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| Prudential Overall Supply is committed to excellence in: 1. Delivering quality service and products that meet or exceed customer requirements and earn customer satisfaction. 2. Developing all team members to achieve their full potential. 3. Providing a safe, clean and efficient work environment. 4. Conducting all business relationships with integrity. As we accomplish this, we will grow, retain our customers and prosper.

How to Train Your Wait Service to Be More Attentive. Customer service is important in any industry where company personnel interact directly with the public—but this is especially true in the restaurant business.

How to Train Your Wait Service to Be More Attentive

Almost everyone who dines in restaurants has a handful of horror stories about bad service, and many people take a certain delight in relating these tales of woe to friends, family, and co-workers. Bad restaurant experiences can take a wide variety of forms—undercooked/overcooked food, long waits for service, noisy diners at neighboring tables, etc. —but, in many cases, it all boils down to unresponsive wait staff.

For obvious reasons, the average person dislikes feeling mistreated by others, but all too often this is their experience when they go out to eat. This state of affairs is far from inevitable, however: It’s possible for restaurant owners to take steps to ensure that their wait service is competent to meet the challenges of interacting with diners appropriately and efficiently. Hire Good Personnel Serve Water. Creating a Safer Work Environment in Your Industrial Facility. Tips for Greening Your Restaurant. The restaurant industry has a large environmental footprint, being a large consumer of electricity, water, and food and producing significant amounts of waste and emissions.

Tips for Greening Your Restaurant

Finding more environmentally sustainable methods of doing business will help restaurants meet consumer demand for more eco-friendly dining options and also help cut costs. Smart solutions including reducing food waste, limiting energy consumption and water use, and purchasing environmentally friendly wait staff and cleaning uniforms all can contribute to greener restaurants. The Bottom Line. Prudential Overall Supply. Persons who work inside industrial facilities have to be well aware of the variety of potential hazards they may encounter while on the job.

Prudential Overall Supply

There can be a number of threats present at any time, depending on the type of building and the kinds of industrial processes found inside it—radiation, noxious gases, poisonous chemicals, and much more. There is one particular threat, however, that receives too little attention—and ignorance of this phenomenon can have deadly consequences. We’re referring to combustible dust. Not only can combustible dust trigger massive explosions, it is often misjudged as an industrial hazard because this particulate matter often comes from seemingly benign sources. Building Trust & Confidence Among Auto Shop Customers. In the auto repair business, consumer trust is every bit as essential as having all the right tools and technical know-how.

Building Trust & Confidence Among Auto Shop Customers

Automotive repair is largely a reputation driven business. Good experiences brings customers back for repeat business and encourages them to recommend your business to their friends and family. There’s more to building a good business reputation in the automotive repair field than providing reliable repairs and good customer service. Image is also a key part of the equation. Auto repair shops that impress their customers with professional operation and appearance can more easily form a favorable opinion among them, spurring repeat business and referrals. Word-Of-Mouth is Critical Auto repair is a competitive field.

According to the University of Georgia’s Small Business Development Center, 81 percent of auto shop owners use word-of-mouth and customer referrals as their primary method of advertising. Professional certification. How to Dress for a Job Interview. The job interview: Just the thought of it tends to strike terror in the hearts of anyone hoping to build a career.

How to Dress for a Job Interview

For good reason, interviewees tend to feel like they’re being observed through a microscope, as the manager searches for the slightest indication that the person sitting on the other side of the desk may possess some undesirable flaw. It can be a nerve-wracking experience for job hunters, which is why it’s essential that they maximize their chances for success by preparing for the interview as thoroughly as possible. Assessing & Mitigating Workplace Fire Risk. Fire has been both friend and foe to mankind since time began, facilitating comfort, technological advancement, and industry, while also representing a threat to health and safety should it become uncontrolled.

Assessing & Mitigating Workplace Fire Risk

In modern settings, fire remains something that must be carefully controlled, particularly in the workplace. Identifying and mitigating fire hazards – with sprinkler systems, flame resistant clothing, insulation, etc. – is an important task for businesses. The importance of fire hazard management and safety cannot be overstated. What is a Clean Room? - Definitions and Methods. Posted on: 02/13/15 What is a Clean Room – Definitions and Methods.

What is a Clean Room? - Definitions and Methods

The History of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) These days, workers who spend their careers in hazardous environments have access to a wide array of protective apparel and gear to keep them safe and secure.

The History of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

From durable helmets to full-body suits, the range of so-called personal protective equipment (PPE) includes almost everything necessary to ensure worker safety in any kind of worksite. There’s no doubt that, for many occupations, this kind of equipment is absolutely necessary. Today’s working person often faces a number of dangers on a fairly routine basis. Construction sites are fraught with falling objects that could cause fatal injuries. Medical labs contain sensitive biological materials that can induce severe illness. INDUSTRIES THAT BENEFIT FROM REUSABLE MATERIALS. As awareness grows for reducing carbon footprints, businesses are making more socially and environmentally responsible decisions.


The increased production of reusable supplies can help companies transition into greener habits. Here are common industries that will tangibly benefit from this initiative. Health Care Industry In the 1960s, disposable gowns, towels, and drapes were introduced to the health care industry with the rationale that these items provided better barrier protection. While some may still argue that disposable supplies are more sanitary, the advances in technology over the past 50 years have provided us with reusable items that are just as safe. HOW TO COMBAT DUST IN THE WORKPLACE. Wherever there is air, there is dust, often too small for detection by the human eye.


At home, “dust bunnies” can be made up of the usual mix of dust mites, human, and animal skin cells, textile and paper fibers, minerals, or even burnt meteorite particles.(1) Dust is defined as solid particles that may become airborne, ranging from less than 1 µm (a micrometer, or one millionth of a meter), up to 100 µm in size. In the work environment, dust contamination takes on greater significance, especially when cleanrooms and clean room supplies are required. Airborne dust poses special dangers when inhaled, placing workers at risk of developing occupational diseases or disabilities. The Dangers of Dust in a Work Environment Employers and manufacturers must take into account the risks of reduced product quality or serious contamination when workplace dust is not controlled. The degree of danger from dust depends on the materials being handled. Who Sets the Safety Standards? Behavioral Factors 1. Professional Identity: The Power of the Uniform.

Learn how a uniform provides professional identity for everyone from military personnel to nurses to those in the corporate world. – prudentialuniforms

HOW TO MAKE YOUR COMPANY H.A.C.C.P. COMPLIANT. Overview of H.A.C.C.P. Compliancy H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) is a preventive management system that identifies and controls potential food safety hazards. TOP 10 WAYS TO BUILD EMPLOYEE MORALE. Research has demonstrated that happy employees are more productive, by a margin of 12 percent.(1) All an employer has to do is make employees happy, and productivity growth should follow, right? The Importance of Professional Automotive Uniforms. As we all know, uniforms exude a sense of professionalism to customers, especially new ones. When it comes to mechanics, or anyone in the automotive service industry, new customers are always going to be a bit skeptical because of the price of doing business.

Whenever you leave a mechanic shop, many people can’t help but wonder if their mechanic was telling the truth about the condition of their car.