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Let's Share Our Petty Stories About Famous People Acting Uncool. Dick Cheney Edited Report on CIA Assassinations, Clandestine Activity. There's no more valuable resource for an informed citizenry than the folks doing god's work at the National Security Archive at the George Washington University.

Dick Cheney Edited Report on CIA Assassinations, Clandestine Activity

Their most recent revelations concern the Rockefeller Commission, which was formed by the Ford Administration as a reaction to the New York Times stories in 1975 that broke the news of the CIA's misdeeds, up to and including covert assassinations. It seems that kindly old Gerry and his minions did all they could to ratfck the commission's report. And, lo and behold, you'll never guess who was leading the fcking of the rats. The Gerald Ford White House significantly altered the final report of the supposedly independent 1975 Rockefeller Commission investigating CIA domestic activities, over the objections of senior Commission staff, according to internal White House and Commission documents posted today by the National Security Archive at The George Washington University (

Dick Cheney: Donald Trump's Anti-Muslim Plan 'Goes Against Everything We Stand For' Dick Cheney Criticizes Obama National Security Appointees In Speech. CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Saturday night that President Barack Obama has jeopardized U.S. national security by nominating substandard candidates for key cabinet posts and by degrading the U.S. military.

Dick Cheney Criticizes Obama National Security Appointees In Speech

"The performance now of Barack Obama as he staffs up the national security team for the second term is dismal," Cheney said in comments to about 300 members of the Wyoming Republican Party. Cheney, a Wyoming native, said it was vital to the nation's national security that "good folks" hold the positions of secretary of state, CIA director and secretary of defense. "Frankly, what he has appointed are second-rate people," he said.

John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, has been confirmed as secretary of state. Cheney: Obama Wants to Do 'Serious Damage to Our Military' Jon Stewart: Every Time Cheney Laughs, an Angel Gets Stabbed in the D*ck. Dick Cheney Tells Charlie Rose Waterboarding is Not Torture. Dick Cheney: Waterboarding should have been an option for underwear bomber. Dick Cheney On '60 Minutes' Says He Feared Heart Device In Assassination Effort. WASHINGTON -- WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Vice President Dick Cheney says he once feared that terrorists could use the electrical device that had been implanted near his heart to kill him and had his doctor disable its wireless function.

Dick Cheney On '60 Minutes' Says He Feared Heart Device In Assassination Effort

Cheney has a history of heart trouble, suffering the first of five heart attacks at age 37. He underwent a heart transplant last year at age 71. In an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes," Cheney says doctors replaced an implanted defibrillator near his heart in 2007. The device can detect irregular heartbeats and control them with electrical jolts. Cheney says that he and his doctor, cardiologist Jonathan Reiner, turned off the device's wireless function in case a terrorist tried to send his heart a fatal shock. Years later, Cheney watched an episode of the Showtime series "Homeland" in which such a scenario was part of the plot. Pelosi Says Cheney 'Set The Tone' For CIA Torture, And Is Proud Of It. Dick Cheney’s endless lies: Why his Playboy interview may be his most shameless yet. Unlike his former boss Richard Nixon, Dick Cheney has never seemed to me like an especially interesting figure.

Dick Cheney’s endless lies: Why his Playboy interview may be his most shameless yet

In complete honesty, while I recognize him as one of the most influential and consequential politicians of my lifetime, I also find Cheney, or at least the version of him I experience through the media, to be rather dull. He’s clearly intelligent and strong-willed; but he’s also myopic and rigid. And despite having quit public office and decamped to Wyoming years ago, he still speaks in the pallid, clichéd and euphemistic language of the national security state bureaucracy, as if he never really left. Due to his essential flatness, his basic lack of introspection and total absence of doubt, Cheney is not the kind of figure who, after a fall from grace, is usually described as tragic or Shakespearean. He’s more Iago than Macbeth. To my eyes, though, the clearest markers of Cheney’s desire to write the first draft of his legacy are the exculpating lies he continues to tell. Dick Cheney: Iran Deal Will Lead To First Use Of Nuclear Weapon Since Hiroshima And Nagasaki. Memorandum from Dick Cheney to Jim Connor...

Dick Cheney Blames Bill Clinton For 9/11 (And Still Wants War With Iran) <a class="icopyright-article-tools-noscript" href=" target="_blank" title="Main menu of all reuse options"><img height="25" width="27" border="0" align="bottom" alt="[Reuse options]" src=" Click here for reuse options!

Dick Cheney Blames Bill Clinton For 9/11 (And Still Wants War With Iran)

</a> Just when you think Dick Cheney can’t get any more loathsome and despicable… Dick Cheney sat down for a 13-minute interview on Fox News this week to promote his new book, “Exceptional.” Host Neil Cavuto described it as a “page turner” before getting to the interview. Dick Cheney should — and eventually will — be tried as a war criminal: former International Court judge. The world’s most distinguished expert in international human rights law believes Dick Cheney should – and eventually will – stand trial for war crimes.

Dick Cheney should — and eventually will — be tried as a war criminal: former International Court judge

Thomas Buergenthal, who served as a judge at the International Court of Justice for the first 10 years of this century, said he believes the former U.S. vice president could be brought before the International Criminal Court, reported Newsweek. “Some of us have long thought that Cheney and a number of CIA agents who did what they did in those so-called black holes should appear before the ICC,” said Buergenthal, who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp as a boy. Dick Cheney reemerges: Bloodthirsty veep is back to promote endless war — just in time for 2016.

Do you remember what the Alliance for a Strong America is?

Dick Cheney reemerges: Bloodthirsty veep is back to promote endless war — just in time for 2016

Don’t feel too bad if you don’t, since there’s really no reason for you to have spent any time thinking about the non-profit group or its mission to “advocate for the policies needed to restore American power and pre-eminence.” But if that name does kindle some faint glimmer of recognition, it’s probably from the glut of press coverage that attended its unveiling around about this time last year. The Alliance for a Strong America, you see, is Dick Cheney’s dark-money advocacy group. It was founded to fight back against the Obama administration’s foreign policy and educate the public on the need for America to demonstrate its exceptional nature through the vigorous application of explosives to foreign lands. That, at least, was the plan.

Jon Stewart blasts Dick Cheney’s outrageous torture denial. Watch Jon Stewart Crush Dick Cheney In Epic Takedown Over Iran. Plenty of viewers will be sad to see Jon Stewart leave "The Daily Show" later this year.

Watch Jon Stewart Crush Dick Cheney In Epic Takedown Over Iran

It's a safe bet that former Vice President Dick Cheney won't be one of them. Last week, Cheney made headlines when he attacked President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, saying "I can't think of a more terrible burden to leave the next president than what Obama is creating here. " On Thursday night's "Daily Show," Stewart fired back.

"Really? You can't think of an administration that left a more terrible burden? " Stewart was just getting warmed up. During the takedown, Stewart donned a classic deerstalker cap, eventually swapping it for a gumshoe's fedora, and used two pipes and a lollypop to make his points to a "Dick Cheney" represented by a balloon with a frowny face. Check it out in the clip above.  Cheney: President Obama Wants ‘To Take America Down’ [VIDEO]    :    Information Clearing House - ICH. April 08, 2015 "ICH" - In an appearance on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Tuesday night, former Vice President Dick Cheney said that President Obama’s actions on the world stage exemplify a president who wants “to take America down.”

 Cheney: President Obama Wants ‘To Take America Down’ [VIDEO]    :    Information Clearing House - ICH

Cheney also touched on Obama’s comments on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, telling Hewitt that Obama is the only post-World War II president to believe that America doesn’t need “to play a leading role in the world.” The former vice president made the appearance following the announcement of a new book on American foreign policy, co-authored by himself and daughter Liz Cheney, will be released in September. HEWITT: Let me play for both of you a cut from earlier today. Dick Cheney Family Breaks Silence On Contentious Interview On The Kelly File - Megyn Kelly. Welcome to Forbes. Dick Cheney’s grotesque legacy: Why the record is so much worse than reported.

As many of us wade through the horror of the Senate torture report, it’s hard not to think back to a time when the man who ran the country explained to us in plain language what he was doing.

Dick Cheney’s grotesque legacy: Why the record is so much worse than reported

I’m talking about Vice President Dick Cheney, of course, the official who smoothly seized the reins of power after 9/11 and guided national security policy throughout his eight years in office. He was one of the most adept bureaucratic players American politics has ever produced and it’s his doctrine, not the Bush Doctrine, that spurred government actions from the very beginning. It was called the One Percent Doctrine and according to author Ron Suskind it went like this: If there’s a 1% chance that Pakistani scientists are helping al-Qaeda build or develop a nuclear weapon, we have to treat it as a certainty in terms of our response. Make this monster pay a price: Why we needed to hear from Dick Cheney one last time. Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s time is about up, in many senses. For a Republican Party trying to look forward, he shouldn’t be a go-to voice for the media on national security policy.

His sneering attacks on President Obama aren’t news anymore. The man who famously said, “It’s my new heart, not someone else’s old heart,” about the donor to his taxpayer-funded heart transplant should have lost the power to shock us by now. Unless he has a sudden attack of conscience, and apologizes for his career, he has nothing to say worth hearing. Jon Stewart: ‘Puppet master’ Dick Cheney’s mind is ‘the scariest f*cking place in the universe’

Jon Stewart hosts 'The Daily Show' on Dec. 15, 2014 [YouTube] Jon Stewart came away from The Daily Show on Monday with a greater appreciation for former Vice President Dick Cheney’s boss after watching Cheney’s interview with NBC host Chuck Todd. “George W. Bush, thank you for not dying while you were in office,” Stewart said to the former president. When pressed by Todd to explain his definition of torture following the release of a Senate report criticizing the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” procedures, Cheney continually defined torture as the events of the 9/11 attacks. Dick Cheney, CIA Urged New York Times Not To Run Secret Prison Story. NEW YORK -- In November 2002, then-Vice President Dick Cheney and senior CIA officials succeeded in urging The New York Times not to run an article disclosing the name of the country where an al Qaeda operative was held.

News of the government's request could be found in the executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee torture report released Tuesday. The report described how an unnamed "media organization" learned of Abu Zubaydah's whereabouts in April 2002, prompting the CIA "to explain to the media organization the 'security implications' of revealing the information. " Later, in November 2002, "a major U.S. newspaper" found out the location, according to the report. Finally, A Reporter Challenges Dick Cheney & It's... Megyn Kelly? Dick Cheney wants you to be very afraid. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has once again emerged to warn Americans that ours is a very scary world, one that demands “a strong leader” who won’t hesitate to waterboard terrorism suspects and perhaps invade a few countries to make a point about American might.

Sitting down with neoconservative pundit William Kristol for a nearly two-hour interview, Cheney discussed at length what the sycophantic Kristol called his “distinguished,” “exemplary,” and “model” career. Most notable was Cheney’s brazen defense of the Bush administration’s post-9/11 national security policies, for which he asserted “I don’t think we have any apologies to make.” Employing the Bush White House’s Orwellian phrase of choice to describe torture, the former vice president hailed “enhanced interrogation techniques” as key to the administration’s anti-terrorism efforts. “[W]hat are you gonna do?” War Criminal Dick Cheney - ‘Absolutely Certain There Will Be Another Mass Casualty Attack Against U.S.’ War Criminal Dick Cheney ‘Absolutely Certain There Will Be Another Mass Casualty Attack Against U.S.’

Video While Cheney said the beheading of an American reporter is a terrible development, he cautioned, “Magnify that a million times over because that’s what’s in store for the rest of the world if we don’t deal effectively with this crisis.” Hannity asked, “Do you think the president fully understands the danger of radical Islam and what do you think the danger is?” “Well I think the danger’s enormous, I don’t think the president understands it,” he said, blasting Obama as ineffective. Cheney believes that people around the world view our commander-in-chief as weak. “I am absolutely certain that someday there will be another mass casualty attack against the United States, except next time they will have far deadlier weapons.” Dick Cheney: More beheadings in store if Obama can’t “deal with this crisis” in Iraq. Dick Cheney: 'I've Got To Defend My Point Of View,' Even If I'm Using Disputed Facts To Do It. In this Oct. 6, 2011, file photo former Vice President Dick Cheney speaks at the third annual Washington Ideas Forum in Washington.

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File) In this April 25, 2013, file photo former Vice President Dick Cheney participates in the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. In an interview Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013, Cheney said Republicans need to look to a new generation of leaders as the party deals with poor approval ratings following a 16-day partial-government shutdown. He said Republicans need to have "first-class" candidates and look to its strategy and a new generation. (AP Photo/David J. Cheney Refuses To Take Responsibility For Chaos In Iraq, Blames It On Obama And Al-Maliki. Sean Hannity And Dick Cheney Have An Extremely Terrifying Friendly Chat. Fox Hosts Try Desperately To Get Cheney To Make More Doomsday Terror Predictions (VIDEO)

The cable news channel's morning trio had the former vice president on the program the day after he made headlines for a disquieting observation, which was pretty much all the hosts wanted to discuss. Cheney had been interviewed by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday, and was asked whether the U.S. could "get through this decade without a massive attack on the homeland. "I doubt it, I doubt. I think there will be another attack. And the next time, it's likely to be far deadlier than the last one," Cheney said before envisioning a possible nuclear attack on the Washington, D.C area. When he ultimately arrived on the "Fox & Friends" couch, Cheney was plenty critical of President Obama — but the vice president was decidedly less ominous in his outlook.

"With the conflict in Iraq heating up, Dick Cheney says brace yourself for a new 9/11 — only this time it might be worse," co-host Brian Kilmeade teased before the interview. Iraq War redux: Dick Cheney warns Fox that nuclear weapons are ‘spreading’ to terrorists. By David EdwardsWednesday, June 25, 2014 10:48 EDT. Mess O'Potamia - Sad Dick Cheney Is Sad. Dick Cheney: U.S. Will Suffer 'Far Deadlier Attack' Within Next Decade. Bill O'Reilly To Dick Cheney on Iraq: 'What Did We Get Out of It?' Megyn Kelly To Dick Cheney: 'History Has Proven' You Were Wrong on Iraq Dick Cheney Kelly File. The Dick Cheney Problem. The former vice president got his comeuppance on Fox News last Wednesday, producing a minor news story. Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz had published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal advocating renewed U.S. military involvement in Ira to prevent a seizure of power by the al-Qaeda spin-off ISIS (or ISIL) and opining, “Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many,” Citing this comment, Fox anchor Megyn Kelly unexpectedly snapped, “But time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong as well sir.”

She referred specifically the false accusation about weapons of mass destruction used to sell the Iraq War. A flustered Cheney fumbled his interrogator’s name (“Reagan, um, Megyn”) before declaring, “You’ve got to go back and look at the track record.” (As though Megyn were doing something other than precisely that.) Chickenhawk Cheney Calls Obama ‘Maybe The Weakest’ President. Dick Cheney Accuses Obama Of 'Ignoring The Law' Dick Cheney: Hillary Clinton Is Responsible for Benghazi. In their first joint interview since Dick Cheney left the office of vice president in 2009, he and wife, Lynne, gave their opinions on Benghazi, the Ukraine crises and Monica Lewinsky and James Madison. Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Dick Cheney responded to the recent dustup created when Republican operative Karl Rove suggested that former Secretary of State and expected Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton might have suffered brain damage when she fell and hit her head in December 2012.

Any presidential candidate, "or vice presidential candidate," will have to answer questions about health, Cheney said, noting that he was open about his own heart problems when he was tapped as the running mate to then-GOP nominee George W. Bush in 2000. Dick Cheney Calls Obama 'Weak' Over Ukraine Crisis. Are War Criminals Great Painters? Dick Cheney: Obama Would Rather Spend Money On Food Stamps Than A Strong Military.

8 Years Ago, The White House Was Forced To Explain How Dick Cheney Shot A Man In The Face. On Feb. 11, 2006, then-Vice President Dick Cheney was involved in a major snafu: During a quail hunting trip at the Armstrong Ranch in Texas, he shot lawyer Harry Whittington in the face. The vice president's mistake made headlines on Feb. 12, when Katharine Armstrong -- daughter of the ranch owner and a member of Cheney's quail hunting party -- gave details of the incident to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. The White House did not release details of the accident until after news had already broken of the shooting, later claiming they had prioritized treatment for Whittington. Dick Cheney Didn't Regret His Vote Against Freeing Nelson Mandela, Maintained He Was A 'Terrorist'

Dick Cheney: Even bigger monster than you thought. Dick Cheney Calls for War on Iran. Dick Cheney: Iraq War Worth It 'Cause Saddam Might Get WMDs. Canadians Seek Dick Cheney's Arrest For War Crimes During Upcoming Visit. Dick Cheney Calls Tea Party The 'New Wave,' Just Like Daughter Liz. Dick Cheney On '60 Minutes' Says He Feared Heart Device In Assassination Effort. Dick Cheney On Surveillance: Lawmakers In Both Parties Favored Secrecy. Dick Cheney: Edward Snowden may be a Chinese spy. Dick Cheney Calls Edward Snowden a 'Traitor' and Possibly a Chinese Spy. Cheney: Obama Has 'No Credibility' Dick Cheney Suggests Republicans Subpoena Hillary Clinton On Benghazi. Dick Cheney: Benghazi Attack Revealed 'Failure Of Leadership' Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Library Opens In Pitch-Dark, Sulfurous Underground Cave.

Dick Cheney Warns GOP On North Korea: 'We're In Deep Doo Doo' Ten Years Later, Cheney Haunted By People He Didn't Manage To Kill In Iraq War. Pick of the week: Dick Cheney has no regrets. Heart of Darkness; Dick Cheney's mind/body problem. The World According to Dick Cheney: A Masterful Performance. Repent, Dick Cheney. Fox Asks 'Dead-Eye Dick' Cheney for Gun Control Advice.