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How to Register a Private Limited Company in Uttar Pradesh. How to Register International Company in India. India is a popular choice among foreign investors especially for IT, manufacturing, and engineering.

How to Register International Company in India

When planning to start a business abroad, it is important to learn about your options as a foreign investor and relevant rules. Here we discuss company registration in India and other ways to enter the Indian market. The legal entities discussed in this article are available to foreign investors and you will need to set up a foreign company in India. Private Limited Company (Private Limited) Depending on the region in which it is making a popular choice among foreign investors, it is possible to make 100% FDI under automatic route in a private limited company. As per India's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy, investments made by non-resident investors under the automatic route do not require any approval from the government. Private limited companies can raise equity capital from individuals or entities interested in becoming shareholders.

Applicable Compliances: Private Limited Company. Under the Companies Act 2013, the following compliance are majorly applicable to a Private Limited Company:

Applicable Compliances: Private Limited Company

Application for Company Name: Some Key Points - Provenience. As an old adage goes – the first impression is the last impression.

Application for Company Name: Some Key Points - Provenience

While we won’t call it the last, but the first impression undeniably creates a lasting impression. As a new business, the company name is the first thing a customer faces. Hence, it needs to be catchy, unique, and convey the right message. The company name is a legal title of an organization. The incorporation certificate is the birth certificate of the company. OPC vs Private Limited Company in India - Provenience. The single-entrepreneur-led One Person Company (OPC) has many features of a private limited company.

OPC vs Private Limited Company in India - Provenience

However, there are some essential differences between the two. Conversion: Private Company to Public Company - Provenience. Conversion – Private Company to Public Company: As every organization wants to explore new markets, opportunities and expand their businesses, they wish to have a form of corporate organization structure that supports their demand for capital and scale of operations together with sustainable governance and superintendence.

Conversion: Private Company to Public Company - Provenience

If you have started your business as a Private Limited Company and wish to expand your business and explore new opportunities, then converting your private company into a public company is the best option. Let’s begin with understanding about ‘public limited Company’ and the procedure for conversion of your existing Private Limited Company into a Public Limited Company. Meaning of Public Company: Dormant Company - Provenience.

Where a company is formed and registered under the Companies Act for a future project or to hold an asset or intellectual property and has no significant accounting transaction, such a company or an inactive company may make an application to the Registrar in such manner as may be prescribed for obtaining the status of a dormant company. 1.

Dormant Company - Provenience

“Inactive Company” means a company that has not been carrying on any business or operation, or has not made any significant accounting transaction during the last two financial years, or has not filed financial statements and annual returns during the last two financial years; 2. “Significant Accounting Transaction” means any transaction other than— Payment of fees by a company to the Registrar;Payments made by it to fulfill the requirements of this Act or any other law;Allotment of shares to fulfill the requirements of this Act; andPayments for maintenance of its office and records.

How to obtain the Status of the Dormant Company? 1. 2. BUDGET 2021: STARTUP FOCUS - Provenience. 1.

BUDGET 2021: STARTUP FOCUS - Provenience

Tax Holiday for Start-ups under GIFT City and in IFSC Budget 2021: The government proposed a New tax Incentive for Units that are located in International Financial Service Centres. The aim is to attract offshore funds into India. The Companies which will move to IFSCs and Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Gandhi Nagar and engaged in financial services and products will qualify for a 100% tax holiday in respect of their back-office operations. Why Startups Prefer a Private Limited Company. As an entrepreneur launching a startup, you have a long list of pending decisions waiting for you.

Why Startups Prefer a Private Limited Company

Right from an innovative business idea, to optimum processes, to selecting the right business entity, it is an endless journey. However, it is important to remember that every decision you make now goes a long way in determining the success of your business. While traditionally, new businesses preferred the sole proprietorship model, in recent times, a private limited company is evolving as the preferred option for company formation.

Today, we will look at the reasons behind startups preferring a private limited company. Benefits of Registering a Business in 2021. India has the second-largest number of unregistered businesses in the world, with an estimated 127 unregistered businesses for every registered business.

Benefits of Registering a Business in 2021

Registering a business (company registration or LLP registration) used to be an expensive and cumbersome process whereby most entrepreneurs run their businesses as unregistered owned firms or partnership firms. However, with the advent of the Internet and Provenience, the process of registering a business has been made easier and cheaper. Therefore, registering a business can be taken advantage of by many other small businesses. In this article, we look at the major benefits of registering a business in India. Private Limited Company GST Registration Process. GST Registration is a process of registration with the GST (GST) Goods and Services Tax (GST) department, GST is an indirect tax levied on most goods and services sold for domestic consumption.

Private Limited Company GST Registration Process

Consumers pay GST, but it is passed on to the government by businessmen selling products and services. Primarily, GST generates revenue for the government. Procedure to convert Proprietorship to Private Limited Company. A sole proprietorship cannot get all the benefits of an operation as it grows. Hence, proprietorship will need to be converted into a private limited company. This conversion can awaken a company's high capital, limited liability, and all similar benefits. Process of a Partnership Firm in India. The Partnership Act, 1932, details the laws and regulations pertaining to a partnership firm in India. It outlines the powers of the partners, their responsibilities and duties, and how they can deal with third parties. If you are planning to start a business and considering registering a partnership firm, then this you are in the right place. In this article, we will talk about everything that you need to know regarding a partnership firm in India.

How to Register Trademark in India. Trademark Registration Process: Investing your time and money to build a particular brand and use the same brand name by another is not an important position to rob you of your hard-earned brand reputation. Many times, trademark (TM) owners end up in lengthy litigation because when the time was right, they did not register trademarks in India of their brand name. The brand name trademark registration process is not a difficult task. A few simple steps, as explained below and you will have the much-needed legal protection of your brand name registration in India. Step 1: Trademark Search Many entrepreneurs do not understand the importance of TM discovery. Step 2: Filing Trademark Application After ensuring that your chosen brand name or logo is not listed in the Trademark Registry India, you can opt to register the same.

Sole Proprietorship - Advantages & Disadvantages. A sole proprietorship is one of the simplest forms of business. Commonly known as a one-man organization, it is cost-efficient and easy to form. It offers a wide range of benefits to new businesses and has been at the epicenter of India’s inspiring Startup story. In fact, it accounts for the largest type of business concerns in India. How do I Choose a Correct Business? Starting a business is a journey filled with plans, decisions, and research. Right from finalizing the business idea to choosing the business entity, there are several options to choose from. Also, one of the most critical questions that you face while starting a new business is – How to select the correct business?

The options include a sole proprietorship, partnership firm, limited liability partnership, company (public or private or one-person), etc. How to Convert Public Limited Company into Private Limited Company. There are more than a dozen private limited companies, but every private limited company, at some point, wants to turn public in order to increase scalability. The question generally is, "Why to go public? " Features of Public Limited Company - Provenience. How to Register One Person Company (OPC) in India. Presented by the latest Indian Companies Act of 2013, one-man companies (OPCs) are increasingly popular for doing business in almost all economic sectors. The most attractive and outstanding benefits of OPCs in India are listed separately in the section below. Businesses currently run and managed under the proprietorship model can also be easily converted to this in order to reap the great benefits of limited liability. Detailed and exclusive information about registering OPEC in India as per the Companies Act 2013 is given below to help entrepreneurs, professionals, industrialists, and investors.

The following three sub-headings about registering an individual company (OPC) in India are given below: 1. 2. 3. 1. What are The Advantages & Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is one of the simplest forms of business. Registered office for Company. Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi. What are The Requirements of Company Registration in India. Documents Required For LLP Registration. Benefits Of Startup India Program. Startup India Scheme The ultimate objective of the Startup India scheme is to trigger a spirit of innovation among upcoming entrepreneurs.

The Startup India scheme was set up to trigger employment in the country and encourage economic growth. Through this initiative, the government strives to adopt new ideas, research, and innovation. Let us explore the benefits of the Startup India program. Top 5 Benefits of Company Registration in India. How to Start New Business - Very Basic Points Can Help You. MSME Announcements Glimpse and Discussion. How to Register A Startup Company in India I Provenience. Tips to Convert OPC to Private Limited Company. 5 Myths Busted about a Pvt Ltd Company - Provenience. Registered office for Company. OPC vs Private Limited Company in India - Provenience. File Income Tax Return for Private Limited Company.

How to Register a Private Limited Company in India. Process to convert an OPC Company to Private Limited Company. What is the difference between LLP and Partnership. What is the procedure for LLP Registration in India. Process of LLP Registration in India for NRIs and Foreign Nationals. LLP Registration Procedure in India. What is The Major Difference between LLP and Partnership. Company Share Allotment. Income Tax Rate for Company (Private Limited) - Provenience. Reason to Select Private Limited Company Over Other Entity. Director Identification Number Application, Modification, Surrender Methods. Design Registration through StartupSeven and Partners in India. Udyog Aadhar Registration- StartupSeven. Procedure for Allotment of Shares in a Company- StartupSeven.

Online Copyright Registration in India - StartupSeven. Bookkeeping Services - StartupSeven. GSTIN Registration Apply Online at StartupSeven. Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi NCR. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) - StartupSeven. TM Registration Consultants- StartupSeven. OPC Registration in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon StartupSeven. Register a Limited Liability Partnership Company StartupSeven. Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration in Delhi, Gurgoan, Noida.