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Property Solutions

Property Solutions provides a complete line of hurricane storm protection & solar energy systems for your home or business in South Florida.

Sunrise Solar Power Panel Installation Company. Solar Power Installation in Sunrise, Florida A Property Solutions solar panel installation provides numerous benefits for homeowners, including: Savings on Utilities In just a few years, your panels can help you save thousands of dollars.

Sunrise Solar Power Panel Installation Company

From the day you turn on the switch, your panels will start reducing your utility bill. With each passing year, renewable energy sources are depleting and electricity rates are climbing. During the discussion of your requirements, we will use our advanced modelling software to provide a detailed estimate on how much you can potentially save. Increases Property Value Installing a solar PV system in a Sunrise home will instantly increase its resale value. Tax Incentives Take advantage of numerous municipal, state and federal tax incentives with your solar panel installation. Configurations We provide many types of solar PV systems. Return on Investment. Residential Roofing Services in Miami, Florida. Property Solutions is a trusted roofing company in Florida.

Residential Roofing Services in Miami, Florida

We boast a network of smart roofing experts who have worked extensively in different roofing verticals. We take pride in undertaking high-quality residential roofing projects and delivering excellence each time. Storm Protection: Hurricane Shutters & Accordion Shutters South Florida. Impact Resistant Horizontal Rolling Shutters Windows Miami. Miami-Dade County Approved Also complies with the Florida building code – High Velocity Hurricane Zone Material Heavy gauge aluminum alloy 2 ¾” profile Available Finishes WhiteBronzeClear AnodizeCustom Colors.

Impact Resistant Horizontal Rolling Shutters Windows Miami

Impact Resistant Horizontal Rolling Shutters Windows Miami. Storm Protection: Hurricane Shutters & Accordion Shutters South Florida. Storm Protection: Hurricane Shutters & Accordion Shutters South Florida. Hurricane Preparedness, Storm Preparation - When a storm approaches, the best protection is to be prepared.

Hurricane Preparedness, Storm Preparation -

Prevention is better than cure, hence we should always be prepared for the worst. If you are living in Florida, you should consider your self fortunate. We get sunshine all year round. However, like most things in life, there is a price to pay for all that beautiful weather. Storms can be a threat but with some good and common sense and good protection you can be better prepared and minimize damages from a storm.

Residential Roofing Services in Miami, Florida. Storm Protection: Hurricane Shutters & Accordion Shutters South Florida. Florida Pv Solar Power Panels, Residential Solar Energy Systems. Roofing contractors in USA. Property Solutions is a commercial roofing contractor in Florida with expertise in roof repair services.

Roofing contractors in USA

With over 15 years of experience in the field, we’ve been delivering quality residential roofing services to our clients across the USA in a professional, honest, and courteous manner. We incorporate the best equipment and material to cater to the commercial and residential projects at hand. Our roofing program lays out a comprehensive plan that includes quality roof inspection, installation, and repair, managed by dedicated roofing professionals. Our team puts meticulous efforts during a roof inspection and detect any issues notwithstanding the expected roof quality. We undertake high-quality projects and focus on timely completion under a friendly budget. Whether you require roof installation, roof replacement, roof repair, general maintenance, or new construction, we are happy to help. Contact us today to get a roof quote or schedule a roof inspection. Why is Roof Waterproofing Important for Your Home?

Roof waterproofing safeguards your roof from absorbing water, along with protecting against hailstorms and force winds.

Why is Roof Waterproofing Important for Your Home?

It adds an extra layer of protection that helps in avoiding damages in times of heat and monsoon. You invest in your home once and want to maintain it with the best possible care. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to roof waterproofing to add years to your home. How to Maintain Your Accordion Hurricane Shutters? When it comes to protecting your home during a hurricane, you’ve got the choice between impact doors, storm panels, and accordion shutters.

How to Maintain Your Accordion Hurricane Shutters?

While impact doors and windows play a vital role in safeguarding your space against heavy winds, accordion hurricane shutters are a better choice to fight the hurricane season. Hurricane shutters are cost-effective and bear strength to combat extreme weather. They are easy to install and use. During the accordion hurricane shutters installation, all you have to do is pull the two sides together and lock the shutters, post snapping them into place.

As the hurricane season approaches, you keep yourself occupied with the maintenance tasks. Best Impact Garage Doors in Florida. Commercial Roof Contractors in Florida. How to Keep Roof Repair Budget in Control. Roof replacement requires proper planning to keep expenses under budget.

How to Keep Roof Repair Budget in Control

Roof replacement could seem a tedious task, but luckily you can get through the hassle with relevant information at hand. That said, you will want to enquire about the best roofing contractor in Florida or your area to get the job done right and on budget. Here are four ways to make your roof replacement project a success. Make no haste while planning the roof replacement project Roofs can last for decades with regular maintenance. Take your time to understand the urgency and decide on the material that would suit your budget. Get a rough estimate of the costs. Roofing Services in Florida. Solar Panel Installation in Pembroke Park. Solar Power Installation in Pembroke Park, FL Best Solar Panel Installation Services in Pembroke Park Why go solar now?

Solar Panel Installation in Pembroke Park

If you’ve been holding off, waiting for the perfect time to go solar, that time is now. The price of Solar technology plus the current 30% Federal tax credit to go solar, makes generating your own electricity a very attractive proposition. The longer you wait to make the switch, the longer you’ll be wasting money by “renting” your electricity generation instead of owning it. With current tax credits, a photovoltaic system is a good financial decision as well as an environmentally responsible choice. Coral Springs Solar Power Installation. Solar Power Installation in Coral Springs, Florida Property Solutions has been in business since 2004.

Coral Springs Solar Power Installation

Our company specializes in designing and installing photovoltaic solar systems for residential and commercial customers. Since our establishment we have been committed to help customers lessen their dependency on utility power. We have been doing this by designing and installing custom and site-specific solar panels in Coral Springs and all the neighboring areas in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties. Our company’s approach has always been to incorporate the latest and most efficient solar panels and components in allour projects. Best Hurricane Shutters in Florida. Install Hurricane Impact Front Doors. The Importance of Professional Roofing Maintenance. Roofs preserve the structure of your home. It protects your home against rainstorms, force winds, and other weather conditions. Roof maintenance is just as necessary as caring for your home interiors.

Your roof looks new and sturdy if maintained by professional roofing experts; therefore, you must not ignore or delay roof renovation. Importance of Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors. A recent study conducted stated that Florida accounts for majority of the sales for hurricane resistant entry door. The severe weather in Florida and many other states of USA makes it essential on part of home owners to protect their homes with hurricane proof glass doors. As increasing numbers of people have become aware of the dangers and destruction hurricanes can bring, the numbers of installations have increased. Apart from protecting from the heavy storms and winds, these doors also play a great role in offering protection against harmful UV rays, invasions, annoying noises and even rising insurance fees.

Strict Building Codes: Roof Repair Services in Florida. Residential Solar Power Florida. Should You Consider Tile Roofing For Your Florida Home. Should You Consider Tile Roofing For Your Florida Home? Tile roofing bears a lot of advantages for Florida homes. It lasts for decades and demands minimal repair. Therefore, it is wise to invest in the standard tile roofing material that withstands any weather conditions. There are various types of roofing materials, including clay and concrete that are mostly preferred for Florida homes. It is equally important to determine which tile roofing would require easy installation and minimal renovation if needed. Choosing the Best Tile Roofing Material You can find the standard tile roofing material for your home considering various aspects, such as endurance, installation and repair cost, lifespan, etc.

Let us understand why tile roofing could be a great long-term option for your home. Long-Term Investment: Tile roofs come with a span of at least 50 years. Roof Waterproofing in Florida. Leading Roof Waterproofing Experts in Florida. Trusted Residential Roofing Company in Florida. Hire Roofing Contractors in Florida at Affordable Prices. Davie Solar Power Company. Solar Power Installation in Davie, FL 4 Points To Improve Efficiency Of Your Solar Power Panel Installation Company In Davie, Florida The solar industry is making big gains in the United States.

Currently, more than 1.4 million solar panel installations have been recorded. Clearly, the importance of solar energy and its benefits is being recognized by this country. However, renewable energies like solar and wind still make up a small percentage of the complete electricity production in the U.S. The question to consider is how can we work on improving the efficiency of this green, clean energy source? Roofing Contractors in Florida for Residential and Commercial. Hurricane Impact Resistant French Doors. Certified Hurricane Panels to Protect your Home. Impact Resistant Door with Complete Storm Protection. FPL Solar Together Falls Short on Providing a Path to Energy Independency. Storm Protection: Hurricane Shutters & Accordion Shutters South Florida. Accordion Shutters Miami, Hurricane Shutters Installers South Florida. Accordion Hurricane Shutters & Storm Panels, Impact Windows & Doors in South Florida. Which Hurricane Window Is the Best Fit for You?

While planning to get new windows for your home, you look into various factors and choices that go with your architecture and design preferences. But buying hurricane windows requires you to look into the quality, price, convenience and safety and not just the design. The most immediate factor you need to check is the level of protection that the new windows will offer followed by the quality of the installation from the company you decide to contract to install your new impact windows. Here are the different situations that generally users face when considering hurricane windows: You have a mobility issue Hurricane windows offer the most convenient form of storm protection. Even the popular Hurricane accordion shutters could be a challenge to operate and get storm-ready if you have a mobility challenge. Pompano Beach Accordion Shutters & Storm Protection. As soon as the hurricane season begins, we start worrying about the safety of our property and loved ones.

Miami Springs Accordion Shutters & Impact Windows. Looking for a way to protect your home and loved ones from the catastrophic effects of strong hurricane winds? Solar Power Installation in Margate City. Hurricane Shutters & Residential Solar Panels Florida. Paving your way to becoming Energy efficient with Property Solutions. You have been reading the news and have noticed people talking about a sustainable future; we need it now more than ever. We know the damage we are doing to the environment but there are also ways we can conserve the environment. One such corrective measure we can take is to bring about a change in the behavior of energy consumption. The conventional methods of generating power have taken a toll on the environment whereas solar power produces no harmful emissions that can hurt the environment. It’s a clean and renewable way of producing energy which uses the sun as the main source of power.

Hurricane shutters: A necessity for every home. Natural disasters are something which is beyond our control, and it is quite impossible to prevent it with human interference. Last year, I had a similar experience in Miami Dade, the place I reside. A series of the hurricane hit our area with full fury. All You Need to Know About Hurricane Windows as a First-time User. David resided in a calm and sunny area away from any windy experience all his life.

Not been in a situation of facing a hurricane ever. But now after his retirement, he is shifting to this new place, where these windy storms are much likely to occur. With no idea of how hurricanes treat a daily human life. Choosing the right hurricane shutter for your home. Hurricane Shutters: Types, Pros, and Cons. Hurricane Shutters are among the most used and highly trusted solutions against Hurricanes and harsh storms. The most economical of the Hurricane solutions, Hurricane Shutters are used by over 80% of households to protect their windows and doors against the severe effects of the harsh winds. Even when there are many options available to protect against Hurricanes, the Hurricane Shutters still manage to be the most popular choice in the hurricane-affected areas. Protect your home from upcoming hurricane season. Components of a Residential Solar Energy System.

PV Solar Panels: An Elegant Technology With A Bright Future. Ever wonder what those black, shiny boards are on some people’s roofs? Those are PV solar panels or photovoltaic panels. Protect your homes with hurricane accordion shutters. Hurricane Shutter & Impact Windows Lowes or Home Depot. A look at Main types of Storm Shutters. 9 useful home protection tips during hurricanes. Solar Increases the Value of Your Home. Hurricane Impact Resistant Doors. Why Every Home Needs Accordion Hurricane Shutters. Impact Windows and Doors Manufacturers in FL. Why Install Impact Windows. Choosing the right hurricane shutter for your home. Protect your home in the coming hurricane season. Things you need to know before choosing impact windows. Picking the best Hurricane shutters for your home. Why Install Impact Windows?

Choosing the Hurricane shutters vs impact resistant windows. 5 Points To Consider Before Switching To Solar Energy Systems. Picking the best Hurricane shutters for your home. 6 questions to ask yourself before installing Solar energy systems. Impact doors can Withstand Everything. Solar Panel Installation Hillsboro Beach FL.

Accordion Shutters & Impact Windows in Cooper City. Storm Protection in Miami Beach. 6 Best Practices For Using Hurricane Shutters. Basics Of Florida Pv Solar Power Panels. Hurricane Shutters & Impact Doors in Pembroke Pines. Making the most out of Solar PV Systems in The Sunshine State. Solar power installations in Medley FL. 8 incredible benefits of solar panels for homeowners. 6 Vital Elements Of Installing Solar Power Panels For The First Time. How solar panel installation helps reverse the climate change. Crucial Reasons For Using Solar Water Heaters In Your Home.

Solar Power Installation in Coral Springs Florida. Impact Resistant Garage Doors. Components of A Residential Solar Panels Installation? Residential Solar Energy Systems. Solar Power Installation in Fort Lauderdale FL. 4 Crucial Things To Assess Before Installing A Solar Panel. Wholesale Accordion Hurricane Shutters. How Solar Panel Installation Helps Reverse The Climate Change. Solar Power Installation in West Park FL. Vital Things To Know Before Installing A Hurricane Shutters. Hurricane Storm Shutters Panels.

6 Benefits Of Using Impact Resistant Windows. Hurricane Shutters & Impact Doors in Bal Harbour Village FL. Solar Panel Installation in Lauderhill Florida. Accordion Shutters & Impact windows in Aventura FL. Accordion Shutters & Garage Doors in Boca Raton Florida.