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Protective Masks Direct Ltd

Protective Masks Direct is the most reputed company in the UK, offers the fantastic range of full face masks, clothing, hearing protectors, filter and accessories to ensure you get the highest level of respiratory protection. At Protective masks direct, we understand that asbestos can cause serious illness such as lung cancer so we just don’t provide a high level of safety equipment’s but also provide important tips and suggestions on how to protect yourself when you work around asbestos and hazardous materials. Feel free to contact us if you are not sure which product is right for you or have any query about any products. Available at:

Ear Plugs Vs Ear Muffs - How to Choose Between Them. Ear protection basically refers to the devices used to protect the ears either from elements like cold, dirt, water or specifically from noise.

Ear Plugs Vs Ear Muffs - How to Choose Between Them

There are various ear protection devices available for purchase, both online and offline. Each has varied features, some advantages and disadvantages. In order to understand which ear protection device is best suited for you, keep reading! Hearing loss due to industrial noise and traffic is one of the most common workplace injuries. Hearing loss is an irreversible ailment, thus it is very important to take preventive measures for the same. Ear Muffs Ear muffs provide external protection to the ears. Asbestos Liability: Who is Responsible for Asbestos Exposure? – Protective Masks Direct Ltd. Want to know the liability for diseases related to Asbestos Exposure?

Asbestos Liability: Who is Responsible for Asbestos Exposure? – Protective Masks Direct Ltd

While the Asbestos PPE reduces the damage, read on to know about the responsibility of various agencies. Several industries like mining, plumbing, construction, shipbuilding, etc. relied heavily on asbestos due to its high strength and fire retarding qualities in the late 19th and early 20th century. However, if inhaled, asbestos exposure can contribute to lung diseases in a person. Occupational exposure contributes to the most widely seen instances of asbestos-related health issues. As of now, more than 60 countries all over the world have banned the use of asbestos.

How Different Types of Asbestos can Harm your Health. Hailed as the ‘miracle mineral’, asbestos was used extensively for decades in construction material, commercial products, automotive parts and more due to its durability, flexibility, exceptional tensile strength, resistance to heat/ chemicals and sound absorbent properties.

How Different Types of Asbestos can Harm your Health

Today, asbestos is dubbed a hazardous material that jeopardises health. Though well maintained and tightly bound asbestos is harmless, inhalation of toxic fibres from deteriorating or fraying asbestos can cause lethal diseases. Fortunately, the mineral is no longer mined, processed or commercially used in developed countries like the UK, but it’s still present in old buildings and homes. Safety Precautions Tips for Chemical Work. Do your employees take proper precautions while handling hazardous material?

Safety Precautions Tips for Chemical Work

Does your employer provide the necessary equipment and a safe working environment? It is an apparent fact that no one wants to get hurt or cause damage, but sometimes little negligence can cause havoc. Most people tend to avoid the best safety practices as it requires extra time and efforts. They forget that a little effort and time devotion can prevent severe mishaps in future. Some precautions at the workplace can improve safety and eventually morale, productivity and well-being of the employees. 1. Identifying safe practices to use the chemical is crucial. 2. Get a thorough understanding of chemicals in use at your workplace and identify the type of safety equipment (PPE) is necessary to use for handling such chemicals.

Make sure to keep a check on these PPE to replace the damaged ones and provide the reusable dust mask and other equipment for multiple usages. 3. 4. 5. 1. Shop Moldex Paint Spray Mask. Rockets Reusable Ear plugs. Sundstrom SR 100 Masks. Reusable Respirators & Masks - Protective Masks Direct. Protective Masks Direct. Shop Asbestos Dust Mask & Respirator. Half Face Respirator Mask. Disposable Coveralls, Protective Overalls & Asbestos Suit. Buy Moldex Ear Plugs in UK. Importance of Hygiene in the Workplace. Disposable Dust Masks, Respirators. Disposable Protective Suits. Asbestos Protective Clothing. Battery Powered Air Fed Respirator Mask & Hood. Face Mask Fit Testing Kit. Face Mask Fit Testing Kits Approved qualitative face fit test kits including the Moldex, Alpha Solway & 3M Face Fit Testing Kit.

Face Mask Fit Testing Kit

The Fit Test Kits can be used for all makes of FFP1 FFP2 FFP3 and Half Masks in line with COSH (Control of Substance Hazerdous to Health) and the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) regulations for the mandatory testing of respiratory protective equipment. (RPE). As per HSE guidelines the Face Fit Test Kits ensure that the most suitable mask RPE is selected for the wearers face. If an employee wears more than one tight fitting facemask, each face mask will need to be face fit tested. Take charge of your own face fit fit testing and reduce your costs. N.B A tight face seal can only be achieved when the user is clean shaven. Face Fit Testing Services If however you would like "Face Fit Testing" or " Train the Trainer" undertaken for you, we offer this across the whole of the UK.

Details can be seen below. 3m Full Face Respirator. Full Face Respirator Mask. We stock a range of the main branded Full Face Masks such as the JSP Force 10 Full Face Respirator that utilises the award winning press to check filters, the Moldex 9000 Full Face Mask, which is one of the most advanced respirators available that is both ultra lightweight & uses the easylock filter system & finally the ever popular 3M 6000 Series Full Face Mask Respirator with great visibility.

Full Face Respirator Mask

Asbestos Waste Bags (25 Pack) Red & Clear Asbestos Bags. Protective Masks Direct. FFP1 Respirators. Best Dust Masks Respirator. Full Range of the latest EN149 Protective Disposable Dust Masks including 3m Dust Masks, Moldex, JSP, Alpha Solway, UCI & Protective Masks Direct including FFP1, FFP2, & FFP3 Dust Masks.

Best Dust Masks Respirator

FFP3 Disposable Dust Masks. Highest SNR Ear Plugs and Earmuffs. Buy Respirator Mask uk - Protective Masks Direct Ltd.