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Ninja Outreach Review: Find And Connect With Influencers Like A Pro. The 18 Best Affiliate Programs & Networks For Anyone And Everyone. Image Credit: Flickr Affiliate marketing, as you might probably know already, is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s by far the best way to monetize your website or blog — unless you have your own products and services to sell. If you have a content rich website then there are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs and affiliate networks available on the web that can make you a fortune.

21 Of The Best Phone Apps For Bloggers. You have found 21 of the best and smartest Phone Apps For Bloggers.

21 Of The Best Phone Apps For Bloggers

Apps that allow bloggers to blog more often, write better and track their website and social media success. Apps that help bloggers to manage their time better and get more done! With technology changing, it is sometimes tough to keep up with all the new apps. iPhone Dashboard for Google Analytics. Tools & Resources. This is my list of tools and resources that I regularly use to supercharge my websites and boost my online income which I know you'll find useful for your own online business.

Tools & Resources

There's everything from WordPress plugins to email marketing tools, content creation, traffic generation and more. Please note that some (not all) of these links are affiliate links. Must Have Essentials & Recommended My essential and recommended tools and resources that I use on all my online projects. SumoMe [RECOMMENDED]A FREE tool that has multiple essential features for niche marketers including adding social share buttons to posts, content analytics and heat maps so you know what your visitors are doing on your website and more. How to Make Videos For Free & Start a YouTube Channel.

I had an epiphany a few months ago.

How to Make Videos For Free & Start a YouTube Channel

An epiphany that would: Help me stand out in my niche that's already full to the brim with competition.Build loyalty with the readers I'd already collected.And create incredible content exclusive to the world's second largest search engine. On-Going Traffic from Pinterest. Back in January I published a post about how I was able to more than double my traffic from Pinterest in just 30 days.

On-Going Traffic from Pinterest

A few months have gone by since that time and I wanted to follow up to show the results over a longer period of time. One of the reasons I love Pinterest is because, unlike most other social networks, it has the potential to be a consistent source of traffic. Facebook can lead to huge traffic if you get a link shared on a popular fan page, or if your content is shared/liked by loads of users, but that traffic is always short-lived. The life of a post that gets a lot of pins at Pinterest can be far longer. This reliability and consistency makes Pinterest an extremely valuable source of traffic that shouldn’t be overlooked. The statistics used in that original post ended on December 20th, 2014. My Pinterest Activity Since the Original Post Since I published the first post I have continued to use Pinterest on a daily basis Monday through Friday. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 10 Amazing Tools for Marketers and Bloggers.

Are you looking for shortcuts to get a massive growth to your online business?

10 Amazing Tools for Marketers and Bloggers

While others take the long way, you can take advantage of available tools and resources to simplify the overall process and do your work in a smart way. I think this article can be worthwhile for many website owners, internet marketers, business owners and bloggers to achieve explosive growth. Within the last 3 years, I have used hundreds of tools. 35 Sites Which Increase Your Domain's Trust. While climbing the rankings on Google and the other major search engines, getting higher quality, trusted backlinks is really now one of the only ways to go. The days of sending thousands of spammy, low quality backlinks is over - for pure whitehat methods at least.

Google stopped updating the public Toolbar PageRank, so that metric is out the window. Now SEOs are relying on new metrics in search engines which hover around trust and authority. Measuring Trust The main thing we need to do to improve a sites authority is to improve its TrustRank. Rank Guardian – More Than Just Links - Niche Site Azon. First of all, you still need links.

Rank Guardian – More Than Just Links - Niche Site Azon

Let's get that out of the way. As recently as July 20th 2016, one of the most well known SEO journals reported that links are still incredibly important.​ This is great news, because links are one of the oldest ranking methods in the book, and we are far from unfamiliar with the process of link building. – Are You Using IFTTT In Your Lean Marketing Strategy? Any marketing plan needs to have a social media plan. – Are You Using IFTTT In Your Lean Marketing Strategy?

And, any social media plan needs to utilize the latest technology to stay relevant. New social media platforms are coming out every day. Many of them fail, but some of them succeed. Let's talk IFTTT - recipes. WP Review Pro - WordPress Review Plugin. Keeping in mind the Terms and Conditions (the “license”) published by our company that are mentioned below, our website agrees to give you a non-exclusive limited license to access the web templates and similar commodities that are marketed via this website ( (the “products”). 1.

WP Review Pro - WordPress Review Plugin

Product Licensing & Usage Our products are licensed under the GNU general public license and can be used on any number of websites. 2. Browser Compatibility We consider it our duty to offer a great experience across most major browsers which is why our Products support the latest modern web browsers including (but not limited to) Firefox, Safari, Chrome & Internet Explorer 9+. Photoshop Files License. Opinion Stage: Create Polls, Quizzes, Lists and more. Rich Pins. The Pareto Outreach Philosophy & How It Can Help You Build 1000% More White Hat Links - Authority Hacker.

But as we really started to tweak our systems, we began to see just how powerful outreach-driven link building can be.

The Pareto Outreach Philosophy & How It Can Help You Build 1000% More White Hat Links - Authority Hacker

Honestly, we’ve all been doing SEO for years, and in the past couple of months, we’ve been blowing our own minds! I know, I know… that sounds hokey. But just look at the results. This is the link profile for Health Ambition: Gael added over 280 linking root domains since January (it’s actually probably a little bit more than that now…). The Step By Step Guide To Productivity For Marketers (And 7 Free Tools You Can Start Using Today) - Authority Hacker. ​Wether you're working part time or full time on your projects, time is the one resource you'll never get back.

The Step By Step Guide To Productivity For Marketers (And 7 Free Tools You Can Start Using Today) - Authority Hacker

Actually, out of all the problems people email me daily, the lack of time comes second to not knowing what to do next. The truth is, the battle for productivity is one of the hardest ones to win because it's all about consistency and ongoing effort. It doesn't matter how epic your getting things done system is if you can't maintain it over time. More... Being productive is particularly difficult for marketers because of several reasons: Ahrefs. Research Bloggers & Influencers Quickly & Efficiently.