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We are leading manufacturers of church apparels since 1976. We specialise in making cassock, anglican cassock, roman cassock, chasubles, liturgical vestments, orthodox vestments, catholic liturgicals and more.

Roman Cassocks - PSG Vestments. Roman Cassock The cassock (or soutane) comes in a number of styles or cuts, though no particular symbolism attaches to these.

Roman Cassocks - PSG Vestments

A Roman cassock often has a series of buttons down the front – sometimes thirty-three (symbolic of the years of the life of Jesus). In some English-speaking countries these buttons may be merely ornamental, with a concealed fly-front buttoning, known as a Chesterfield front, used to fasten the garment. A French cassock also has buttons sewn to the sleeves after the manner of a suit, and a slightly broader skirt. An Ambrosian cassock has a series of only five buttons under the neck, with a sash on the waist. The ordinary Roman cassock worn by Catholic clerics (as distinct from that worn as choir dress) is black except in tropical countries, where because of the heat it is white and usually without shoulder cape (pellegrina). A band cincture or sash, known also as a fascia, may be worn with the cassock. Roman vestments / Fiddleback chasuble. Gothic chasuble. Best shopping destination to shop all kinds of liturgical vestments.

Reason Behind December 25. In spite of the fact that the date of Christ's introduction to the world is not given to us in Scripture, there is recorded confirmation that December 25 was at that point of some hugeness to Christians preceding A.D. 354.

Reason Behind December 25

One case can be found in the works of Hyppolytus of Rome, who clarifies in his Commentary on the book of Daniel (c. A.D. 204) that the Lord's introduction to the world was accepted to have happened on that day: For the principal appearance of our Lord in the substance, when he was conceived in Bethlehem, was December 25th, Wednesday, while Augustus was in his forty-second year, however from Adam, five thousand and five hundred years.

He endured in the thirty-third year, March 25th, Friday, the eighteenth year of Tiberius Caesar, while Rufus and Roubellion were Consuls. The reference to Adam can be comprehended in light of another of Hyppolytus' works, the Chronicon, where he clarifies that Jesus was conceived nine months after the commemoration of Creation. 1000+ images about chimere and rochette on Pinterest. Made to measure greek orthodox cassock. Gothic Cope Vestments - PSG Vestments. Rochet & Chimere - New Arrivals. A rochet is a white vestment by and large worn by a Roman Catholic or Anglican cleric in choir dress.

Rochet & Chimere - New Arrivals

It is obscure in the Eastern houses of worship. The rochet is like a surplice, with the exception of that the sleeves are smaller. In the Roman Catholic custom, the rochet comes underneath the knee and its sleeves and sew are now and again made of trim; in the Anglican convention, the rochet descends practically to the stitch of the cassock and its sleeves are accumulated at the wrist.

A chimere is a piece of clothing worn by Anglican diocesans in choir dress, and, formally as a component of scholarly dress. A relative of a riding shroud, the chimere takes after a scholarly outfit yet without sleeves, and is normally made of red or dark material. PSG Vestments (Houston,). Spiritual. Plain gothic economic chasuble. Click Image for Gallery Views: 1294 Brand: PSG VESTMENTS Product Code: PSEC002 Availability: In Stock $50.00 · This series of economic chasuble is a collection of simplicitas collection. · This gothic chasuble is made of quality cotton fabric.

Plain gothic economic chasuble

Holy Orthodox vestments - PSG Vestment. Cardinal Red Cassock - PSG Vestments. Views: 2391 Brand: PSG VESTMENTS Product Code: PSCA0011 Availability: In Stock $149.00 Available Options Gender: Height (from head to floor) - Length from the neck to the bottom (back) - Length from the neck to the bottom (front) - Width of shoulders - Waist measurement - Chest measurement - Arms length (from the shoulder to the middle wrist) - Neck - (NO EXTRA COST FOR CUSTOMIZATION) Traditional cassock 33 buttoned · Cassock is made as per roman catholic tradition · Cassock is made of fine polyester blend cotton fabric for better durability and comfort. · It is carefully sewed with German sewing machines by our skilled tailors to give the best workmanship. · The cassock is lined with skin friendly fabric. · The closure of the cassock is done with buttons. · The front placket conceals visible 33 fabric covered button and 5 buttons on each cuff. · The cassock has two pockets, one on each side. · Cassock is Shoulder padded · Band cincture is included Option Custom size Standard size.

Cardinal Red Cassock - PSG Vestments

Cope vestments.pdf. Cassock - PSG Vestments.