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Around the World with Whiskey

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11 New World Whiskey Bottles to Try Today. From Israel and India to Ireland and Italy, and plenty of other countries around the world that don’t begin with the letter “I,” world whisk(e)y offerings—that is, whiskeys from places outside the usual suspects of Scotland and Kentucky—continue to expand.

11 New World Whiskey Bottles to Try Today

Whiskey-makers are tuning into every aspect of the liquid, often in unique ways. Some, like West Cork Distillers, focus on provenance. West Cork makes clear that it’s 100% Irish-owned and uses only Irish ingredients, starting with the grains used to make the mash. Japanese whisky — Quartz Weekly Obsession. Whiskeys from Around the World to Drink Right Now. When most people think of whiskey, the usual locations that come to mind are Scotland, Ireland and the USA—usually Kentucky, although whiskey is distilled in nearly every state.

Whiskeys from Around the World to Drink Right Now

Japan has joined them in the past few years, with its lengthy whisky-making tradition vaulting into the spotlight and the country’s age-statement bottles becoming scarce and expensive due to a much-hyped shortage of product. There’s a reason these countries are the first you’re likely to think of, as they’re home to many of the oldest distilleries producing exceptional whiskeys. But it’s now a global spirit, with lesser-known distilleries in Central America, Europe and Asia releasing high-quality bottles. These are eight whiskeys from around the world that will expand your drinking horizons. Paul John Nirvana (India, $35) Paul John single malt whisky is distilled in the Indian state of Goa, where the hot and humid climate allows for faster maturation than in cooler countries like Scotland or Ireland. Five More Bottles of Whiskey We’re Revisiting During Quarantine - Paste. Paste readers seemed to appreciate my first list of whiskeys I’ve been revisiting during our state-imposed quarantine/shelter-in-place order, so it seemed like a second round was probably in order.

Five More Bottles of Whiskey We’re Revisiting During Quarantine - Paste

Here are some more bottles I’ve been digging out from the back of the liquor cabinet to sample once again. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thanking your lucky stars or deity of choice right now for the fact that you were already maintaining a very well-stocked home bar before the world descended into its current, apocalyptic state. Because if there’s one thing you want to make sure you have on hand during the new societal age of social distancing, it’s … toilet paper. The Complete Buying Guide to Suntory Japanese Whisky: Important Brands and Bottles Explained. Is Costco’s Irish Whiskey Any Good? We Did a Taste Test to Find Out. I’m not really an Irish whiskey drinker, nor am I a bargain shopper.

Is Costco’s Irish Whiskey Any Good? We Did a Taste Test to Find Out.

Yet on a recent Tuesday afternoon, I found myself in the booze aisle of my local Costco staring down a pallet of large whiskey bottles and wondering, Do I need this? This was a 1.75-liter bottle of Kirkland four-year-old Irish whiskey, Costco’s latest foray into the custom spirits space. The price? A cool $27.99, or less than 50 cents per fluid ounce. With St. The 9 Best Whiskeys Under $50: Scotch, Bourbon & More. I distinctly remember the first time I realized my own drinking cart needed its first upgrade in the quality department.

The 9 Best Whiskeys Under $50: Scotch, Bourbon & More

I was a few years out of college, barely paying the bills, and I’d sipped the sweet, smoky nectar of Lagavulin enough times to develop an inclination for the good stuff. But Scotch was expensive and I’d be jumping from no bottle at all to a moderately pricey one. So I pulled the spoiled brat card and asked my parents to hook it up on Christmas. Essential Whiskey for Your Home Bar. The Best World Whisk(e)y Under $75. Nikka Japanese Whisky. The meteoric rise of Japanese whisky over the past five years was presaged a decade prior when, in 2001, Nikka Whisky won Whisky Magazine's Best of the Best award.

Nikka Japanese Whisky

Well, sort of. "Then nothing happened," Naoki Tomoyoshi, a key member of Nikka's international team, jokes. The Best Expensive American Whiskey Worth Your Cash. The Japanese Whisky Primer. Japanese whiskies have really began to invade North America and Europe with their sophisticated flavor profiles and intricate blends of aroma.

The Japanese Whisky Primer

Comparable to a Scotch between the lowlands and Speyside, they are floral and smooth with a warm honeysuckle sweetness with a rarified smoky finish that resembles almost the peat marks found in a good Islay Scotch. Whisky has long been loved across much of Asia and it, for many decades, became a prominent gift of gratitude that westerners would give their Asian counterparts a bottle of fine whisky as a token of their gratitude and appreciation. While Scotch, American Bourbon, Irish and Canadian whiskies seem to remain the most prominent, Japanese whisky has managed to emerge as a viable contender.

Best Whiskey Under $75. The Best Whiskies in the World According to The Whisky Bible. After taking a shot earlier in year when The World Whiskies Awards named a Tasmanian single malt the world’s best, Scotland is reeling again with the release of Jim Murray’s latest version of The Whisky Bible.

The Best Whiskies in the World According to The Whisky Bible

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Around the World in 5 Amazing Whiskeys

Signup Sent! Please check your email for a link to reset your password. 6 Best World Whiskeys Under $50. 10 Best Whiskies from Around the World - Best International Whisky. It makes sense that if whiskey is no longer just a Kentucky and Tennessee thing in America, that it would no longer be just a Scottish and Irish thing abroad.

10 Best Whiskies from Around the World - Best International Whisky

In fact, whisky (we should probably spell it without the "e" now, lest pedants yell at us) has truly become a global phenomenon, with countries from nearly every continent offering at least one competent local product. How did this occur? The vast spread of high-end cocktail culture could be the main culprit, with a dash of loosening local laws and a desire to create locally recognizable products to rival the Scots and Kentuckians alike. Then again, it could just be that people in places like Stockholm, Oaxaca, and Wellington are sick and tired of trying to pronounce "Laphroaig.

" Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Below, some of the best whiskies distilled in countries you probably didn't even know made whisky. France — Brenne City: Cognac Founded: 2012 Distribution: France and the U.S. 6 Canadian Whiskies to Drink Now. The Story Of: Irish Whiskey. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Irish Whiskey was incredibly popular in Britain, with 1200 distilleries existing in Ireland in 1779. Because many of them were unlicensed, the illicit distilleries forced the government to raise taxes on whiskey production. By 1822, only 20 distilleries were legal and the number of illegal distilleries had been reduced to 800.

In 1838, the number of distilleries was reduced yet again as a result of the Total Abstinence Movement, which created an increased competition between Irish distilleries and forced smaller distilleries to shut down. Among the most successful businesses to continue expanding were those of the families Jameson and Powers from Dublin. Irish Whiskey image via ShutterstockIn the early 1960s, the export of Irish whiskey was virtually non-existent, so the three remaining distilleries joined forces and became the Irish Distillers.

Irish whiskey comes in several forms. Pot still whiskey is unique to Irish whiskey. Irish Whiskey Shows Up In a Big Way at Ultimate Spirits Challenge. The 8 Irish Whiskies To Help You Get Into The Spirit, Literally. If you thought Scotch whisky was confusing—and it is, delightfully so, a mystery we like to dunk ourselves into once or twice a week, at least—meet Irish whiskey. A couple (innocuous) stereotypes distort our collective sense of Irish whiskey: that it’s always triple-distilled (not true), that therefore it’s generally “lighter” and “smoother” than Scotch (also not true). The basics of Irish whiskey are actually pretty simple: it has to be made in Ireland, distilled to less than 94.8% ABV, and aged for at least three years in wooden casks.

Irish Whiskey Guide: 2017. Login I forgot my password Don't Have an Account? Signup Sent! Please check your email for a link to reset your password. Best Japanese Whiskies. 5 Rules for Drinking Japanese Whisky. Login I forgot my password Don't Have an Account? Signup Sent! Please check your email for a link to reset your password. Whisky Connoisseurs Are Reaching For Japanese Whisky Instead Of Scotch, Here's Why. Sweet, wise Bill Murray once instructed us all to “make it Suntory time.”