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Welcome, Pragmatic Programmer! You’re a Pragmatic Programmer.

Welcome, Pragmatic Programmer!

You aren’t wedded to any particular technology, but you have a broad enough background in the science, and your experience with practical projects allows you to choose good solutions in particular situations. Theory and practice combine to make you strong. You adjust your approach to suit the current circumstances and environment. Young professionals stories from the world of open source. An Up-To-Date Layman's Guide To Accessing The Deep Web. If you binge-watched the second season of House of Cards, along with a reported 15% of Netflix's 44 million subscribers, you may be newly interested in the Deep Web.

An Up-To-Date Layman's Guide To Accessing The Deep Web

Slate has done a good job of describing what the Deep Web is and isn't, but they don't tell you how to get there. How To Access The Deep Web First: the hot sheets. Subreddit forums for DeepWeb, onions, and Tor are the way to go in terms of gathering a backgrounder for entry points into DarkNet. Amazon. Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time:Amazon:Books. Geeks Errant. Two webheads explore the big longitudes. After an epic overnight climbing Mt.

Geeks Errant. Two webheads explore the big longitudes

Agung and a boneshaking scooter ride back to Ubud and a bleary-eyed visit to the Ubud Palace for Barong dancing, it was time to leave Indonesia behind. Roxane and I loved it, and we’re planning to come back before we finish our travels. Our overnight flight stopped in Hong Kong, where we reveled in the modernity and Western food and, most of all, free fast WiFi. We spent the midnight hours eating pizza and uploading photos before our ongoing flight to Korea. James Grimmelmann Presentations.

James Grimmelmann: Publications. Open Company. Lessons From Converting To A No-Management Company. A growing number of tech companies like GitHub, Medium, and Zappos have adopted "open allocation" management structures that (mostly) eliminate bosses.

Lessons From Converting To A No-Management Company

But what happens when you go from management to no-management in the same week? To answer that question, you have to dive into the world of open allocation company structures. Far from being free-for-alls, the non-structure-structure that underpins these companies can vary based on philosophy. One hugely popular version of open allocation is Holacracy, in which decision-making power is distributed across small, autonomous teams rather than one central management group. Fresh look at Red Hat's company culture. Just a week after my first day at Red Hat, my friends were convinced that I had been brainwashed by open source culture.

Fresh look at Red Hat's company culture

One teacher even wrote: "[Derek is probably] building a computer system that will become self-aware and destroy us all; like Skynet from the Terminator movies, only it will be an open source evil computer overlord. " Redefining the Networking Industry Through Collaboration. When Google Met WikiLeaks. In June 2011, Julian Assange received an unusual visitor: the chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, arrived from America at Ellingham Hall, the country residence in Norfolk, England where Assange was living under house arrest.

When Google Met WikiLeaks

For several hours the besieged leader of the world’s most famous insurgent publishing organization and the billionaire head of the world’s largest information empire locked horns. The two men debated the political problems faced by society, and the technological solutions engendered by the global network—from the Arab Spring to Bitcoin. They outlined radically opposing perspectives: for Assange, the liberating power of the Internet is based on its freedom and statelessness. For Schmidt, emancipation is at one with US foreign policy objectives and is driven by connecting non-Western countries to American companies and markets. These differences embodied a tug-of-war over the Internet’s future that has only gathered force subsequently. The Bookseller, April 4th 2014. Write Code Every Day. Last fall, work on my coding side projects came to a head: I wasn’t making adequate progress and I couldn’t find a way to get more done without sacrificing my ability to do effective work at Khan Academy.

Write Code Every Day

There were a few major problems with how I was working on my side projects. Coding In Paradise: What Is the Open Web and Why Is It Important? Folks toss the term "Open Web" around a bunch, but what exactly is it?

Coding In Paradise: What Is the Open Web and Why Is It Important?

Is the Open Web HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, etc., or is it something deeper? Designing with the Mind in Mind: Simple Guide to Understanding User Interface Design Rules: Jeff Johnson: 9780123750303: Books. Designing for Performance - O'Reilly Media. On 0days, exploits and disclosure. A recent tweet from Exodus Intel (a company based in Austin, Texas) generated quite some noise on the Internet: "We're happy to see that TAILS 1.1 is being released tomorrow.

On 0days, exploits and disclosure

Our multiple RCE/de-anonymization zero-days are still effective. #tails #tor" Tails ships a lot of software, from the Linux kernel to a fully functional desktop, including a web browser and a lot of other programs. Tails also adds a bit of custom software on top of this. Security issues are discovered every month in a few of these programs.