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PS Facilities provides Housekeeping, Commercial Cleaning, Facade and Glass Cleaning, Business Support Services, and Security Services etc since 2008.

Commercial Cleaning. Housekeeping Services In Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula. Why It Is Important To Sanitize Your House? The ongoing pandemic has made the whole world is very conscious about maintaining a clean and sanitized lifestyle.

Why It Is Important To Sanitize Your House?

Almost all the countries have made their citizens obey all the necessitating preventive rules provided by the World Health Organization. Except for regular hand washing, people have to maintain social distancing and wear a mask in public. But only sticking to those three rules would not keep you safe from the Covid-19. In order to keep away from the lethal virus, frequent sanitization of your surrounding is very much essential. Reasons To Justify The Importance Of Marble Floor Polishing. Getting Rid of Termite Infestation-Termite Treatment in Chandigarh.

A termite infestation can cause lasting damage to your property.

Getting Rid of Termite Infestation-Termite Treatment in Chandigarh

If you feel that you have a termite problem, then it is necessary to get a termite infestation inspection from a pest control company. Keep reading to learn more about the services for termite treatment in Chandigarh. Whenever you suspect a termite problem or infestation in your property, it is important to contact a professional pest control company at the earliest. The best measure to stay safe from a termite infestation is a termite inspection. Several reputable pest control companies can help you with the same.

The termite infestation inspection The process of termite treatment is a fairly easy one. Home Cleaning Services Chandigarh. Important Factors for Selecting Dry Cleaners. The pressure of household tasks can be very off-putting at times.

Important Factors for Selecting Dry Cleaners

Laundry can be one of the tasks that become difficult to ignore when you have to clean a load of dirty clothes. Furthermore, you may also encounter a tight schedule wherein you don’t find additional time for doing your laundry. In such scenarios, reliable dry cleaners in Mohali or any other city could come to your rescue. However, searching for dry cleaners near you can be a very daunting task without the proper guidance. Dry Cleaners Mohali. Sofa And Carpet Cleaning PS Facilities provides you the best sofa and Carpet cleaning service for Sofa and Carpet shampoo cleaning, Sofa steam cleaning, Fabric & Leather sofa cleaning, cleaning of dining chairs, cushion, upholstery cleaning & also we are dry cleaners in Mohali.

Dry Cleaners Mohali

Our well trained and equipped sofa and carpet dry cleaners thoroughly disinfect and sanitize the sofa and carpet making sure that you have no more dust or visible marks or stains on your sofa and carpet. About Us PS Integrated Facilities Pvt. Ltd established in 2008.We started our business with specialized services and gradually evolved into a comprehensive Integrated Facilities services, For more just visit us now! Home - psinegratedfacilities. Ps Facilities. Building Facade Cleaning. The exteriors are important as the interiors.

Building Facade Cleaning

Such that the exteriors of any building make up an important part of the location of the building be it any company, office, or house. Nobody would like to see a damaged exterior. As the interior can be managed by the residents themselves, the exterior of the building is to be taken care of by taking the help of some professional service. PS Integrated Facilities Pvt. Ltd established… Cleaning Services. Home. PS Facilites — Searching for Sofa Dry Cleaners,PS Facilities... Benefits of dry-cleaning sofa! In case you are avoiding dry-cleaning sofa throughout the long term, your sofa most likely looks dirty and old.

Benefits of dry-cleaning sofa!

Cleaning your sofa has loads of health and psychological advantages, so reconsider before you choose to put off couch cleaning till a later time. You need to clean it regardless of how tedious and intense this task appears. But don’t worry you don't need to do it on your own. Luckily, PS Integrated Facilities sofa dry-cleaning services willing to professionally clean your sofa at a very affordable cost. There are various kinds of sofa, for example, texture, microfiber, leather, and so forth, and you most likely don't know a lot about the material, particularly regarding maintenance. Ps Facilities. Pest Control Services in Mohali. What is Pest Control?

Pest Control Services in Mohali

Pest Control in layman's terms is a regulation or management of pests. In the residential areas and homes in urban environments, the pests consist of insects, rodents, etc. These organisms infest the residences and cause trouble to the inhabitants. In our houses, pests are insects or animals that are capable of harming our property and health. They can cause several diseases by biting or stinging. Types of Pests that commonly infest human residences are Ant, Mice, Termites, Rats Flies, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches and Bed Bugs, Etc. Things to check while hiring professional dry cleaning sofa. Home. Psfacilities. Exploring the amazing benefit of deep home cleaning. Home cleaning is not an easy task, and when you are living a busy lifestyle, it will be more challenging for you.

Exploring the amazing benefit of deep home cleaning

Well, during your weekends, you can try to clean your home, but there is no guarantee that you will get a better cleaning result. So, what should you do in such a situation? Psinegrated facilities. Psfacilities - Home. PS Integrated Facilities Pvt. Ltd. Why your sofa deserves to be dry cleaned? As anyone might expect, most sofas begin to look grimy after some time.

Why your sofa deserves to be dry cleaned?

They're likely the most utilized furniture in your home. That is why every sofa has the right to be dry cleaned at least once. PS Integrated Facilities provided dry-cleaning sofa services, as we know over time your sofa, loveseat, and easy chairs can gather a tremendous amount of garbage. Dirt, morsels, food stains, and different dribbles and masses can sneak into the breaks and overlays of your drawing room furniture and make it look pitiful and unkempt. Advantages of Dry Sofa Cleaning at Home. Furniture is a very important part of our homes and with time it gets dirty due to stains which make it look very untidy.

Advantages of Dry Sofa Cleaning at Home

However, it is very difficult for all of us to clean it ourselves. But cleaning becomes very important when it is about cleaning sofas. There is a lot more than just cleaning, as you need to be sure that it does not gets damaged while cleaning. This is why many people are nowadays choosing to get done with a dry cleaning sofa at home with the help of professionals. Let us say that how this can benefit all of us.

Home Cleaning Services Chandigarh. Searching for Dry Cleani… Searching for Sanitizing your house. Fight Bacteria to Prevent Infection by Sanitizing Your House. During the time of pandemic, the most prioritized prevention measure which we can take is to keep our space sanitized. Maintaining the cleanliness of our house has always been a core part of our life to keep our minds fresh and calm. However, nowadays ensuring that our space is properly disinfected has also become necessary. Below we have answered some of the questions regarding Sanitizing Your House so that you do not be ignorant before taking any step.

How sanitizing could be helpful? Application of sanitizing helps in removing the disease spreading germs which might be resting on different surfaces of the house. Are there any precautions to be taken? While carrying out the procedure one should ensure to wear disposable gloves and avoid coming directly in contact with such areas. Apart from this, there are other precautions as well which should be considered while sanitizing your house. Home Cleaning Services. Housekeeping Services in Chandigarh. Facade Glass Cleaning. Sanitizing Your House. Significants To Hire Building Facade Cleaning Services. A clean working environment says a lot about your business. Your office staff deserves a clean working environment and it also reflects about you as in business owner how much you care about your workers and employees.

With so many things on the plate to run your business operations, taking care of cleanliness is the last thing you want to deal with. And that is when building façade cleaning services come in. Building Facade Cleaning. Marble Floor Polishing Service. Termite Treatment in Chandigarh. Deep Kitchen Cleaning Services. Deep Kitchen Cleaning Services by P S INEGRATED FACILITIES / 500px. Full House Cleaning Service. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Full House Cleaning Service' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_1610754'></script><p> From <a href=' For Home Cleaning Services Chandigarh. Dry Dusting of walls to remove cobwebs (no washing), Cleaning of fans, tubes, switchboard, bulbs, doors (both wooden & glass), window panes, appliances like AC, lamps, etc.