing these (hair up, hair down, ponytail, etc.) Forever Yours Beauty Forever Yours Beauty
10 Free Social Media Tools For Everyone To Use Daily 10 Free Social Media Tools For Everyone To Use Daily Many of us seem to be thinking that social media takes up too much of our time. Sure, that might be the case. Luckily there are some tools that might make your life a bit easier. The following is a brief list of free social media tools that I recommend using on a day-to-day basis. At one point or another, I have used all of these daily and saw the efficiency of my activities rise. Try using these tools for a while and see if you can make your social media management a bit more efficient like I did.
The Freshman 50: Carly A. Heitlinger,Michele Y. Heitlinger,Barbara Ryals,Anne Hazen: Miss Heitlinger's youthful and smart writing is both entertaining, as well as refreshingly witty, making this book a definite winner. She takes aim at tackling an often tumultuous and confusing time for most adolescent individuals, i.e. the freshman college experience, and lends her own experience into the mix and in the process engages in a thoughtful, and often hilarious, dichotomy with the reader. Not only is this book a great read for those in, or about to attend university, it will also remind those who have long since graduated, the wild ride that was freshman year and college. This book reminds us all that we are all still, in some ways, freshman at heart, experiencing the nuances of life each day, and taking in each moment before it passes; hopefully we take each experience with the lighthearted wisdom that Miss Heitlinger does, in the process, and take time to pause, reflect, and laugh. The Freshman 50: Carly A. Heitlinger,Michele Y. Heitlinger,Barbara Ryals,Anne Hazen:
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I find it hard to mix and match my clothes, so I create a Chicisimo album of ideas for virtually every item of my wardrobe. When it comes to getting dressed, all I have to do is check out my albums and I adapt the look I choose :). I also check out a lot of other girls’ albums, and when I create my own, I have that great feeling that I will be helping others as well. I’m a huge fan!” Name of your album: Real fashion on real people | Chicisimo

Real fashion on real people | Chicisimo

How To Start A Fashion Blog: Careers I'm Arabelle, Miss Fashion Pirate (pirate jokes welcome), and I am here to help you start a blog, blog better, and blog often. I've been blogging for almost four years, and I've learned a thing or two along the way. Now I'm here to share my tips and tricks with you! First off, let me tell why I started blogging: my friends were tired of hearing me talk about fashion nonstop, and told me to start writing it all down instead. It was their unintentional encouragement that got me to where I am today. How To Start A Fashion Blog: Careers
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Blog Comments are the modern day equivalent of letters to the editor. There never used to be such a public forum to share thoughts and ideas or pass comments on issues of interest other than the local newspaper or over a glass of a little something in an alehouse. Blogs have introduced a new way to communicate and blog comments add a certain frisson to their attraction. Think of it as commenting on other people’s amusing, thoughtful or shocking Facebook or Twitter updates, but with a lot more beneficial side effects. Blogs give way to a useful and fun online community, and posting blog comments is a foot-in-the-door to get people noticing you! That’s just one of the 10 Exceptionally Sound Reasons You Should Post Blog Comments. 10 Exceptionally Sound Reasons You Should Post Blog Comments … 10 Exceptionally Sound Reasons You Should Post Blog Comments …
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Estaba deseando compartir con vosotras las primeras fotos desde California, nos lo estamos pasando como nunca y estamos aprovechando al máximo cada minuto de ahí que actualice el blog más tarde de lo normal ;). Después de 12 horas de avión, un auténtico rollo, llegamos a Los Ángeles con bastante jet lag pero emocionados por pisar la ciudad de las estrellas. Lo primero que hicimos fue alquiler un coche, es lo mejor para moverse, e instalarnos en el hotel "The Standard" situado en West Hollywood, una de las mejores zonas. Como llegamos bastante tarde y cansados del viaje cenamos rápido y nos metimos en la cama para aprovechar el día siguiente al máximo antes de partir hacia Palm Springs para asistir al festival de Coachella.
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Carly Heitlinger (Georgetown University) Your Newsle Rank is a measurement of how prominent you are in the news. Newsle Rank is a number from 0-100 (higher is more famous) calculated based on: • How often you’re in the news • How prominent the news sources that cover you are • How much the coverage is about you specifically • How many different news sources cover you If there are articles about you that we haven’t found, submit them to increase your Newsle Rank.
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