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Readers Recommend: The Complete Index. Discogs - Music Database and Marketplace. Telly Absolute Andy - UK TV Ads. UK Television Advert Resources Page.

Absolute Andy - UK TV Ads

Do you want more details on UK TV Adverts? , well this page should help you find the TV Advertisment you are looking for. My UK TV Advert section features lots of UK TV Adverts, but these are just MY favorite ones. Absolute Andy 2 - UK TV Ads. This section of my website allows you to download and watch some of my favourite television adverts from the past ten years.

Absolute Andy 2 - UK TV Ads

Includes adverts for Abbey National, Adidas, Becks, Boddingtons, British Airways, Budweiser, Carling, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Dime bar, Dry Blackthorn, Dunlop, Frontera 4x4, Guinness, Honda, KitKat, Labatt's, Levi's, Lilt, Lynx, Morgan stanley, Nike, Nintendo gamecube, Olde English cider, o2, Orange, Pringles, Reebok, Sony, Stella Artois, Strongbow, Tango, Tennent's Pilsner,TTA, T-mobile,Vodafone, Volvo, Worthingtons. And YES the famous Orange 'Night Night x' & Orange 'Photo messaging' adverts are featured along with the Honda Accord "chain reaction" - Things just work advert ! What's new? , Click HERE to find out. If you cannot find the advert you are looking for or want other information about UK Television adverts, please see the TV Advert Resources section Please visit my other website for lots of photographs of Derby and derbyshire.

TV Ad The Whitburn Project: 120 Years of Music Chart History. For the last ten years, obsessive record collectors in Usenet have been working on the Whitburn Project — a huge undertaking to preserve and share high-quality recordings of every popular song since the 1890s.

The Whitburn Project: 120 Years of Music Chart History

To assist their efforts, they’ve created a spreadsheet of 37,000 songs and 112 columns of raw data, including each song’s duration, beats-per-minute, songwriters, label, and week-by-week chart position. It’s 25 megs of OCD, and it’s awesome. As far as I know, this is the first time the project and its data have ever been discussed outside of Usenet. Despite its illegality, they’ve created a wonderful resource and you can do some fun things with the data. For the next three days, I’m going to publish some analysis and insights gleaned from their work.

History of the Whitburn Project The Excel spreadsheets were created to help them verify their collections were complete, with new versions updated and re-uploaded to the newsgroups weekly. The Data Song Lengths Over Time I’m tired. - Who wrote what. Roots Knotty Roots - The Discography of Jamaican Music. This website is subscription based.

Roots Knotty Roots - The Discography of Jamaican Music

Please purchase a subscription to gain access to the database. If you already own a subscription, please log in. Out of print for over ten years, Roots Knotty Roots returns as an online database in partnership with Reggae Fever. RKR is the most accurate, comprehensive discography of Jamaican singles by far. It is much larger and more accurate than former editions, with over 91,000 listings covering the years 1953-1995. See User's Guide for full description of our features. Discover Music via Samples, Cover Songs and Remixes.