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Protech Pest Control is Australia leader in the provision of Pest Control solutions in Melbourne for over 25 years.

Difference between Drywood & Subterranean Termites – Adore Australia. Termites are often referred to as costly pests because of their destructive behaviour caused by their diet requirements.

Difference between Drywood & Subterranean Termites – Adore Australia

There are around 2750 species of termites found worldwide, however, only a few such as the drywood and subterranean species are considered as a pest to humans. They are not only found outdoors but also found indoors, munching on your wooden furniture. But just like any other pest, to properly eradicate them from your home, you will first need to identify which type of species you are dealing with. To help you do so, let’s dig into the differences between drywood and subterranean termites: Drywood Termites: • What do they look like?

Drywood and subterranean termites look very similar as they both appear to be white, brown, or in some cases translucent. The Growing Importance of Commercial Pest Control during COVID-19 - The Property Investment Blog - Australian Investment Property Guide. The current COVID-19 Pandemic has affected many businesses worldwide, causing a lot of stress and pressure.

The Growing Importance of Commercial Pest Control during COVID-19 - The Property Investment Blog - Australian Investment Property Guide

To fight the coronavirus, various business and health care institutes are striving day and night, however, this is not all that is required, the operation of big business that supply products and essential services are important. With fewer people on the streets and less food and garbage lying around, the number of pests has increased, and now not only are they targeting homes but also businesses. As it is a known fact, that pests such as birds, cockroaches, and flies carry with them a wide variety of diseases and sickness, it is best to keep these pests away from your business, especially since good health and strong immunity systems are crucial at this point to be able to face this pandemic. Therefore, it is of vital importance to control pests like cockroaches, birds, and flies.

How Pests Affect Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic? How to Remove Rats Hidden in Your Roof without Using Poison? Rats are a common pest that you will find all-around your home regardless of where you stay.

How to Remove Rats Hidden in Your Roof without Using Poison?

Often, these annoying and tiny rodents not only enter and reside in your basement but also target your roof area, as they are happy to stay in any place that seems suitable and pleasant for them. They are not only annoying and cause a lot of damage to your property but they are also really dangerous as they are known to carry many serious diseases. Now that we have established them as a nuisance and not a pet, let us dig in into learning more about these rodents. Pest Control as an Essential Service during COVID-19. The rapid spread of the Corona Virus has brought the world into a serious state of shock and fear.

Pest Control as an Essential Service during COVID-19

As most countries are on lockdown and most businesses are closed or practicing work from home, it is essential that we too follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities and government of Australia as well as by the World Health Organization. To practice social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19, most private and public sectors have been shut, however, there are a few essential service companies that are allowed to still be open and render services, such as hospitals, healthcare providers, gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, and exterminators.

We at Protech Pest fall under the category of Pest Control and Exterminators, this is why being considered as an essential service, we are allowed to continue our services. To continue assisting you during this pandemic, we have adopted a few safety measures, they are. 8 Organic DIY Insecticides to Free your Garden of Pests - Active Pages. How Pest Control can Help You Get Rid of Moths in Your House? A moth infestation is like a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.

How Pest Control can Help You Get Rid of Moths in Your House?

While in comparison to other pests it may appear to be seemingly harmless, it can cause grave monetary damage as well as expose you to health hazards. In case you're wondering how it might result in a drain on your finances - think about which parts of your home you may find this breeding infestation. The pantry? Well, that's where you store your food stock. The kitchen? Any homemaker will agree that no pest is permitted to enter their home. If you are still considering whether you can handle the situation by do-it-yourself techniques, here's how employing professional moth control can be a game-changer, speed up the process and yield far more effective results.

Are These Bed Bugs Myths Hampering Your Pest Control Initiatives? Bed Bugs are known to being a nuisance.

Are These Bed Bugs Myths Hampering Your Pest Control Initiatives?

This is especially true when it comes to all the comfortable parts of your home. That bed bugs feed on your blood is a known fact. However, not many people are familiar with tackling a bed bug infestation. They can cleverly hide in places you may not even think of. To add to that, these pests have several myths surrounding them. Myth: They can cause Diseases: Yes, they do feast on your blood, but they are not known to carry out any diseases. How to Eliminate Silverfish & Prevent them from Returning? - Every Day Blogs - Guest Post, Magazine and News. Want to know about How to Eliminate Silverfish & Prevent them from Returning?

How to Eliminate Silverfish & Prevent them from Returning? - Every Day Blogs - Guest Post, Magazine and News

Checkout our blog, Stay connected to tips and information. While referring to pests in Melbourne, the most common types are cockroaches, rodents, and ants but never does the name ‘silverfish’ pop up. Most pests, like the earthworm are seasonal and only show up during the rainy seasons, however, this isn't the same case with silverfish. 5 Types of Pests in the Pharmaceutical Sector. In the pharmaceutical sector, the rules and regulations require cleaning operations to contain laboratory assessments to test the sanitation and hygiene of the production.

5 Types of Pests in the Pharmaceutical Sector

The Pharmaceutical sector sets notably high standards in maintaining the quality and efficiency of products because compromising on either will cost them their clients and the future of their brand. A few consequences of a pest and bird infestation within a pharmaceutical industry are, damage of goods and products, loss of the client's trust, loss of time and money in production, claims of compensation by those affected with faulty products, loss in revenues, and legal action by public health authorities. To avoid this, it is essential to prevent and control insects, rodents, birds, or pests from invading your industry. Flies: If your pharmaceutical building attracts flies and provides flies with the space to breed, then you will find them almost everywhere.

Common risks caused by flies: Cockroaches: Rodents: 100% Guaranteed Wasp Removal in Melbourne. Are they welcoming you home?

100% Guaranteed Wasp Removal in Melbourne

Do you have to be wary and cautious in your own house? Is coming back home becoming a nightmare? Wasps are bee like creatures that are a lot more dangerous because they can sting multiple times. End Your Termite Nightmare with our Termite Control Solutions. What to do for guaranteed Termite Control and Removal?

End Your Termite Nightmare with our Termite Control Solutions

Research show more than 20% of homes in Australia will be affected by termites at some point in time.CSIRO says 1 out of 3 homes will be affected by termites.Termites are Australia’s no 1 public enemy.3 months is all it takes for a termite damage to get out of control. Get down to Terminating those Termites! Droppings sighted,Hollow wood sounds,An occasional inspect spotted. Termite Treatment & Control in Melbourne - Protech Pest Control. Want to get rid of Termites from your Home? Call Protech Pest Control. Consider Proper Building Pest Inspection before Buying a Property. Building inspection Melbourne is the process of assessing a property by a pest control expert to detect pest infestation that can deteriorate the quality and value of the property remarkably. Depending on the type of inspection you need, you can choose from the following: Termite Inspection: A pest control expert will assess the quality of the timber with which the building is made and diagnose any termite activity in and around the property.

Tips to Get Rid of Ants from Home. Ever found a line of ants in your kitchen or bathroom? Are you scared of leaving food out on the kitchen counter? Ever been bitten by a red ant in the comfort and protection of your home? Signs of Ants in Melbourne Well it's time you took those little pests seriously because ants are one of the hardest pests to control as they come in colonies with over thousands of members. Beetle Pest Control for Your Home – Why is it Important?

Don't belittle a beetle For most of us, the only beetle we are aware of is the sweetly named, ladybug. We club most others under the term 'insects' while we confuse the others to be some kind of cockroach. How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House Permanently in Melbourne? Not just your pet's problem but also yours!

Domestic pests are quite a common problem for most homes in Melbourne. Cockroaches, ants, rodents, termites, wasps, there's a host of them that you may be familiar with. The Perfect Guide To Making Your Property Termite-free. They are benefited by their tiny size and can easily crawl through the space of 1.5mm. Research shows that 1 out of every 4 homes in Australia can be a victim of termite invasion. Termites can never be found to be alone and live in groups of large number, just like ants, their behaviour and destruction is synchronised with other members of their group.

The termite queen is known to reproduce at a high pace and can lay up to 1000 eggs all in a day’s work. This just adds to the termite population. Benefits Of Picking The Ideal Pest Controller For Commercial Work. How To Prevent Your Commercial Kitchen From Infestation. One of the main pillars that the reputation of your restaurant in Melbourne is based on is the cleanliness of the same. Your Know How For The Eradication Of Ants: Protech Pest Control. Ultimate Protection from Bees and Wasps. Pests Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Harvest – Avail the Best Pest Control Services.

The Ultimate Protection from Bees and Wasps. How Can You Keep Away Pesky Pests From Your Restaurant in Melbourne? Food free from pest garnishing! Food stores are like the party hubs for all kinds of pests. Building pest inspection - Melbourne Pre-sale & pre-purchase buildings.