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Pulsed Media specialize in easy to use Seedboxes, content distribution, and storage services. We strive for automation and reliability of services. Pulsed Media offers ruTorrent semidedicated seedboxes and other content distribution services.

Benchmarking USB memory stick read speeds – Best rTorrent Seedboxes. We use quite a lot of USB sticks for various server administration tasks.

Benchmarking USB memory stick read speeds – Best rTorrent Seedboxes

What we have noticed is constant lacklustre performance on most memory sticks. So we took a few different ones and decided to benchmark them! We were mainly interested in read speed only as that is our main use case, and main issue we’ve had with them and slowing our work process down. Testing figures are average throughput reading the contents of the whole USB drive, and noticed peak throughput over 5 second period. Tools used were Ubuntu linux with 4.15-0-48-generic kernel, dd for the reading with blocksize of 1M and iostat for the performance figures.

Drives are identified as per linux dmesg message. Performance: SanDisk Cruzer 16GB Peak throughput was 31 100 KiB/s and reading the complete 16GB drive took 541.73s with average throughput of 28.7 MiB/s. Newegg product page lists this as “CZ36”. Performance: Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 8GB Very Very nice! Faster public torrents with Pulsed Media seedboxes? You can make your public torrents much faster with one very simple change to settings with our seedboxes.

Faster public torrents with Pulsed Media seedboxes?

Public torrents are nice for being public, but everyone knows they are flaky and speeds are usually low. Let’s fix that flakyness by removing downed trackers, and optionally adding another tracker. Adding another tracker is only necessary if your torrents generally have only 1 tracker, maybe 2. A lot of trackers has come and gone, and we should mitigate the delays caused by having inexistant trackers on the tracker list which can cause rtorrent to significantly delay before seeing any peers.

This can be done with the rutorrent retrackers plugin which is already pre-installed and very easy to use. Start by clicking the settings icon (gear looking icon) on top toolbar in rutorrent. You will be presented with empty boxes where to add the trackers to remove, and trackers to add. Note: never remove the tab for “Don’t touch private torrents”. That’s it! RAID0, RAID5, RAID10: What to Choose and When for a Seedbox? – Best rTorrent Seedboxes.

There is a multitude of RAID levels we utilize depending on the seedbox service you are looking for, RAID0, RAID5, RAID10.

RAID0, RAID5, RAID10: What to Choose and When for a Seedbox? – Best rTorrent Seedboxes

We have talked about this in the past too, but here we want to give you just a quick outline. Maximum performance, very high fault tolerance. Expensive. This is best when you need very high performance and reliability, but you are not too concerned about the storage capacity and happy to trade capacity for performance and reliability. Also best for frequently changing data. Good fault tolerance, good read performance, but limited write performance. When you have significant amount of data, but you are not changing that data very frequently, maybe once a month or less. Maximum performance and capacity, absolutely no fault tolerance what-so-ever. This is best when your data is “throwaway” type, what you can always attain again without any issue and loss of the data is just an minor inconvenience at best. In conclusion Article Source: Like this: Like Loading... The Challenge of Seedbox Auctions — Discussion of perspectives. The Seedbox auctions were both a tremendous success – and a tremendous challenge.

The Challenge of Seedbox Auctions — Discussion of perspectives

Lately we have been thinking hard about the successes and challenges, and solving the challenges to potentially bring it back. The community received tremendous amounts of value. Auction seedboxes had immense and truly extraordinary value. We would like to continue pushing the boundaries. Feedback and challenges Let’s look at some of the common feedback, the challenges of the auctions. Unresponsive support / No Support This was probably by far the biggest feedback. Some people simply claimed no support at all even for critical server issues, we noticed many cases where people jumped to forums etc. claiming no support but the poster had never even made a single ticket to begin with. Huge flood of tickets Number of tickets made certain that sometimes we just could not respond swiftly.

Even more flood of tickets was because a lot of people were new to the services, so they had all sorts of basic usage questions.