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Prudence Technology India & USA Inc, is a information technology (IT) service provider. With its presence spread across different locations in the India, USA & Middle East. Prudence is a Microsoft & Oracle partner in Delhi

Digital HR: A Journey towards Modern HR. Human Resource is no doubt about the development, recruitment, and retention of talent.

Digital HR: A Journey towards Modern HR

We know that talent is a business builder and given the danger from disruptions and the increasing pace of market changed led by the modernization of business, an ever increasing essential driver in safeguarding from the decline of market share. Digital talent motivates change in the right structure where new means of working, leveraging technology to build and innovate and agility differentiates. What, thus must an HR take into consideration and perform to leverage more digital talent together with the digital transformation journey?

Build a modern culture Digital talent is searching for purpose, momentum, agility and fun towards something rewarding. Open Up and Look Wider Influencers, networks, and crowds live within any sectors environment. Understand the difference of digital skills and behaviors Prevent departmental approaches Keep in mind that digital is not a department. Lead people. Another Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry. This blog is in continuation to the series on the subject, our previous blog are: 1. 2...

Another Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry

Post hatchery the One Day Old Chicks are moved to the farms for the brooding, rearing & Laying. Top Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry The ERP for the brooding, rearing or laying need to ensure an effective farm management to cover up day to day operations. It should also help in planning of the daily activities. Prudence Technology: Business Intelligence Tool for the SMB. Today, everything is about mobility and flexibility when it comes to managing and evaluating the data generated by the core application like ERP, CRM, HRMS.

Prudence Technology: Business Intelligence Tool for the SMB

This means that the best business intelligence tool for the ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle EBS, SAP Business One should allow you to access your data quickly and easily for faster and better decision-making, so you don’t miss opportunities that would help your company grow. The best BI service provider understands the demand for this mobility and continues to provide modern convenience built into business intelligence solutions to let you access easy to use reports, data warehousing and dashboards. How SMBs Can Benefit from Business Intelligence Tools In the past, only large companies with enough resources to maintain teams of data scientists and IT professionals could benefit from business intelligence. As technology developed, software has become more powerful, lightweight and accessible. Part 2- Another Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry. In last blog I have promised to come back with a complete edition on the benefits and process of implementing a ERP in the poultry industry.

Part 2- Another Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry

Now in this blog we would go little bit micro to understand the benefits of the standard ERP in Poultry or Hatcheries. So let’s start with the Hatchery Process. This is beginning of the process where eggs laid by the Grand Parents are hatched in the artificial mechanized hatchers to produce parent, Broiler or layer chicks. The prime advantages of using a ERP in the Hatchery are: Effective Scheduling: As the ERP system integrates all the processes it gives you an environment where based on the laying cycle and laid eggs, users can schedule the hatching machine effectively.Increase in efficiency: Due to advance planning by ERP, organizations can plan the break downs in advance. Omni Channel Management ERP Software for Retail & eCommerce. Business Consulting Companies in India. Climbing The Business with Perfect Informational Strategy. For every business, there is a need of enterprise resource planning in the form of software.

Climbing The Business with Perfect Informational Strategy

Looking to that is designed the Microsoft dynamics nav software solutions that are going to help in all kind of business related processes. Today with changing the voice, this has become the face for every company with promoting the right kind of enterprise resource planning solution. BI Dashboard Design and Development. Poultry Farm Online Reporting ERP Software - Customization Services for Microsoft Dynamics Nav. Inventory Management ERP Software - Pre-built Dashboards for obics - Navone Supply Chain Management Software - Oracle Fusion HCM Support Service - Auto Parts Manufacturing ERP Software. Fusion Taleo Integration Services. Cloud Based Hr Software Solutions. Oracle Ebs Implementation Services - eCommerce Management ERP Software. Why & How to Take Decision on the Migration of ERP?

In today’s fast moving world which is full of innovations, technology is moving at highest pace.

Why & How to Take Decision on the Migration of ERP?

Businesses are going through transformation due to adoptions of these innovations in different areas such as automation of processes, communication, market outlook, R&D etc. Sooner or later businesses are forced to adopt these changes. ERP is also not different than any other technology platform, ERP software companies also keep on upgrading their products. Justifying the cost of upgradation or adoption is challenge as businesses have already spent money on the stabilization of older versions. Following points can help you to answer why: Is your software quite old and you find it tough to get the resources to support it? I have tried to accumulate few of the best practices adopted by companies globally for migration. About Author: Mr. Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2013 to 2016 Migration. Be Positive as Negativity can Never Help.

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One - Navone Dealer Management Portal. Poultry Farm Online Reporting ERP Software. Complete Enterprise Data Discovery Application - Oracle Endeca Integration Suite. Best Practices in ERP Implementation. Document it & Document It • Documentation helps you in • Better understanding of the customer requirements • Complete control on the Project deliverables • Milestone signoffs • Keeping the records for future implementations • Better communication between Technical & Functional team.

Best Practices in ERP Implementation

Human Resource Management Software Solution. Business Intelligence Dashboard Design. Oracle Gold Partner in Delhi - Prudence Technology. Why Cloud Based HR Software Solutions is Smart Choice? In a digital world where programs rule and pencils drool, Human Resource Management is no exception.

Why Cloud Based HR Software Solutions is Smart Choice?

Bigger the organization, the more challenging it gets to manage large database with ease. Cloud based HR software solutions are answer to all those stacked up files and folders, unorganized data records, accurate and timely updated records, etc. More and more talent acquisition companies are incorporating HR management software to make the process less tiresome and error free. Why human resource management based on cloud is better and boosts professional efficiency at workplace, let’s find out. 1. The cloud software resides in the secured data centers with best of the world security provisions. 2. HR software helps manage department’s efficiency, keep a track of their efforts, over- employment and underemployment status is clear and 100% accuracy of the data collected is assured. 3. 4.

Fiddling with papers, managing data records manually spoils efficiency and kills time. 5. 6. Like this: Best Practices in ERP Implementation- Anubhav Maheshwari. Payroll Software for HRMS. Prudence Technology Pvt. Ltd.: Oracle BI SE 1 vs Oracle BI SE vs Oracle BI EE Plus. Oracle has released three editions of Oracle Business Intelligence suite and all have always wondered, What is the basic difference between three editions.

Prudence Technology Pvt. Ltd.: Oracle BI SE 1 vs Oracle BI SE vs Oracle BI EE Plus

After acquisition of Siebel by Oracle, we could see major changes in Oracle Business intelligence products. Oracle BI Standard Edition one and Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Plus had their basic blueprint from Siebel Analytics. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R12 implementation & Migration. Oracle Taleo Suite Implementation. Premium Enterprise Cloud Advisory consulting company in India.