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Practical Tips for Landscape Photography - Yang Photo Tour | Travel with Yang. Practical Tips for Landscape Photography 5 (100%) 1 vote Want to make your photos professionally cool? If you are a digital photography amateur and also the devoted artist that loves new photo ideas, the ten practical tips for landscape photography below might surely help.

Carrying any of them out, you can take greater photos with little or zero fuss. #1: Know the golden hours to create magic The quality of light somehow determines the beauty of landscape photos. . #2: Study the Composition The second landscape photography tip is about composition, starting with the “rule of thirds” which means dividing the frame into the assumed thirds on both vertical and horizontal axis. . #3: Go out The great photographic style is rarely found if you just sit there and don’t go out. . #4: Use Polarizing Filter The circular polarizing filter is mostly available in the kit bag of the landscape photographers. . #5: Use the principle of Depth of Field #6: Use ND Grads Filters (Neutral Density Graduated Filters) Homestay in northern Vietnam | North Vietnam.

Homestay with the Hmong family – Hau Thao village Homestay in Vietnam is an insight into the daily life of ethnic people. A popular form of accommodation in some places in northern Vietnam is homestay with ethnic residents. You live with the locals in their house and you share absolutely everything. Homestay is popular in Vietnam, especially in villages of ethnic minorities. However, you can also try a homestay in a city, for example in Hanoi. HOMESTAY = „Stay with us in our home“ • Do you want to know about the daily life of the ethnic population? How to ask for homestay and where can I find it? Just ask people from ethnic minorities. Homestay with Red Dao ethnic minority – Than Kim village 1. A lot of people from the ethnic minorities in a villages in northern Vietnam provides homestay in tourist but also in non-tourist areas.

For a high rate of authenticity it is recommended to try homestay accommodation with locals. And there will be preparing food… 2. 3. 1. The real homestay in Ban Ho. Le vietnam pour et par les internautes. Comment aller à Da Nang, Hué, Dalat ou Nha Trang ? – Toutes les destinations accessibles en train, bus ou en avion depuis Hoi An Comment continuer son voyage en partant de Hoi An?

Good Morning Hoi An est là pour vous aider en vous donnant les prix des trajets ainsi que le temps que vous mettrez à rejoindre votre destinations. Pour vos tickets ( bus, avion et train ), vous pouvez aller à l’agence de voyage, Pink Cloud Travel ( Adresse: 47 tran Hung Dao – Hoi An - Email: ). une des meilleures de Hoi An. Plus de détails: Pour Nha Trang: Pour Hué: Le Bus Hoi An – Da Lat: 18 heures de trajet. Le bus se prend à la station de bus près de l’hôpital.

Le Scooter Iil faut compter 100.000 Vnd/jour pour la location de scooter Pour Da Nang, il faut compter 30 min pour rejoindre la ville depuis la route de An Bang Beach ( Voir notre carte ). Pour rejoindre My Son, Comptez 1h environ. Le Train Da Nang – Nha Trang: 10h.