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Property Deals Insight. 5 Reasons for Investing in a UK Buy-to-Let Property. Around 4.7 million households in the UK are living in privately rented accommodations.

5 Reasons for Investing in a UK Buy-to-Let Property

[Source: Finder] Auction Listings UK. They’re thrilling, lucrative and—at times—risky.

Auction Listings UK

For property buyers with enough market savvy and know-how, auction properties can offer fantastic ‘fixer-upper’ projects: bought cheap, polished up and sold for a profit (or else rented out). You can make a mighty profit on them, but beware, auction properties can be an absolute money-sink for reckless, uninformed or unprepared buyers. Proper research and planning are key to achieving a successful property acquisition and seeing a strong return on investment. We know that thorough research is easier said than done, but don’t worry, with Property Deals Insight, you’ll have all the tools you need to browse, bid and buy with confidence. Short-Lease Properties: An Attractive Investment Option in the UK. While searching for discounted properties, you come across various sourcing strategies.

Short-Lease Properties: An Attractive Investment Option in the UK

From cash deals and deal breakdown to repossessions and short lease, many such methods are chosen by seasoned investors for the best deals. In this article, we are going to talk about one such strategy: short lease. Top Strategies to Find Biggest Property Bargains. Property investment in the UK comes with various benefits.

Top Strategies to Find Biggest Property Bargains

A lot of us know that an increase in the value, along with the rental income makes the property an ideal investment. What a lot of us don’t know is that numerous investment properties in the UK are available at heavily discounted rates. Getting a hold of biggest bargains amplifies your profit. Many homeowners struggle to get the asking prices. As time passes, they reduce the price in a bid to sell faster.

Repossessions: Buy a property at Below Market Value (BMV) when the sales are enforced by lenders to recover their money. Other effective strategies include New Builds, Licensed HMOs, and properties that are back on the market for sale. How Does Automated Property Valuation Work? To make informed financial decisions, property buyers and sellers need to identify the worth of the property.

How Does Automated Property Valuation Work?

Valuation is the process that makes it possible. For the last few decades, buyers and agents relied on traditional methods to value a property. The professionals offering valuation services used factors like: Land size Average market value Condition of the property Number of rooms Zoning and planning restrictions Demand in the buyers’ market The approach was useful, but it took a lot of time. Property Investment Strategies UK. Investing in Auction Properties: Auctions is one of the most popular and trusted investment strategy when it comes to savvy property investors.

Property Investment Strategies UK

Read more for a detailed guide on Auctions Short Lease: Make more money on short-lease properties by finding options at prices much lower than market rates. Read more Repossessions: This property investment strategy involves lender enforced sales. Licensed HMOs: Discover pre-licensed House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) that saves you from the hassle of licensing. Investing in Auction Properties - Property Deals Insight. Short Lease Property for Sale. Let’s talk about a great property investment strategy where you can buy properties at crazy prices and with only a small amount of work increase their value many times.

Short Lease Property for Sale

The short term lease property strategy means you’re looking for properties which have a relatively small amount of years left on the lease, which often means it’s not very attractive to an everyday buyer and hence can be available for a bargain. Flats, whether they are purpose built blocks, converted houses, or above shops are usually sold on leaseholds. Essentially, ownership is bought for a fixed period of time commonly either 125 years or 99 years.

New developments are typically sold for much longer leaseholds of 999 years. The freeholder retains ownership of the land which the property is built upon so essentially it’s a long term rental contract. So the question now is… how do you find these treasure chests? Flats, whether they are purpose built blocks, converted houses, or above shops are usually sold on leaseholds. Surge in Rental Prices. UK Property Heat Maps. UK Property Investment Strategies to Make Your Investment more Fruitful. When investing in UK properties, you don’t always have to pay the full price.

UK Property Investment Strategies to Make Your Investment more Fruitful

There are several strategies that help you get good deals. In this article we highlight the property investment strategies that can be purchased at reasonable rates with better yields. Refurbished properties Many old properties need refurbishments to meet modern standards. Investors find them appealing because they get a better price after improving the look and feel. New Builds Owing to features like energy efficiency and less need for repairs, new builds are popular among tenants. Short leases.

Is Online Property Valuation Better Than Traditional Methods? According to property forecasts, the annual property rental growth is expected to grow by three per cent by 2022 in the UK.

Is Online Property Valuation Better Than Traditional Methods?

[Source: Statista]. Top Features of A Rental Property. There are certain features you must check when looking for a rental property.

Top Features of A Rental Property

The essential ones include: Type of neighborhood The types of renters that show interest in your property depends on the neighborhood. Buy-to-Let Property Investments: Things You Must Know. Generating a regular income through buy-to-let properties has remained popular for the last few decades. If you are interested to earn through buy-to-let property investments, you must be aware of all significant aspects. In this post, you will learn key aspects to be considered when making buy-to-let property investments. Income streams There are two income streams associated with buy-to-let properties. 1) Rental yield It is the return that an investor receives on a property by renting it. 2) Capital growth The increase in the value of the property when you plan to sell it is referred as capital growth.

. ● Rising demand for the residential properties. Property Data API Services - Property Deals Insight. Automated Property Valuation Services – Property Deals Insight. Property Deals Insight – Smart Property Analysis Platform in the UK. Property Deals Insight is a solution to all these common investment-related challenges in the UK. The man behind this portal, Nitin Aggarwal, realised that the life cycle of property investment moves at a snail’s pace. He observed that most of the people in this industry relied on manual processes and age-old techniques. Choose Online Tools to Cut Short your Property Investment Life Cycle. Buying an investment property involves a lot of stages: Searching for a house in the right areaValuation of shortlisted homesDue diligence of shortlisted homesNegotiation with the homeownersExchange of contractsCompletion of sale It takes months or even years to find a property that precisely matches your needs.

As an investor, it is not feasible to spend so much time just searching and analyzing properties. After all, time is one of the valuable assets of the investment business. Experienced investors share the stories of how they missed some great deal in their initial days just because of time issues. Art of Negotiation can Make you a Better Property Investor. With exceptional negotiation skills, it is possible to save lives during the toughest situations in life.

By mastering this skill, you can get more than expected in almost every walk of life. And this is true even in the world of property investments in the UK. As an investor, you can get maximum value in every deal by sharpening your negotiation tactics. Don’t worry; this isn’t rocket science. A majority of seasoned investors have acquired these skills over time. We have discussed some useful negotiation skills to help you create favourable situations. Don’t use the word ‘No’ When your counterpart makes an offer that you don’t like, don’t say no directly. Use non-round numbers Various employees use this tactic to get a salary they desire in a new company. Put forward non-monetary terms This strategy is applicable when your counterpart is not ready to decrease the price. Top Advantages of Hiring a Property Valuation Service. If you have ventured into property investments, you can’t ignore the importance of valuation.

The professional valuation services offer comprehensive reports with information and details about a property. The benefits of getting a property valued are plenty. We have discussed the essential ones below: Identify Potential Issues. Golden Rules for Property Investment in the UK. Online Property Valuation – Property Deals Insight. Best Property Investment Deals.