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BTK Killer's Daughter Kerri Rawson Talks Having Dennis Rader As Her Dad. Photographer Asks Teens To Edit Their Pics Until They Look ‘Social Media Ready’, Posts The Alarming Results. 37 Awkward Metal Band Photos That Are So Bad They’re Good. Dr. Pimple Popper treated a woman with a 'horn' on her TLC show. The latest episode of "Dr.

Dr. Pimple Popper treated a woman with a 'horn' on her TLC show

Pimple Popper," the TLC series starring dermatologist Sandra Lee, featured Lisa, a woman with a "horn" growing out of the back of her head. Lee said it was something called a cutaneous horn, a growth made of the protein keratin, and that it may have been a sign of skin cancer. Later in the episode, testing revealed that the horn was the result of a cyst and wasn't cancerous.

Warning: This post contains graphic images. In the second season of her TLC series, Dr. But the seasons' sixth episode, which aired Thursday night, featured something entirely new: A woman with a hard "horn" growing from the skin on the back of her head. Here's a closer look at the episode. Lisa had a painful 'horn' growing out of her scalp Lisa, 42, explained in an interview segment that a hardened horn started to grow from the back of her head about a year prior.

I made that queso. Lonely Elderly Man Visits Pond To Pelt Ducks With Rocks. ROCK ISLAND, IL—Explaining that his frequent visits to the creatures helped give him a much-needed sense of perspective in his old age, Louis Ross, 78, confirmed Wednesday that he fought feelings of loneliness by visiting the families of ducks at his local pond and savagely pelting them with rocks.

Lonely Elderly Man Visits Pond To Pelt Ducks With Rocks

“It’s so calm out here, so quiet, and that really puts my mind at ease,” said Ross, recounting his daily ritual of sitting down at his favorite bench by the water and trying to hit as many ducks as possible until either the sun goes down or he runs out of rocks. “I’ve been coming here so often that the ducks know it’s me as soon as I arrive. You form such a special relationship with a flock of animals when you see the terror move from bird to bird. These People Can Look Back at Their Lives in Extreme Detail. 35 Incredible Transformations That Show How Ordinary People Can Dramatically Improve Their Looks. This Guy Won’t Stop Photoshopping Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Photos And It Makes Them 10 Times Better.

People Share Their Pics For The #10YearChallenge And Some Are Unrecognizable. A Precocious Puberty Case: I Went Through Puberty at Age 2. The author, center, at age 7.

A Precocious Puberty Case: I Went Through Puberty at Age 2

Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Burleigh This story was produced in partnership with Epic Magazine. I got my first pubic hair when I was 2 years old. How Do People Communicate Before Death? At the end of life, Keeley says, the majority of interactions will be nonverbal as the body shuts down and the person lacks the physical strength, and often even the lung capacity, for long utterances.

How Do People Communicate Before Death?

“People will whisper, and they’ll be brief, single words—that’s all they have energy for,” Keeley said. Medications limit communication. So does dry mouth and lack of dentures. She also noted that family members often take advantage of a patient’s comatose state to speak their piece, when the dying person cannot interrupt or object. People Are Sharing Dumb Things They Did As Kids And It’s Amazing That Some Of Them Are Still Alive. Employees Discover That Their Ex-Coworker Was A Genius Hacker Who Took Laziness To The Next Level.

Woman Offers To Show Up At People’s Funerals For $50 And The Responses Are Hilarious. 50 Epic Fails By People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You (New Pics) 50 Of The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said That We Do Not Recommend Reading Alone (New Tweets) I Turn Myself Into 4 Pretend Family Members To Send Awkward Holiday Cards To My Actual Family. 50 Mom Memes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard It Will Wake Up Your Kids. This Woman Was Accidentally Added To Soccer Moms’ Group Chat And Decided To Troll Them. Atlasobscura. Best of 2018: Aliens at the dinner table. Normal families argue about politics, or religion.

Best of 2018: Aliens at the dinner table

For mine, it was aliens. Namely, the question of whether or not they were real. What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums Last Year? 50 Of The Funniest Coworker Memes Ever. Mom’s Hilarious Fail Goes Viral After Her 9-Year-Old Ate From Advent Calendar For Cats For 11 Days. What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram? (New Pics) Two Guys Take Pics With The Same Santa For 12 Years And People Notice They’re Not Aging Properly. Science Says These Are the Sexiest Dance Moves. So why is it that straight men like hip and arm movements while straight women like a lot of action in the neck and trunk area?

Science Says These Are the Sexiest Dance Moves

The study's authors aren't ready to say, but their hunch is that there might be an evolutionary reason for those preferences. Perhaps the big movements and bold leg motions the women liked are correlated with strong physical health and survivable genes. Likewise, the kind of motions associated with the most attractive female dancers are also ones that demand a lot of coordination and motor control, which are also signals of health. Maybe we really do dance in order to show off the genes that are the most attractive to our potential partner. In other words, maybe we're really just trying to shake what our mamas gave us. Family Sends The Most Awkward Christmas Cards For 16 Years, And It’s Too Funny (New Pic) The 69 Idiots of 2018: Media. This Mom’s Requirements For A Babysitter Are So Crazy Someone Posted It On A Shaming Group.

50 Photos Taken Before People’s Death That Show Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Loved Ones For Granted. 50 ‘Choosing Beggars’ That Will Make Your Blood Boil. Babs-the-Impaler Has Left The Building (UPDATED) Praying that there is no hell The most polite gentleman in the world, Scissorhead TommySpoon, is gonna be disappointed in me, because I have nothing nice to say about the late first lady, Babs-the-Impaler.

Babs-the-Impaler Has Left The Building (UPDATED)

My polite version is that she was not a force for good. Besides giving birth to, and raising, a nest of cambions, crooks, and out-right thieves the likes of which the world has never before known (Hi Chimpy! 20+ Times People Surprised Everyone By Losing So Much Weight They Looked Like A Different Person (New Pics) Man Shares A Rude Note A Deaf Broke Man Left After He Gave Him Food. With so many people living below the poverty line, it’s no surprise that sometimes they are forced to rely on the kindness of strangers to get through the day.

Man Shares A Rude Note A Deaf Broke Man Left After He Gave Him Food

However, with so many stories flying around about people who pretend to be poor or disabled just to scam people out of their money, people are sadly becoming less willing to help strangers. Show Full Text This story, shared by a Redditor, is no exception. A computer store employee had an unusual encounter with a deaf person who came into the store not to buy a new monitor or software, but to ask for food.

Wanting to help but having no other food to offer, he gave a few snack bars to the disadvantaged man. Local.theonion. People Are Sharing Pics Of Boyfriends “Forced” To Take Perfect Pictures Of Their Girlfriends (New Pics) Social media envy, if you're among the 81% of young adults (18-24) that use Instagram daily you've definitely felt it.

People Are Sharing Pics Of Boyfriends “Forced” To Take Perfect Pictures Of Their Girlfriends (New Pics)

The constant stream of glossy perfectly posed candids of girls sitting among a field of flowers is enough to make anyone green, but how do they do it? The answer - a personal photographer. Show Full Text Yes, Instagram beauties across the platform have been relying on their boyfriends' as their personal photographers to achieve the perfect shot. But once hidden behind a lense these men no longer live in the shadows, thanks to the Instagram and Facebook accounts “Boyfriends of Instagram. " Local.theonion. Cheesecake Mom’s Rant About Vague Customer Goes Viral  Woman Illustrates Childhood ‘Friends’ Before Being Given Heavy Medication, And It Will Give You Chills. Imgur user Sierra had imaginary friends from the ages of 9-13, and is able to describe them in vivid detail.

Woman Illustrates Childhood ‘Friends’ Before Being Given Heavy Medication, And It Will Give You Chills

She stopped seeing them at age 14 when she was put on medication, however she misses the comfort that they provided her in dark times. Theconcourse.deadspin. An Alaska Airlines passenger stripped naked and ran around the cabin before being detained. Local.theonion. 25+ Asshole Parents Who Ruined Their Children’s Lives (New Pics) Spirit Airlines passengers forced to abandon plane as woman goes on a bonkers rant. 20+ Hilarious Ways Boss-Employee Relationships Flourish. Funny-my-weird-roommate-tweets-jimmy-fallon. Husband Notices There’s Something Not Right About The House His Wife Wants To Rent, Stops Her Before It’s Too Late. If you’ve watched a couple of horror movies, you surely can recognize some of the telltale signs that things are just not going to end well.

And it’s more than frustrating when characters in scary films are completely oblivious to the key cues and situations that eventually lead to their demise. Unfortunately for this clueless woman, her senses were blinded by porcelain bathtubs and hardwood flooring. Show Full Text Last May, Olivia A. Cole, a 37-year-old author from Louisville, Kentucky, shared her hilarious cautionary tale on Twitter where it went viral with over 30k likes and shares. Photos Taken Inside The Hellish World Of Teenage Russian Re-education Camps.

25+ Times People Got Dumped In The Most Surprising Ways. “Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and marks.” This classic song, performed most memorably as a power ballad by 70’s classic rock band Nazareth, rings so true to the people behind these ‘How I Got Dumped’ tweets. Show Full Text Featured as one of Jimmy Fallon’s famous hashtag challenges, ‘How I Got Dumped’ uncovered an absolute goldmine of eye-opening responses. From the most hilariously petty, to the most viciously heartbreaking, this list compiled by Bored Panda gives us a flavor of the many different ways people choose to end a relationship. 20+ Photos Reveal What It’s Like To Raise Boys. As someone who was the only child in the family, I had always thought that having a few brothers would make my life way more fun.

Sara Easter, a photographer from Arlington, Texas, has been documenting the day-to-day life of her three sons (4,7, and 9), and her candid shots only support my childhood fantasy. Of course, what is "fun" to a kid, often means something else to their parents. Show Full Text. Local.theonion. 25+ Incredible Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know. James Fridman. Photoshop Troll Who Takes Photo Requests Too Literally Strikes Again (16 New Pics) We all want to have at least one perfect picture of ourselves. If we don't hire a professional photographer, however, getting one proves to be an impossible task. Maybe it's the bad lighting, maybe the composition is flawed, but there's always something that's ruining the shot. Luckily for us, Photoshop wizard James Fridman (previously here, here, and here) is taking requests from people who want their images tweaked.

But if you decide to ask him for help, take extreme care. 30+ “DIY WHY” Projects That Probably Should Have Never Happened. 20+ Hilarious Tweets By Single People That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry. 22+ Employees Share Their Worst Client Stories And Some Of Them Will Infuriate You. Anyone who has ever worked in the retail sector probably knows the age-old motto: “The Customer Is Always Right.” While this is a well-intentioned piece of advice for good customer service, it doesn’t mean it’s true! In fact, there's a whole website devoted to exposing the truth behind the myth, aptly named Not Always Right. Show Full Text. 20+ Times Librarians Surprised Everyone With Their Sense Of Humor. 20+ ‘Hmmm’ Photos That Raise More Questions Than They Will Answer.

20+ Of The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said That We Do Not Recommend Reading Alone. Verysmartbrothas.theroot. Family Can’t Believe Their Eyes After Their Professional Photographer Shows Them Their Photos. A picture is worth a thousand words but a hilariously terrible family photoshoot earned them over 377K shares and 363K likes on Facebook. Everything started when the Zarings were contacted by a middle-aged woman, marketing herself as an experienced professional photographer. She took them to the popular Forest Park in St.

Louis where they paid her $250 to snap beautiful pictures. This Guy Keeps Trolling The Government With His Driving Licence Photos, And The Results Are Hilarious. Comedian Jono Zalay and his family have developed the awesome tradition of lightly trolling the government over the years, by presenting themselves on official photo ID’s as ‘characters’. Local.theonion. 20+ Times People Deeply Regretted Being Assholes To Other People (New Pics) In a perfect world, you'd turn the other cheek to those who've hurt you and move on with life. Make Up Artist Makes Clients As Old As 80 Look Decades Younger, Shows Just How Powerful Makeup Is. Anar Agakishiev, 32, is a make-up artist from Azerbaijan who has an incredible talent, he is able to make women up to 80 years old look almost half their age.

30+ Times Grandparents Made Life More Interesting. Local.theonion. Local.theonion. 45+ Unbelievable Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time (New Pics) 30+ “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” Moments When People Had Images To Prove Their Impossible Stories. 14 Utterly Cringeworthy & Epic Family Christmas Cards. Aside from opening your presents on Christmas day, the other ritual you can look forward to is receiving Christmas cards from your friends and relatives. You know the ones, you haven't heard from them for 11.5 months but then they send you the annual family Christmas card with 4 paragraphs of text summing up who married who, what the weather is like and wishing you all the best for the year ahead. The following families though, have put on their creative thinking caps and truly excelled themselves this year - creating a comical collection of incredibly awkward Christmas cards.

Laughable montages and outrageous family scenes abound in what is probably the ultimately collection of Christmas cringe you're ever likely to see. Have you been lucky enough to have ever received anything as good as these? 25 Seriously Shady Santas Frightening The Hell Out Of Children. Now a trip to the North Pole (or rather the local mall) to visit Santa "should" be an exciting time for every family. Parents get a tip-off on what to buy their kids by sneakily reading their wish list to Santa and the kids himself feel that little bit of Christmas magic. 25+ Times People Recreated Their Grandparents Photos, And The Result Was Amazing. Family Sends The Most Awkward Christmas Cards For 15 Years, And It’s Too Funny. If you think you’ve already seen the funniest family Christmas card of the season, think again. Every year since 2003, the Bergeron family has been ringing in the holidays by producing the most clever and hilarious greeting cards we’ve ever seen, and just like the snow outside, they’re showing no signs of stopping.

30+ Times People Sent The Most Hilarious Christmas Cards Ever. 20+ Times People Found Stuff In Their Parents’ Houses That Was Too Weird For Them To Handle. 30+ Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands Who Make Sure Relationship Is Never Boring. Hilarious Airport Moments Captured On Camera. Air travel can be totally unpredictable. Thanksgiving in the 1970s - 30 Best Photos of Thanksgiving in the '70s. Thanksgiving is the best holiday. The 30+ Most Hilarious Parenting Tweets Of The Year So Far (New Pics) Girlfriend Tweets Weird Things Her Boyfriend Says During His Sleep, And It Will Make You Die From Laughter. Local.theonion. Man Documents Incredible Transformation Into Woman In 17 Months, And Her Facial Expression In Last Pic Says It All.

50+ Times People Realised Their Grandparents Were Cooler Than Them. 89-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Discovers Photography, Can’t Stop Taking Hilarious Self-Portraits Now. 50+ Times Grandparents Texts Made Everyone Die From Laughter. Photographer Spends 9 Years Shooting Same People On Their Way To Work, Shows How They Change Over Time.

Guy Photoshops Himself Into Childhood Pics To Hang Out With His Childhood Self, And The Result Is Just Too Realistic. Area Mother Doesn’t See Why Thai People Need To Make Food So Spicy. Mortified Tampax CEO Bursts Into Tears And Runs Out Of Boardroom After Tampon Falls Out Of Briefcase. Stunned Family Watches As Grandmother Wolfs Down Sandwich In 33 Minutes. Teenage Vics: Prim and proper young ladies of the 19th century. 14 People Who Made A Huge Mistake By Asking The Wrong Guy For Help (New Pics) Nobody Takes Better Fan Pics Than Elijah Wood (10+ Pics) Grandma Jumps Into Buick For Emergency Birdseed Run.

Model Refuses To Pluck Her Unibrow, Challenges Beauty Stereotypes. Girlfriend Texts Boyfriend She Shaved Her Head, Doesn’t Expect Reaction Like This.