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Mumbai Local Train Time Table. Railway Station Codes - Indian Railway Station code - IRCTC code. Select State And Station For Station Code: Indian railway is a one of largest rail network and there are more than 7500 stations across the country.

Railway Station Codes - Indian Railway Station code - IRCTC code

It’s very difficult to remember station code of every station. You can use this tool to find out railway station code of any railway station. With the help of this website you can search station code of any station that’s located in India. You have to select only state and station name this tool show you station code of that station along with station name and state. station code is a unique code that’s mainly use to identify railway station. 1. berth reservation 2. identify the station Whenever you try to reserve berth in Indian railway you need to fill up station code or name in source or destination station field.

Live running train online. Indian railway pnr status. Vectors and types of vectors in algebra with example - mathematics tutorials. A vector is a physical quantities that has both magnitude and direction.Vectors are represented by directed line segments like Length of dircted line segment is called magnitude of vector and direction represented by arrow marks.

Vectors and types of vectors in algebra with example - mathematics tutorials

Zero or Null Vector Unit Vector Like and Unlike Vector Collinear or Parallel Vector Co-initial Vector Co-Planar Vector Coterminous Vector Negative of a Vector Reciprocal of a Vector Localized and Free Vectors Zero or Null Vector :Null or zero vector are vector whose initial and terminal points are coincident means starting or end points are or bull vectors is denoted by 0(zero) like 0→Unit Vector :if modulus of any vectors is unity then that vectors is called unit vectors. unit vectors is denoted by |a|→=1 Collinear or Parallel Vector :Vectors having same or parallel supports are known as Collinear or Parallel Vector. Rational expressions and solution with example-mathematics tutorials-algebra on Rational expressions is defined as the quotient p(x)/q(x) of two polynomials p(x) and q(x) where q(x) is non zero polynomial. for example if p(x)=x2-2x and q(x)=2x-4 (non zero polynomial) are two polynomials then quotient p(x)/q(x)=x2-2x/2x-4 is known as rational expression of polynomials.where p(x) is known as numerator and q(x) is known as denominator of rational expression.

Rational expressions and solution with example-mathematics tutorials-algebra on

Example of rational expression p(x)/q(x)=(x3-2x)/(8x-4)p(x)/q(x)=(x3-2x2)/(2x2-4)p(x)/q(x)=(x2-x+3)/(x-5)p(x)/q(x)=(x3-2x2-3)/(x2-2) Two Rational expressions are always equal if numerator of 1st expression * denominator of 2nd expression is equal to denominator of 1st expression * numerator of 2nd expression. Matrix in algebra with example-Type of Matrices-Mathematics tutorials.

Online map generator - Embed map- Create map. Create mobile apps in sap mobile with the help of apps builder. Step 1-> Download appbuilder-1.0.1252 ZIP file and unzip where you want to install apps builder.

Create mobile apps in sap mobile with the help of apps builder

Step 2-> for starting apps builder software open run(Window Batch File) file. Step 3-> if you want to create new apps click new button on apps builder. Step 4-> Enter project name Device type(phone,Tablet) and template(Generic Application , Tab Based Application) type and click confirm button. After clicking confirm button you will get a blank template Step 5-> click on Tool tab that's use to create new apps. Create workflow in salesforce. For opening Flow creation window Go to the setup-->Expend Create --> workflow & Approvals -->click Flow link All flow will listed there for creating new flow Click newFlow button New Flow Window will be appears you can find all tool or element on the left side of flow creation page. drag and drop screen tool on right side page that comes under user interface tab .

Create workflow in salesforce

A new popup window will be appears. Add Screen field from Add a field tab. Loops For,While,Do while in C++ Loop are iteration statement that execute set of instruction until specified or termination condition is not fulfilled . execute same statements multiple times for exit from a loop without completion we can use the break statement that jump out side the block/loop and stop executing block of code.

Loops For,While,Do while in C++

Loops are mainly three type: Destructors in c++ Destructors is a special member function that mainly used to destroy the object of its class. name of Destructors are same as class name only special character ~ added at the beginning of destructors. destructors never accept any argument like constructor. destructors also not return any value. compiler call destructors for destroying object upon exit from the program or block or function for cleanup memory .

Destructors in c++

We write destructors like: employee :: ~employee() { //object deletion code goes hear. Exception Handling in C++ What is Exception : Exception are runtime unexpected , unusual condition or error that occurred in a piece of code while program execution. that alter the normal program execution flow. some unusual condition like division by zero, array index outside of its bound or program executing out of memory disk space problem etc are condition of exception generation. exception can occurs through hardware failures, bugs in program, resource exhaustion etc. exceptions are mainly other then logical or syntactical error. when program generate exception then it's alter program execution so it is important to identified and dealt exception in proper way and write some exception handling code in program that handle the exceptional condition and make a program to run in smooth way.

Exception Handling in C++

Exception in c++ are mainly two type throw exception; //block of statement which detect and throw an exception. What is C++ programming and it's Features. C++ is a computer programming language that based on object oriented concepts like encapsulation,overloading,polymorphism etc. it was developed by Bjarne stroustrup at AT&T Bell Loboratories in early 1980's. because of it's object oriented feature programmer can build large programs with clarity , extensibility and easy to maintenance feature .

What is C++ programming and it's Features

Features of C++ object orinted programming Data can not be accessed by external function means data is hidden from external function. Object communicate with each other through functions of class. New data and object can be easily added. GCD(HCF) and LCM of polynomials with example-mathematics Polynomials.

GCD(HCF) and LCM of polynomials with example-mathematics

Distance between two points with example. Cartesian Co-ordinate If two perpendicular line passes through any point O then we called point O as origin .in above figure YOY' is perpendicular to XOX' and passes through point O so O is origin and YOY' is called y-axis and XOX' become x-axis. both perpendicular line known as a axis of coordinates. We describe axis as positive and negative From origin O right side line OX is positive and left side line OX' is negative and same rule applied for Y axis from origin O , OY is positive and OY' is known as negative.

Quadrants perpendicular line XOX' and YOY' divided the plane into four part that parts are known as quadrants .in the above figure YOX is first quadrant , YOX' is second quadrant,X'OY' is third quadrant and XOY' is known as forth quadrant. Arithmetic Progressions with examples. Quadratic equation and solution with example-mathematics tutorials-algebra on Linear equation of two variables and solution with example.

Linear equation is a equation that represent the straight line in the form of x axis and y axis. in a graphical representation that passes through x and y coordinate according to x and y values. if equation are degree two then that called Quadratic equation not linear There are mainly two type of linear equation 1) One Variable Linear equation 2) Two variables linear equation One Variable Linear equation ax=b where a and b are real number x=b/a where a not zero. Salesforce, visualforce, apex,salesforce1 mobile tutorials on is a cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS).It was founded in March 1999 by Marc Benioff. it is also known for its Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) product.with the help of Salesforce platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product software developers can create add-on applications. also provides AppExchange, a custom application building and sharing platform.

Salesforce1 is a new mobile interface it is used to access Salesforce on mobile devices it access all Standard and Custom objects, and through salesforce1 we can publish a visualforce Page to mobile devices. How to publish visualforce page for mobile devices What is the cloud computing What is AppExchange. How to create Visualforce page in salesforce Visualforce is the component-based user interface framework for the platform. The framework includes a tag-based markup language, similar to HTML. visualforce provides richset of component and also provide way for developers to create their own components. Visualforce uses model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm. and also use auto-generated controllers for database objects, providing simple and tight integration with the database.

Developer can write there own controllers, or extensions to controllers, using Apex Code. Develop Healthcare apps Save data in custom object in salesforce Create visualforce page by clicking on Build->Develop->Visualforce page click on new button for creating new form enter Label and Name of visualforce page and write code for creating form and click on save button for saving created page. On submit click we Pass data to controller and controller execute query like insert , update and after insert or update redirect to visualforce page . Function overloading in c++ Function Overloading is a technique to use same function name for different purposes. means we can write same function name to perform different tasks . we also called this technique as a function polymorphism in object oriented programming. one function name but different arguments using function overloading technique we can write group of function of same name but argument of each overloaded function will be different. whenever we call overloaded function that will be called depending on argument.

Inline function in c plus plus. Inline function is a function that's mainly defined in one or two line and start with keyword inline. when inline function called compiler replace function call with function body. if functions definitions are too long or complicated then compiler treated those inline function as a normal function. Definition of inline functions:inline function-header { function body } Exampleinline int sum(int a , int b) { return(a+b); }

Access video from amazon s3 in salforce. Procedure to upload and access video from amazon server For accessing video from amazon server you need to create permission Log into your Amazon s3 consol Enter email id or password and click sign in using our secure server button for login click on S3 link from storage & content Delivery. Create AWS Java project in eclipse. For working on Amazon web services project first you need to install AWS java sdk in eclipse ide from Help->install new software-> and enter in work with and select AWS Deployment Tools and click next button . and follow bellow steps for creating new aws java project. Video tutorial mobile apps in salesforce. Constructors in c++ Constructors in c++ is a special member function that's mainly use to initialize the object of class. name of constructor will be same as class name and invoked whenever object of class is created. whenever object of any class will create that's class constructors will invoked and initialize the member variable of associated object.

Constructors declaration and definition constfloat :: constfloat(void) // definition of constructor { k=5.4; m=6.7; } Whenever we create object of class constfloat constructor constfloat will be invoked and initialize member variable k and m with k=5.4 and m=6.7. Maps by lat and long-city map-street map-satellite map-latitude and longitude search. Mobile location finder. Software programming ,mobile and database tutorials Mathematics tutorials and example.