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StatSheet: MLB, NFL, NBA, College Basketball, and College Football Stats, Scores, and Analysis. Stats. SportsStats. PopcornMachine's GameFlows. Pomeroy. Points Per Possession. NCAA College Basketball Stats, Scores, News, and Analysis - Stat. - HOME. NBA Statistics and Analysis. In depth coverage of the NBA from HoopTotals - NBA Statistics Tool. Hoopdata - NBA Statistics and Analysis. .Efficiency at BASKETBALL STATISTICS ANALYSIS of Professional Games > eBA - Joomla! License Guidelines. April 7th, 2014 ~ For English See Below !

.Efficiency at BASKETBALL STATISTICS ANALYSIS of Professional Games > eBA - Joomla! License Guidelines

Esta Página está Editada También en Español ! Solo Pulse "Español" Arriba en Esquina Derecha On average, the ratio of offensive boards is about 3:7. If we assume that everyone contributes equally, the player we're analyzing contributes .6 offensive boards, so the rest of his team would get 2.4 offensive boards per 10 missed shots (close enough to 25%). Thus, an offensive board means .75 more possessions than expected, a defensive board .25 more. ...( By RA from the eBA Forums ) Last Saturday 8th. Be Welcome at eBA Google + !!! Best Regards eBA Stats Group. Doug's NBA & MLB Stats Home Page. - NBA Basketball Statistics, Draft, Awards, and History. Count The Basket - Stat Links. COUNT THE BASKET Advanced Stats for Basketball Player stats by season [GUIDE]: BBALLsports SuperDB (37-38 - 06-07) | BBALLsports (37-38 - 03-04, defunct?)

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NBA & ABA Basketball Statistics & History. Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football Online Statistics Databases - Baseball History, Basketball History, Hockey History, Football History, MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL. APBRmetrics. APBRmetrics (Association for Professional Basketball Research Metrics) is a term used by a few to refer to the analysis of basketball through objective evidence, especially basketball statistics.


APBRmetrics is a cousin to the study of baseball statistics, known as Sabermetrics, and similarly takes its name from the acronym APBR, which stands for the Association for Professional Basketball Research. A key tenet for many modern basketball analysts is that basketball is best evaluated at the level of possessions. During a single game, both teams have approximately the same number of possessions, because they alternate possession. (A team can have slightly more if it begins and ends a quarter or half with possession.) However, over the course of the season, teams play at very different paces, which can dramatically color their points scored and points allowed per game. A second core tenet is that per-minute statistics are more useful for evaluating players than per-game statistics. Dr. And. "A Starting Point for Analyzing Basketball Statistics" by Justin Kubatko, Dean Oliver et al. Instructions for Authors Manuscript Preparation Guidelines This document provides authors with details on policy, copyediting, formatting, and layout requirements pertaining to final manuscript submission to this journal.

"A Starting Point for Analyzing Basketball Statistics" by Justin Kubatko, Dean Oliver et al.

All manuscripts must have correct formatting to be considered ready for publication. The entire manuscript submission and review process is handled through an online system named ScholarOne. All manuscripts should be submitted to Unpublished material: Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described is not copyrighted, published or submitted elsewhere, except in abstract form. Copyright: Manuscripts are accepted on condition of transfer of copyright (for U.S. government employees: to the extent transferable) to Journal of Quantitative Analysis of Sports Once the manuscript is accepted, it may not be published elsewhere without the consent of the copyright holders.