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Provision Home Care Inc

Provision Home Care Inc is the one you can always depend on when it comes to compassionate and high-quality home care services. It is our goal to provide timely and caring assistance right at the comfort and serenity of your own home, especially during this time when you have difficulty caring for yourself. Our trusted and sympathetic caregivers will make you feel comfortable, loved and stress-free by providing the highest level of care possible.

Tackling Tremors in Senior Adults. At any age, shaky hands and occasional trembling can occur, but the possibility of those occurrences leading to a serious health issue becomes higher as we grow older.

Tackling Tremors in Senior Adults

As a licensed and certified provider of home care services in St. Louis, Missouri since 2005, aims to help people understand that tremors in older people don’t necessarily mean that they have Parkinson’s disease. So when you or someone you know experiences tremors, these are five things to remember: Tremors can be inherited Once a family member has tremors, there’s a chance that it can be passed down to the succeeding generations. Knowing what caused the tremors is essential Many factors may trigger our bodies to tremble: excessive caffeine intake; low blood sugar; exhaustion; anxiety; and even medications. Respite Care Options for Family Caregivers. In-home care in Missouri is tough, especially for family caregivers.

Respite Care Options for Family Caregivers

Often, they find themselves in need of respite from the stress and strain brought about in their lives while caring for their sick or aging loved ones. Respite care is a temporary relief for primary caregivers so their loved ones will still receive home health care that they need at home. Simply put, respite care means taking a break from your duties and responsibilities as a caregiver and having another person, like a professional caregiver or other family members, look after the person that you care for.

Receive Genuine Care at Home. Caring for Seniors with Anxiety Problems. Anxiety is a normal and healthy response to troubling situations.

Caring for Seniors with Anxiety Problems

It’s normal, for example, to feel anxious or afraid for an upcoming trip to the doctor’s clinic or when a loved one has been out for hours and hasn’t called. These anxious feelings help protect you and others around you. But it’s different for people with anxiety disorders. They feel fear or concern for no specific reasons, and this can affect their overall wellbeing. If you have an elderly loved one with an anxiety disorder, it’s natural that you’re worried about their condition.

Become an expert Learn more about your loved one’s disorder, its symptoms, and how to manage them. Low-Impact Exercises for Older Adults with Impaired Mobility. While regular physical activity is crucial for older adults to maintain good health, many seniors believe that inactivity can prevent falls and injuries.

Low-Impact Exercises for Older Adults with Impaired Mobility

However, leading a sedentary lifestyle can increase their risk of injuries and illness due to a weakened immune system and impaired mobility. As a leading provider of home care services in St. Louis, Missouri, we will share several low-impact exercises for seniors with low mobility: WalkingWalking is considered an aerobic exercise that is gentle on the back. Basic Understanding About Hypertension. If you are caring for a loved one suffering from hypertension, you understand how knowing about this disease can help you make decisions for their benefit.

Basic Understanding About Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition when the blood vessels, the narrow passageways of our blood, have increased pressure. For the blood to flow into the body, the heart needs to pump blood into the vessels. The force of the blood pushing against the blood vessel’s walls is called blood pressure. The higher the blood pressure, the more effort it takes for the heart to stabilize itself. Easy Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Senior Loved Ones. Unlike popular belief, your seniors can feel stress too, perhaps even more than you thought was possible.

Easy Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Senior Loved Ones

Proper Communication Techniques for Caregivers. Caregivers have a specialty at communicating well with those they care about.

Proper Communication Techniques for Caregivers

They can be great experts at expressing their concern to family, friends, and certain parts of the community. At times that you need support, you can rely on home care services in St. Louis, Missouri. Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors. Seniors experience different changes in their bodies.

Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

Some of them may develop age-related problems, as well as chronic conditions. Additionally, their nutritional needs become different, too. Establishing a Skincare Routine for Seniors. Compared to their younger counterparts, aging adults are more sensitive and susceptible to skin diseases due to them being prone to skin dryness.

Establishing a Skincare Routine for Seniors

Aging skin hardly ever produces natural oils; therefore, seniors may end up with a variety of problems with their skin, like dermatitis and eczema, without a proper skincare routine. Having a skincare routine is part of a senior’s personal care needs. Aside from drinking plenty of water, seniors can benefit from applying lotion and moisturizers to their skin daily because these products have the right ingredients to prevent their skin from becoming dry. It also adds protection from the sun, especially if they contain SPF. About Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Breathing is a natural and essential part of life.

About Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

The ability to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide is vital to every human. Our lungs are in charge of this necessary function. However, like any part of our bodies, the lungs are not immune to diseases. Personal and Dental Care for Seniors. When we think about health, we often think about the physical health and mental health of a person. Most of the time, we put oral health out of the picture. Taking care of your dental health should be part of your personal care regimen. Preventing Slips and Falls in Your Home.

Slips and falls are some of the most frequently reported accidents in the United States and cause nearly one-third of all nonfatal injuries according to the National Safety Council. This can be particularly dangerous if you have the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, or someone recovering from surgery at home. As a provider of home care services in St. Louis, Missouri, we make sure that the environment is safe for our patients and take necessary measures to lessen the risk of slips and falls as much as possible. Staying Physically Active in Your Senior Years. Staying physically active is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy in your senior years. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity weekly. That’s around 30 minutes per day, five (5) days a week.

Why Do Seniors Need to Have Proper Oral Care? Many seniors neglect their dental health due to mobility problems or forgetfulness. But this shouldn’t be an excuse not to maintain good oral health. Importance of Proper Nourishment in Senior Age. Lowering Hypertension Risk Through Physical Activity. Hypertension is one of the most common ailments among older adults in the US. Dealing with Loved Ones with Dementia. Senior Skin Care: Things to Remember. Guidelines: How to Monitor Your BP at Home. Is it really necessary to monitor your blood pressure (BP) even if you don’t have heart problems? Pressure Ulcer: What You Need to Know. Also known as “bed sores”, pressure ulcers are always a matter of concern for family caregivers. Pressure ulcers are skin breakouts that often lead to irritation, infection, and wound. Quick Guide: How to Care for Removable Dentures. Keeping Your Diabetes Under Control. Why Sleep Is Important in Your Golden Years. Sleep is one of the most important things we can do to improve and maintain our health.

In order to make sure that we are living healthily, we need to maintain an active lifestyle, eat right, and ensure that we are getting regular sleep. Sleep has a large impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health. Sleeping Right and Other Good Habits That Truly Help. 5 Tips for Effective Caregiver Communication. Preventive Steps against Hypertension.