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Psylo Fashion

Visit us: Pyslo Fashion is a fusion of urban street fashion that's alternative yet accessible. The designs are edgy and raw, characterized by functionality and comfort. The brand creates distinctive prints focusing on tribal and ethnic symbolism with strong accents and unusual cuts.Love for the fusion of tribal and modern arts, and a base in Bali, where tribal and ethnic culture is still alive and pulsing, allows for constant inspiration and creativity. Husband and wife designers Ami and Shoki (from Israel and Iran, respectively), weave together stories for their bi-yearly collections, uninhibited by fashion trends and instead corresponding to their intuition. Over the years, the growing company has expanded into an international creative team with full manufacturing facilities. For the last 13 years, the factory, with 80 personally trained staff, has been based in Bali. Here the tailors and artisans are competent in complex stitching techniques, mineral washes, color discharge, hand knitting and a variety of application techniques.

Psylofashion com - Alternative tribal Clothing.