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Facebook Twitter Handy CSS Calculator. Training for Swimming - Maximise Your Speed. Training for Swimming - Maximise Your Speed what sort of fitness training should you do to reach peak fitness?

Training for Swimming - Maximise Your Speed

Related link: Read about our philosophy on fitness training vs. technique work in 10 Contentious Issues In Swimming. This article is appropriate for Intermediate and Advanced swimmers. If you are still learning the stroke we don't recommend you worry much about your swimming fitness until you've conquered the basic stroke technique. Sustain your threshold (CSS) pace and your fitness will fly upwards. Your swimming week Swim Smooth believe that every session you do should have a balance of 3 elements - technique, fitness and open water specific training. 1x Technique orientated session1x Endurance biased session with longer steady paced swim sets1x Quality session working on your threshold speed Each of those sessions will contain a little of the 3 elements technique/fitness/open water skills, but the amount of each will vary between the sessions.

Worried about getting this right? GoSwim TV. Breaststroke Drills with Olympian Kristy Kowal: Part 1 - Swimspire. Backstroke Tips and Training - Lake Forest Swim Club. Breakingmuscle. Backstroke Focus Workout. Objectives: Use backstroke to reset and refresh your freestyle.

Backstroke Focus Workout

Total Distance = 2600 Set 1 - Warm-up = 6001 X 200 Freestyle Swim - Training Cat: EN11 X 200 Freestyle Arms with pull buoy - Training Cat: EN21 X 200 Alt 50 Backstroke Kick, 50 Extended Side Balance (kicking) - Training Cat: EN2. 100 Swimming Workouts. Swimming World Magazine - Workouts. Training Tips. Day 1 Focus: Technique, speed 300 freestyle 5-7-9 8 x 50 (25m butterfly kick under water + 25m sculling) start 1.15” 4 x 75 (1.40”) 25m easy+25m fast+25m easy 4 x 100 Kick 2.10” 1-2 short fins work the turns 8 x 50m.

Training Tips

One backstroke 90%, one freestyle 75% start 1.05” …… 100 easy double arm backstroke 4 x 100 technique (one arm swim, catch up… (30”) your choice 4 x 25 m swim Fast No breath 45” 8 x 50 pull, backstroke/freestyle medium pace (1.05”) 200 easy Day 2 Focus: All round fitness, IM 4 x 100 KRLS (2.00”) All strokes 6 x 50m. 25m sculling / 25m swim (1.10”) 4 x 250 IM 25m fly – 75m back – 50m breast – 100m freestyle (4.30”) 100 easy (50 double arm backstroke 50 breaststroke glide) 16 x 50 One kick/ One Main stroke (1.10””) 4x 100m Technique, work the turns (30-40”) 4x short sprints with starts… Swim down Day 3 Focus: Main stroke. 300 warm up, change stroke every 25m 4 x 15m. Breaststroke drills » Swymnut Masters. On May 20th, I wrote a post on a drill for breaststroke timing.

breaststroke drills » Swymnut Masters

You can read that here. That post also gave a link to an article by Swimming World on breaststroke timing. This week I show another application of the drill I call “Pull Stop – Kick Stop”. (If you need a review of what the Pull Stop, Kick Stop drill is, you’ll see that at the bottom of this post.) This drill is relatively simple. Here are the specifics: On lap 1, count “1-2-3″ after the pull, before you execute the kick. Some key points: Work your streamline each and every stroke! Drill: Pull Stop, Kick Stop This is a drill that can help in establishing timing between the pull and the kick. . • This is a breaststroke separation drill where we separate the pull from the kick. •It is important to make a distinct stop after each pull and each kick. Swim Workouts Archive. In-Water Training Videos. 50 swim workouts. The Swimming Wizard: Breaststroke Set Working Race Tempo. A Swimming Workout With Only Freestyle & Breaststroke.

The best way to get in a good workout and hone your swimming technique is to complete drills and a variety of circuits.

A Swimming Workout With Only Freestyle & Breaststroke

These circuits can be completed by individuals or by groups. If you are going to do this workout with a group, assign individuals with similar skill levels to different circuits assigned to different lanes. If you are going to complete the circuits individually, complete the circuits in order. Consult your primary care physician before embarking on a new exercise regimen.

Circuit 1: Freestyle Warm Up Begin by completing a 300 meter freestyle swim warm-up.