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Black Bookstores and Racial Politics. Still Separate, Still Unequal: Teaching about School Segregation and Educational Inequality. Racial segregation in public education has been illegal for 65 years in the United States.

Still Separate, Still Unequal: Teaching about School Segregation and Educational Inequality

Yet American public schools remain largely separate and unequal — with profound consequences for students, especially students of color. Today’s teachers and students should know that the Supreme Court declared racial segregation in schools to be unconstitutional in the landmark 1954 ruling Brown v. Board of Education. Perhaps less well known is the extent to which American schools are still segregated.

According to a recent Times article, “More than half of the nation’s schoolchildren are in racially concentrated districts, where over 75 percent of students are either white or nonwhite.” Although many students learn about the historical struggles to desegregate schools in the civil rights era, segregation as a current reality is largely absent from the curriculum. Fanny Lou Hamer - oral history. 'Dressed in Dreams' Uncovers the Black Women Who Invented Modern Streetwear.

The Islamic Roots of Hip Hop. In the Big Daddy Kane track “Ain’t No Half-Steppin’” the rapper famously signs off with the line, “Hold up the peace sign, as-salamu alaykum.” — the traditional Arabic greeting for Muslims.

The Islamic Roots of Hip Hop

It translates to “peace be upon you,” and it's not the only references to Islam in hip-hop's foundational tracks. Yvonne Turner Helped Invent House Music—So Why Does No One Know Her Name? Or was it?

Yvonne Turner Helped Invent House Music—So Why Does No One Know Her Name?

Evan Turner was actually Yvonne Turner, who had a prolific, if abridged, career as a producer, mixer, and remixer. Being erroneously credited was just the beginning: On subsequent pressings of “Music Is the Answer,” her name was left off altogether. How the Daughters and Granddaughters of Former Slaves Secured Voting Rights for All. In the fall of 1916, four years before the 19th Amendment would make it unconstitutional to deny voting rights on the basis of sex, African-American women in Chicago were readying to cast their first ballots ever for President.

How the Daughters and Granddaughters of Former Slaves Secured Voting Rights for All

The scenes in that year of black women, many of them the daughters and granddaughters of former slaves, exercising the franchise, was as ordinary as it was unexpected. Theirs was a unique brand of politics crafted at the crossroads of racism and sexism. African-American women had always made their own way. In Chicago, they secured a place at the polls by way of newly enacted state laws that, over 25 years, extended the vote to the women of Illinois, gradually, unevenly and without regard to color. San Francisco Board of Education votes to paint over school’s George Washington mural. Yesterday was #HolocaustMemorialDay. We honor & acknowledge African-descendants & Afro-Germans who too, were victims of the Holocaust and Nazism like Valaida Snow, a Black American jazz musician & entertainer. #blackwomenradicals. Aretha Franklin was born in Memphis in 1942 and celebrates her 78th birthday today. Here she is live in 1964 playing piano and doing an incredible version of "Evil Gal Blues.

Thread by @thatssokeshaun: "Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress is one of the most well remember and often imitated wedding looks of all time. However, its designer, Ann Low. 159 views @thatssokeshaun Aug 27th 2019, 11 tweets, 4 min read Read on Twitter Tweet Share Email Embed.

Thread by @thatssokeshaun: "Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress is one of the most well remember and often imitated wedding looks of all time. However, its designer, Ann Low

The hidden heroes of the civil rights movement. An Unnamed Girl, a Speculative History. The small, naked figure reclines on the arabesque sofa.

An Unnamed Girl, a Speculative History

Looking at the photograph, it is easy to mistake her for some other Negress, lump her with all the delinquent girls working Lombard Street and Middle Alley, lose sight of her among the surplus colored women in Philadelphia, condemn and pity the child whore. Everyone has a different story to share. Fragments of her life can be gleaned from the stories of girls resembling her and girls who are nothing like her, stories held together by longing, betrayal, lies, and disappointment.

A newspaper article confuses one girl with another, gets her name wrong. Captivating Tech Syllabus. In case you didn't know... This is #HazelScott that Alicia Keys paid homage to in her two-piano performance. □□□ #Grammys. 15 Biographies Of Women That Make Captivating Women's History Month Reads. Women's History Month is finally upon us, so clear off some space on your nightstand, book nerd, because I have a new reading list for you.

15 Biographies Of Women That Make Captivating Women's History Month Reads

Critical Race & Digital Studies Syllabus – Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies. As scholars of color we know that understandings of race and racial inequalities have always been at the center of debates about technology, politics, and power.

Critical Race & Digital Studies Syllabus – Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies

We designed this syllabus to provide a broader context for understanding current conversations around technology and democracy by centering the voices and scholarship of people of color. The set of readings included here focus primarily on racial formations in a U.S. context and provides curated introduction to the myriad ways that race has shaped aspects of our digital world—from the infrastructures and policies that support technological development, to algorithms and the collection of data, to the interfaces that shape engagement. We then highlight the vast body of scholarship on how communities of color have deployed new media in ways that expand the public sphere, contest the status quo, and give voice to their creativity, passion, and desires.

Week 1: Early Internet Studies on Cyber-Race. "Do White Singers Imitate Negroes?" Black Kids Don’t Want to Read About Harriet Tubman All the Time. Someday Is Now: Clara Luper and the 1958 Oklahoma City Sit-Ins - Zinn Education Project. Introduce students to the activism of Clara Luper, an African American schoolteacher who organized lunch-counter sit-ins for her students to protest segregation in 1958.

Someday Is Now: Clara Luper and the 1958 Oklahoma City Sit-Ins - Zinn Education Project

This picture book is both a history lesson and a guide for when and how to challenge injustice (now and with nonviolent direct action). The author does not shy away from describing the humiliating abuse the children suffered during the sit-in. The artist shows images of Black children covered in food while white patrons yell, throw, and shake their fists. The art is simple but stunning in the way the artist avoids a heavy historical aesthetic. A Rediscovered Portrait of Harriet Tubman Is Unveiled. The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NAAMHC) in Washington, DC has revealed that it has acquired a previously unknown portrait of Harriet Tubman and that it will display the photograph in the museum’s entryway from March 25 through March 31.

A Rediscovered Portrait of Harriet Tubman Is Unveiled

“Other iconic portraits present [Tubman] as either stern or frail,” said Lonnie G. Race: The Power of an Illusion. "Too often world history teachers focus more on the process of European conquest of Africa rather than African resistance. This #MondayMap focuses on the resistance. There’s a lot of it.

Selma Burke - Sculpture of American Dime

Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind. But in the United States, it’s difficult for people to talk about prison without assuming there is a population that must stay there. Wet plate portraits honoring overlooked blues musicians in the South. Culture - How black women were whitewashed by art. Clash of the Titans was one of the most popular films of 1981. Its glittering retinue of Hollywood stars told the story of Perseus, the demigod from Greek mythology who kills a sea monster and saves the beautiful princess Andromeda from being said monster’s lunch.

Such was the film’s popularity that it was remade in 2010; the film managed a rather disparaging 26% on the Rotten Tomatoes site. Georgia Sen. Herman Talmadge defending segregated schools. What’s hip-hop architecture? ‘Hip-hop culture in built form’ “It’s a coming-of-age story”: How a bunch of friends from 1990s Cornell University launched a hip-hop architecture movement-seminar-exhibition that lands in a remixed University Avenue auto dealership next week in St.

Paul. Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site Virtual Museum Exhibit. Charles "Chief" Anderson Known as "Chief" Anderson by the pilots he trained, Charles Alfred Anderson was a pioneer of African-American aviation. A commercial pilot, he and Dr. Thread by @samswey: "Angola is the longest running slave plantation in the United States. It is also the nation’s largest maximum-security prison. Angola was a p.

Freedom Rider's Bus (Anniston, AL 1961)

Why Are Latinxs Converting to Islam? Nuestra gente, Latinxs are one of the fastest growing groups within Islam in the US — nearly 250,000 Latinxs Muslims are part of the our community and it’s growing. We had no idea until now, and we want to know, why? Join us as we explore the answer to this question with Lara Fernandez, producer of VICE’s Minority Reports latest episode called, Why are Latinos Converting to Islam? We also talk to Diana Cruz, a xingona and a Latina Muslim. Finding Lena Forsen, the Patron Saint of JPEGs. The Black 14. Why women were the backbone of the civil rights movement: ‘Voices of the Movement’ The Workers That Built America. Four hundred years ago, “about the latter end of August,” an English pirate ship called the White Lion landed at Point Comfort in the Virginia Colony carrying “not anything but 20 and odd Negroes,” wrote colonist John Rolfe. Though this is often viewed as the starting point of slavery in what would become the United States, the anniversary is somewhat misleading.

Harvard Ownership of Photos of Enslaved People. Black Jacks — W. Jeffrey Bolster. Watch the inspiring story of how discovering Black Jacks and corresponding with Jeffrey Bolster changed one young convict’s life: Few Americans, black or white, recognize the degree to which early African American history is a maritime history. Technology Unions Thread. When few enslaved people in the United States could write, one man wrote his memoir in Arabic.

He Served With D-Day’s Only African-American Combat Unit. His Widow Is Still Fighting for His Medal of Honor. What Black Educators Built. How the art of black power shook off the white gaze. Long before the rise of tech corporations, high rents and Lime scooters, the Bay Area was a breeding ground for for black artists and activists. Artists such as Emory Douglas created Soviet-influenced protest art for the Black Panther newspaper; Raymond Saunders strived to highlight the beauty of blackness with his coal-dark backdrops and figures; Cleveland Bellow brought art into the streets with his public murals and billboards. During this period, black art became louder, prouder, and unconcerned with the white gaze. The Black Soldiers of D-Day. A new exhibit, curated from Angela Davis’ personal archive. In addition to the FBI wanted poster, the exhibition displays personal items like Davis’ prison letters and a manuscript of her 1974 autobiography with handwritten notes from Toni Morrison, then her editor at Random House.

“Our boasted civilization is but a thin veneer”: Remembering the 1921 Tulsa Riots : We're History. The Physical Sciences at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Thread by @eveewing: "hi there. this is going to be a long thread in which I recap 12 and say farewell to my time writing on this series and say a bunc […]" #Ironheart. Black history isn’t a tragedy, and teaching and learning it can and should be a celebration.

Wisconsin basketball star has no plans to stop protesting racism during the national anthem. February, 1963: "I run into a lot of problems because I'm doing a job girls usually don't do." Fingerprints of enslaved children imprinted on Charleston bricks show city’s dark past. The Red Summer of 1919, Explained. Keshwani 08 africa. The Rank and File Women of the Black Panther Party and Their Powerful Influence. It’s a striking photograph: six young black women with a spectrum of complexions, faces paused in mid-exclamation, fists raised in simultaneous solidarity at a Black Panther rally. A new study found that adding time for dance, theater, or visual arts boosted students’ compassion for their classmates, lowered discipline rates and improved students’ scores on writing tests.

HIST283HOS280WomeninComputingFall2017v6. Remembering the Howard University Librarian Who Decolonized the Way Books Were Catalogued. Librarian who teaches young people about, Dorothea and Lois Towles, as a part of local Texas Black history lessons.… And I see an awful lot of sexist ads. And yeah, I have to talk about them, because they had a real effect. And sometimes I even have to show them. But I also have to do it re. Bearing Witness to Jim Crow in Mississippi With Uncompromising Candor. Meet the gallant all-black American female battalion that served in Europe during World War II. Nima On The Other Side (Spring 2021) The most important black woman sculptor of the 20th century deserves more recognition. By categorizing light skin as the norm and other skin tones as needing special corrective care, photography has altered how we interact with each other without us realizing it.

Antiracist Book Festival - 25 April 2020 @ American University. Syllabus : The Dark Fantastic. Dr. Keisha N. Blain sur Twitter : "For #LaborDay, check out this great new #book by a wonderful #historian. #ReadingisPower □ Workers on Arrival: Black Labor in the Making of America Joe William Trotter Jr. @ucpress. “At the height of slavery, the combined value of all enslaved people was more than that of all the railroads and factories combined.” #1619project @nhannahjones. Before Misty Copeland, there was Raven Wilkinson. She paved the way for ballerinas of color, struggling past prejudice. Very proud that my first magazine piece for @TheAtlantic is appearing in the October issue. Been working on it for some time. Here it is —> Why Black Athletes Need to Leave White Colleges. Martha S. Jones, JD, PhD sur Twitter : "Today, someone will tell you that 99 years ago on the 19th Amendment guaranteed women the right to vote. You tell them no, many women, including many African American women, still could not vote. Their struggle for.

When Gordon Parks Photographed the Life of a Brazilian Boy and Sparked Debate. 00064246.2019. Watch — Culturally Responsive Education Stories. How slavery became the building block of the American economy - Vox. This Black Woman Was Once the Biggest Star in Jazz. Here’s Why You’ve Never Heard of Her. Bianca Vasquez sur Twitter : "“I thought it was important that people understand that women can do these jobs-going into science, going into technology, doing something that’s not stereotypical.” -Poppy Northcutt, first female engineer to work in Mission. The Jezebel Stereotype - Anti-black Imagery - Jim Crow Museum - Ferris State University.

Eyes on The Prize. Marching bands are rooted in military training exercises & combat formations. AA marching bands & drumlines honored service in U.S. conflicts, while highlighting the absence of civil rights. THE REVOLUTIONARY Mae Mallory — What'shername. How Cuban Villagers Learned They Descended From Sierra Leone Slaves. Tangential, but it might be of interest that the term Rope Mother was used to denote software supervisors of either gender during the Apollo program. The Great Migration and the African American Girls Who Made History. James Monroe Enslaved Hundreds. Their Descendants Still Live Next Door. Frida Kahlo. Why America lost so many of its black teachers - Civil rights and wrongs. This is the one I was talking about @ebonydraws and @freeblackgirl □□… Julie C. Dao On Hiatus sur Twitter : "I’m so proud of SONG OF THE CRIMSON FLOWER, my YA Vietnamese fantasy. I love this love story and am honored and grateful that it was named a Fall 2019 Junior Library Guild Selection. Can’t wait to see it hit shelves o.

Decolonizing The Music Room - Home. The history of Black bookstores are closely connected to radical politics. Traveling While Black - Belt Magazine. Author Interview: 'Motivated: Designing Math Classrooms Where Students Want to Join In' Mar Hicks sur Twitter : "Because they had seen what labor in the computing industry could do. They had seen women workers, who used to be all over computing in its early days, get together and take down entire computer centers by withholding their labor.

David C. Brock sur Twitter : "Yesterday, I helped bring a small collection of the papers of Mary K. DeHaye into the archives of .@computerhistory. A mathematician, she programmed simulation software for the Apollo program and control software for Skylab d. She Survived a Slave Ship, the Civil War and the Depression. Her Name Was Redoshi. Dr. Bettye Washington Greene, the first African-American female chemist employed to work in a professional position at the Dow Chemical. For One Violinist, Elevating Music By Black Composers Is A 20-Year Mission.