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Jim Byers

A psychic medium who connects people to the spirit world at

Spirit art, psychic drawing, automatic writing, psychic reading. Sometimes it’s difficult for psychics and mediums to describe the spirits they encounter.

Spirit art, psychic drawing, automatic writing, psychic reading

We can’t always find the right words to explain the shape of a nose or the hairstyle of a spirit that we see. When words aren’t enough, drawing can be another way for us to communicate. Psychics and mediums exercise their abilities regularly so if they want to incorporate spirit art into their readings they should practice that as well. For most people, drawing is not easy, so it may take time to strengthen that skill. You don’t need to sketch like Leonardo Da Vinci, but you should be able to draw more than just stick figures. To become a better artist, study the human anatomy focusing on the head. When sketching a face, start with light lines by making gentle strokes using a pencil instead of a pen.

Dreams, dream analysis, meaning of dreams, nightmares, daydream. Seeing a loved one in a dream can be quite surreal; especially if they have passed into the spirit world.

Dreams, dream analysis, meaning of dreams, nightmares, daydream

Sometimes we see them for a split second and other times it can be quite a long meeting. Either way, the spirits of loved ones enter our dreams for a reason. During these dreams, we may walk and talk to each other or simply stand face to face conversing telepathically. We hug them, kiss them, always wanting that moment to last forever.

Automatic writing, spirit writing, afterlife communication. We can communicate with spirits in a variety of ways with ouija boards, holding séances, or visiting a psychic.

Automatic writing, spirit writing, afterlife communication

Automatic writing is simply just another method much like channeling. It’s quite a simple process requiring just a pen, a notepad, and getting into a meditative state. You can ask questions aloud or telepathically and the answers will slowly appear within the scribbles on the paper. My only attempt at automatic writing, also known as spirit writing, took place over a decade ago. After college, I returned to Wilkes-Barre, PA, and stayed in my Nana’s spare room until an apartment next door became available – coincidently it was the same apartment where my family lived 100 years ago while they built their home. It took a few months, but eventually spirits began to let their presence be known. Ouija board, spirit board, and afterlife communication. The Ouija Board has been a controversial object ever since its commercialization in the 19th century attracting skepticism, criticism, and popularity.

Ouija board, spirit board, and afterlife communication

Just mentioning it can conjure a spirited conversation. Some people whole heartedly believe in the authenticity of Ouija while others question it or just flat-out consider it a hoax. And there’s several reasons to support all of those opinions. The other common argument regarding Ouija Boards, also known as spirit boards, is whether it attracts malevolent spirits and serves as a portal allowing them to enter our lives or our bodies. Reading akashic records and the Book of Life. There are your medical records, school transcripts, and Facebook page but nothing tells more about us than our akashic records.

Reading akashic records and the Book of Life

The information stored in these records tell the story of our past, present, and future as well as our life purpose while on Earth. Also known as the Book of Life, akashic records are kept in a library which we can access at any time – we just have to learn how to find the building and know what information to seek. These records are an essential part of our enlightenment and learning the ways of the universe. We can find information on our current human life but searching for answers about relationships and money is not why these books exist. Finding out whether we will find true love or win the lottery is nowhere near as important as learning why we chose this life and how to achieve personal and intellectual milestones. Akashic records document every aspect of our soul’s being. We may also learn why we are naturally inclined or interested in something. Astral projection, OBE, out of body experiences. The vibration shook me awake, although my eyes remained closed.

Astral projection, OBE, out of body experiences

My entire body was electrified, buzzing with energy. I could hear voices encouraging me…to do something…but I wasn’t quite sure of what. A female voice invited me to join them while a male said that “I was not ready.” The voices sounded as though they surrounded me from above, but I could only see blurred, dark forms. They kept talking but I could barely make sense of their muffled conversation. It felt like my body was rising despite the fact that it laid motionless on the couch.

It wasn’t until a year later when I began my spiritual journey that I was able to dissect and understand what occurred that day. The 4 Main Spirit Guides and Master Guide, guardian angels. My last article on spirit guides explained each guide and their purpose, so I wanted to write a followup about my own guides to provide real life examples.

The 4 Main Spirit Guides and Master Guide, guardian angels

It’s important for people who are interested in psychic development to have a bond with their spirit guides because you can’t embark on your spiritual journey alone. You will need to call upon them for guidance and support as well as help communicating with the spirit world. It was during a psychic development class at Inner Peace that the group facilitator led us in a meditation to meet our Teacher Guide. This session was part of a broader exercise for members to familiarize themselves with all of their Main Guides and Master Guide.

Once relaxed and calm, members were told to choose a meeting place so I chose my old college, Bloomsburg University. The facilitator eventually called us back from the meeting to slowly end the meditation. The next meeting was to be with my Protector Guide. Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, intuitives in PA. Since I’ve begun my spiritual journey, I have noticed that the majority of people who attend psychic development classes or visit me for psychic readings are women.

Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, intuitives in PA

On average, maybe a 1/5 of a class are men and I’ve done readings for just 5 guys. On a few occasions, clients (male and female) have said that they expected me to be a woman. I wasn’t offended because I know it’s a common presumption. When most people think of a psychic, they envision a woman gazing into a crystal ball or reading tarot cards – it’s a stereotype perpetuated by Hollywood. But why is that? We’ve all heard of the phrase “women’s intuition” which suggests that women are naturally psychically inclined. Whenever I watch paranormal television shows, the husband or boyfriend is the last person in the household to recognize a spirit’s presence or someone’s psychic abilities. It seems as though some men think that if they acknowledge spirits or psychics it somehow makes them less masculine. Animal Communication, pet psychic Jason Wickens. The field of mediumship and psychics involves many forms of communication such as automatic writing, channeling, séances, and psychometry with the goal of speaking with spirits.

Animal Communication, pet psychic Jason Wickens

But Jason Wickens uses his ability of telepathy to communicate with animals such as dogs, cats, horses, goats, even a pet rat. The common term is pet psychic, but Jason prefers animal communicator. Wickens, 42, lives near Worcester in England with his wife and two young kids. And of course he has two dogs, Belle and Lacey. Animals have always been part of his life growing up with family dogs and the animals residing near his childhood countryside home. Several years ago, Jason took a series of spiritual healing workshops where he learned the wonders of healing. Psychometry, Psychoscopy reading spirit energy from objects. People wear their favorite bracelet or watch every day with pride and adoration.

Psychometry, Psychoscopy reading spirit energy from objects

Some gaze at mementos or hold them in their hands appreciating the object’s beauty or history. And when the time comes, they pass these pieces down amongst their family, generation to generation. We can become attached to our possessions in more ways than one. The energy of the people who once cherished these objects can be left behind with traces of themselves attached to it: memories, emotions. This energy can be sensed by psychics and help them receive information about the person who once owned that object. Gettysburg ghosts, spirits, paranormal investigations. Years before I realized my ability to connect with spirits, I did dabble in ghost hunting - paranormal investigations if you want to be formal or scientific.

I was out there doing amateur hunts before it became trendy (which is one of the reasons I stopped). Energy Stones, Energy Crystals, Energy Rocks, Gems, Jewel. As I continue with my psychic development, I search for workshops, classes, and books to learn more about the spirit world and myself. I also experiment with different meditations, music, and other techniques to explore and strengthen my abilities. The most useful and beneficial tools for me have been energy stones and crystals. Years earlier, when I came across energy stones their colorful patterns caught my eye but I never considered them useful. Congress Needs to Vote on Election Day. The American culture and workweek demands a change to the current Election Day. It’s just time. If every politician believes that “your vote counts”, then why does the government make voting so inconvenient? The workday is divided into 3 parts with some people employed as teachers during the day, others as nurses in the evening, and then those who work graveyard shift at a factory.

It can be difficult for some voters to find sitters to watch their children or adults in their care. At times, voting must be squished into a young family’s already busy schedule between sports practice and homework and dinner. Souls. Past life regression. Incarnation & Karmic Understandings. Past-Life Regression. Reincarnation. Ascension And The Natural World. For ascension to occur within the individual or collective reality for the purpose of spiritual evolvement, the portal of the natural world will have to be accessed for influence.

This source of high vibratory energy which supports all of creation holds many opportunities for mankind to transcend the downward negative spiral of low vibrational energies. The higher self which has chosen to incarnate within this level of creation will invoke and attract the desired energies from the source of projection of our planet. These attracted energies form into an energy format that becomes condensed as it slows in vibration to sympathize with the physical plane. This powerful force of creational energy is the original creative expression of the One. The Portal Of Meditation. The portal of meditation offers the ability of the conscious mind to explore the internal and external perspective within the vehicle of the perception of the self through the observer role. The ability of the conscious mind to position thought/focus into the seat of observation allows the conscious mind the opportunity to identify its current mental state.

The ability of the conscious mind to identify its current mental/energy state within the observer role is issued through the perception which is governed in capacity through the current energetic patterns of the lower energy body. The ability of the conscious mind to interpret its internal and external reality is dependent upon the desire/decision of the conscious mind which fuels the thought/focus towards conscious activities. The desire/decision of the conscious mind, supported from the free will choice, is heavily influenced from the current state of the lower energy body. Esoteric reality. Stages of Conscious Awakening. 25th January 2015 By Montalk.

Auras & Energy. Extraterrestrial life. Esoteric Endeavors. Scrying. SPIRITUAL STUFF. Remote Influencing & Viewing. Gettysburg ghosts, spirits, paranormal investigations. Ghosts, spirits, and paranormal activity in a haunted house. My desire to pursue psychic development evolved from my initial curiosity in ghosts which began when I was a teenager growing up in a home where paranormal phenomenon occurred.

Since then I have become more knowledgeable and respectful of spirits and abandoned the word ghosts. CLEANSING AND CHARGING CRYSTALS. Basic Crystals and healing information. Psychic medium in Pennsylvania, schedule a psychic reading. Scary Paranormal Stories.

Unexplained Mysteries - Paranormal Phenomena and the World's Greatest Unexplained Mysteries. The Supernatural World Supernatural, Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena. Paranormal Magazines, Blogs, & News Sites. Psychic gifts. Psychic and Spiritual Development. Auras and energy, energy healing and energy stones & crystals. The common phrase is “I see your true colors,” which is a reference to someone’s true intentions…their true self. Blind Melon - Change (acoustic) Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving The Body. Source: The timing of astral disembodiment in which the spirit leaves the body has been captured by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov, who photographed a person at the moment of his death with a bioelectrographic camera. The image taken using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography, shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually.

How to Use Crystals the Simple Way. There are numerous ways to use your stones. Spirit Guides, guardian angels, arch angels. Auras...Aura Colors, Shapes and Sizes. This site offers a wealth of information on auras, chakras and healing your spiritual energy system. You will find unique insights on everything from colors and cleansing, to hidden emotions and psychic reading, to chakra healing and kundalini energy. How Negative Energy Affects Your Life and How to Clear It. The 7 Chakras And Their Significance. There is too much of chakra talk going on everywhere.

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