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Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Partner Community. Opportunity Stage Conversion Rate. Intro to The Welkin Suite IDE. Salesforce Partner Community. Jan 11, 2016 Highlights & Headlines By Rajiv Patel (Partner Community) and Emily Iwan (Partner PR) :: The program highlights, replay and slides are now available for our recent Partner Roadmap Webinar: New SI Program for FY17 :: The Sponsorship prospectus for events in 2016 (like Dreamforce To You, Connections, & Dreamforce) is now available - :: Get ready for Salesforce University Destination Success, the first ever conference focused entirely on learning Salesforce and getting certified - :: Curious what tech changes are coming?

Salesforce Partner Community

:: Looking for partner-specific enablement resources by industry? :: The Spring '16 Release Notes, the partner pre-release signup page, and more release information are now available at The Welkin Suite IDE for Release Notes. This critical update changes the way that your static resources, such as images, JavaScript, and CSS files, are served from Salesforce.

Release Notes

To avoid broken references to static resources, make sure that you review our recommended best practices. Prior to this release, some static resources, such as images and CSS files, were loaded from the Salesforce Domain. With this update, all static resources are loaded from the Visualforce Domain. Changing the origin domain can cause absolute references to static resources to break. We recommend that you test this update in a sandbox or Developer Edition organization to verify correct behavior of your pages before enabling it in your production organization. Single sign on - Auth Provider + Communities. I'm trying to sign into a community via Auth Provider from an external org.

single sign on - Auth Provider + Communities

I've set the Auth provider in my organization and my community too. Doing as the documentation says: Using the community URL parameter my Url looks like this: However this is what is happening at the moment: If I use the url without the community everything is ok: -> The new users are created and updated.However if I try to log in using again the same same browser but different tab and I got the error: "Cannot sign on into same org"If I use the Url with community parameter it never works. -->CASE 1: If I log in using a new user that is not in the community org, what I expect is that the handler works in the same way like without community parameter and creates the new User. Then in Summary, if I use community parameter I'm not able to log in / sign in ever. Salesforce Communities: There’s no place like /home/home…or is there? By Isaac Lehr So you’ve set up Salesforce Communities and you want to direct your external users to the appropriate Community through Single Sign-On (SSO) or Authentication Providers (Auth.

Salesforce Communities: There’s no place like /home/home…or is there?

Providers). First of all, who are these external users? Second, where do I select the SSO or Auth. Best Practices for Implementing Single Sign-On.


Sales. Service & Support. Components. Salesforce Documentation. AppExchange Solutions. Webinars. Agile Methodology at Salesforce, an Inside Look. Editor’s Note: This story was written in partnership by Jason Kline and Jason Coppola from our Agile Coaching team.

Agile Methodology at Salesforce, an Inside Look

Whenever we hire a new engineer, we immediately put them through our two-day training course on the way we use the Agile methodology at Salesforce. We do this for a couple of reasons. First, not everyone we hire has been part of an Agile culture before. And second, even if they have been, it was probably quite different from ours.

A big goal is simply getting everyone speaking the same language. Having done many of these two-day training courses, we’ve naturally developed a lot of depth around our implementation of Agile principles and processes, which we’d like to share with you now. The word “Agile” gets thrown around a lot, and it can mean a lot of different things. Alongside Scrum, we have methodologies to promote what we call “technical excellence.” We foster organic change — change from within and from the bottom up. 10 Common Mistakes Architects Make. Abstract is changing the way software is written and deployed.

10 Common Mistakes Architects Make

Companies are realizing the enormous advantages of deploying business applications in very short timeframes without having to invest in hardware, software, and IT infrastructure – let alone the number of people it can take to maintain on-premise solutions. Thanks to, building and deploying a SaaS application has never been easier. However, to realize the ROI, it is essential to understand the SaaS model and the technologies behind it. is a paradigm shift and, as such, requires a different way of architecting, designing and building your application, to experience success. Do not make wrong choices that can increase scope, timeline and cost Mistake #1 – Not leveraging the automatically generated screens to reduce development time Visualforce allows you to design any conceivable user interface. Create the right design for your app, if you want to avoid rebuilding it Summary. Known Issues. Trust – Knowledge Base. Partner Portal -

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