DNSCheck DNSCheck is a program that was designed to help people check, measure and hopefully also understand the workings of the Domain Name System, DNS. When a domain (aka zone) is submitted to DNSCheck it will investigate the domain's general health by traversing the DNS from root (.) to the TLD (Top Level Domain, like .SE) to eventually the nameserver(s) that holds the information about the specified domain (like iis.se). Some other sanity checks, for example measuring host connectivity, validity of IP-addresses and control of DNSSEC signatures will also be performed. About the domain name system, DNS The domain name system (DNS in short) is what could be called the ”phone book” of the Internet. DNSCheck

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DIG - DNS lookup - find IP address

DIG - DNS lookup - find IP address

Query a DNS domain nameserver to lookup and find IP address information of computers in the internet. Convert host and domain names to IP addresses and vice versa. This is the right place for you to check how your web hosting company or domain name registrar has set up the DNS stuff for your domain, how your dynamic DNS is going, or to search IP addresses or research any kind of e-mail abuse (UBE/UCE spam) or other internet abuse. This online service is for private non-commercial use only. Please do not abuse. No automated queries.