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Superior product reliability and durability. Fast shipping. Quality customer service. From Floor Runners to Tacky Mats, check out our full line of Floor Protection Products by Pro Tect®.

Why Do You Need the Carpet Protection Film? Replacing the carpet is not an easy task either you keep it in the office or the home.

Why Do You Need the Carpet Protection Film?

This is because carpets are expensive, and you will require the extra bucks to purchase the best one. So, as with floor protection, carpet protection is essential. It is a great way to avoid such a heavy expense. With the help of it, you can enhance the lifespan of your carpet too. Things to consider for Choosing the best Carpet Protection Services. Carpet Protection: Safeguard your expensive Carpets during House Remodeling. Do you that house renovation or remodelling might take a significant toll on the wear and tear of luxurious carpets?

Carpet Protection: Safeguard your expensive Carpets during House Remodeling

That is the reason why commercial contractors prefer carpet protection options to secure the quality and fineness of your carpet. Whether it is a demolition work the renovations of your home interiors, floor protection services any potential damages or hazards that might risk the beauty of your lavish carpeted floors! Invest wisely in carpet protection to retain the beauty of your interiors! If you are all set for the house renovation plan, and several labourers are about to enter your house premises, gear up some superior quality carpet protection films. And when it is residential property, covering the flooring is also essential from hygiene from of view. Temporary Floor Protection. Pro Tect® Construction Grade Zipper. Pro Tect® Construction Grade Zippers That's right, Pro Tect now offers two grades of Dust Control Zippers.

Pro Tect® Construction Grade Zipper

Pro Tect Blue Zipper and Pro Tect Red Construction Grade. Double-sided zipper attaches permanently to your plastic sheeting, allowing you to create any size or shape entry. Single release paper makes for a faster installation. This is the best all-weather entry/exit system for sites that need protection against unwanted dust, dirt, and heat loss. Pro Tect® Construction Grade Zippers That's right, Pro Tect now offers two grades of Dust Control Zippers. How do Carpet protection films help in House Remodeling? If you plan for a house renovation or some fixtures, protecting the expensive carpet floors becomes your priority.

How do Carpet protection films help in House Remodeling?

There are ample dust and other foreign particles that might enter the surface and ruin it. A good protection film also provides coverage against corrosion, chemicals and humidity. Overall, it helps in remaining your floor unaffected while the renovation tasks are going on. Let’s learn about how these floor protection films help in undergoing a hassle free housework. Protective Face Shields. Hardwood Floor Protector - Perfect way to avoid Construction Damages and Retain Floor Beauty. Are you pepping up to move to a new house space?

Hardwood Floor Protector - Perfect way to avoid Construction Damages and Retain Floor Beauty

You must be excited and confused about managing the construction and remodeling work at the dream home. How to protect the beautiful Hardwood Flooring? Either you own the flawless hardwood floors, or you make a mind of hardwood flooring, then numerous questions strike in mind.

How to protect the beautiful Hardwood Flooring?

These questions are related to the Hardwood Floor Protection, Hardwood Floor Protector, and many more. Moreover, the hardwood floor is durable, as well as adorable. It adds glamour to the house and enhances the grace of furniture. Albeit, some masses prefer the wooden stair but also have significant concern that is stair protection. However, with some tips, you will resolve the issue about the Hardwood Floor Protection.

Restrict the dirt at the floor- Grit or dust that stuck to the bottom of shoes is enough to kill the grace of hardwood flooring. In the end, with the help of these methods, you will be able to protect the hardwood floor. Traffic Guard Heavy Duty Floor Protection By Pro Tect. Traffic Guard is a heavy duty, fire retardant floor protection.

Traffic Guard Heavy Duty Floor Protection By Pro Tect

Pro Tect’s heavy duty floor protection Traffic Guard can protect all kinds of hard and soft floor surfaces during the job. Excellent for protecting counter-tops, cabinets, wainscots, protect concrete finishes, brick, stone, terrazzo, tiles and resilient floors. Traffic Guard can be found on hospital jobs, office jobs, gov. projects, Institutional structures, you name it. Protection of Carpet and Floor While Moving. When we’re moving out from renting house or apartment then we get scratched and dented floors that result in us, and we will not get our security back.

Protection of Carpet and Floor While Moving

Apart from that it may also be seen that when we moved out from our house, then we see that we have to suffer with low sale price. And you have to repair costs out of your own pocket. Let’s discuss various techniques that keep our floor from damage free:- 1 lighter item. 2 slider furniture’s 3 By keeping doormats 4 By wearing shoe booties. 5 plywood sheets 6 with the help of carpet masking. 7 Effective in cost 1. lighter items We should always try to use light items on the floor. 2. slider furniture’s It is the best method to protect our hardwood floored. 3. Door mat is very important for our homes, therefore, we should also keep a big doormat outside the door, especially during the raining season.

Step by step how Finished Floor Guard Work? The floor is one of the most important parts of your dream home.

Step by step how Finished Floor Guard Work?

Shining Floor is an important thing that helps to enhance people’s attraction towards the floor of your dream home when they enter into your home and make yourself proud of the quality of your dream home. Do the Stains on your Carpet haunt you? A spill or marks of footsteps are enough to horrify someone who has their favorite carpet laid in their drawing-room.

Do the Stains on your Carpet haunt you?

Many of you will simply resort to scrubbing your carpet until your back hurts, but is that really the way to go? Well, to save you the time and effort carpet Protection offers you’re the perfect solution. As the term itself suggests carpet protection involves fibers that make it easy to not only remove but to prevent absorbing dirt marks, stains or spills from the carpet. Processes are made easy with the help of carpet protecting spray available in the market to fit your needs A carpet protector is not only the talk of the town but also provides the following benefits: DurableProtectionBetter appearanceImproves indoor qualityValue for moneyResistant to tears and punctures.

Water Resistant Hardboard Floor Protection. Water Resistant Hardboard is a temporary floor covering that can be used for temporary floor protection such as hardwood protection, tile protection, marble protection, concrete protector, any hard surface. This heavy-duty temporary floor protection is 44 mil. thick, made from 100% recycled materials, and is available in 100 foot rolls of 2 widths: 36 inches and 48 inches. When Pro Tect's Hardboard first came out, it wasn't water resistant.

After asking and hearing that our customers would love it if it had a water-resistant element we went to work and now WR-Hardboard temporary floor protection is water-resistant (WR) for up to 72 hours. Becoming a Replacement for Masonite On Job Sites Across The Country. Protect Your Hardwood Floor in Winter - Hardwood Floor Protection. Hardwood flooring has gotten well known in recent years. Although many still think about it as a costly choice when building or remodeling, its excellence and strength have made it a most loved by numerous and more than worth the expense.

With appropriate consideration and upkeep, hardwood flooring can endure forever, making it probably the smartest speculation you can make in your home. In contrast to covering, which should be supplanted when worn, hardwood deck can keep on enhancing your home. Although thinking about your hardwood flooring may involve simply routine cleaning and waxing once in a while, the winter months may require more care to keep it looking great.

Dealing with Humidity Wood flooring can be truly powerless to extension and withdrawal if the dampness in your house isn’t perfect.