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The Cosimo Code. Louie Welcome to LOUIE LOUIE.NET, the internet edition of the LOUIE REPORT.


The LOUIE REPORT is a publication that tracks progress of the upcoming documentary entitled "THE MEANING OF LOUIE," produced and directed by Eric Predoehl. Unca Marvy's R&B Page. Soul Express Magazine. Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews. Welcome to the deepest, the darkest and the most unexplored side of rock'n'roll jungle!

What you have here is simply loads and loads of detailed information on pure, straight-forward rock'n'roll, blues and rhythm'n'blues, mostly dating back to the 1950's and the 1960's. Basically all this stuff has been compiled as a hobby and primarily for my own private purposes and pleasure, but I do hope that there are some other people as well who might find this website useful, maybe even slightly entertaining. As you probably have already learned, any of these artists and records I display here doesn't really have that much in common. There Stands the Glass. Spectropop! - Phil Spector, Brill Building, Girl Groups, etc. Rhythm Section. Thus spoke songwriters Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller.

Rhythm Section

Having completed the previous post with a Leiber/Stoller item, it's hardly surprising that I should take a closer look at one of the best double acts in Rock n'Roll history. They were initially a song-writing duo that I must confess I took for granted, my original opinion being largely based on what I erroneously thought were “novelty” songs that had been written for The Coasters in the late 1950’s.

From The Dark End of the Street. No Depression. Motown Junkies. Sir Shambling.