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9 Signs of a Dubious Property Investment. 1.

9 Signs of a Dubious Property Investment

Offering to “do things differently” and a promise of above average returns. 2. Young, larger-than-life CEO who’s the ultimate networker with an almost Evangelist following. 3. Best office address, amazing website, high quality branding and promotional literature. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. GOOD AND BAD PROPERTY STRATEGIES. Single Let Rental Property Single Let is still the most popular investment type, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve surplus cash-flows on a single let property with the typical 70% loan-to-value mortgage favoured by most investors.


This is due to increased costs over recent years, combined with higher house prices and a raft of recent government legislation. In other words: monthly profits are very low after all costs and taxes are paid. This is especially the case in the South of England. Due to the above factors, it has now become evident that many landlords are increasingly relying on capital appreciation to make sufficient financial returns over the longer term. Henry’s Top 10 Life Tips. Henry’s Top 10 Life Tips 1 – Admitting mistakes is key.

Henry’s Top 10 Life Tips

Dump the ego, try not to “lie and deny”. Own up to your mistakes, be honest with yourself, and you will forever be a happier person. 2 – Don’t easily fall out with people. Stay off WhatsApp, especially if discussing anything contentious, be the better person, de-escalate arguments. 3 – We all get knocks in business and in life. 4 – Don’t take yourself too seriously. 5 – In the world of YouTube, anyone can learn anything, get tips, learn how to sleep better or be more healthy, so use this great resource which wasn’t around until recent times. Top 10 Property Tips - HENRY DAVIS MENTORING. Your buying strategy is the only strategy which really matters.

Top 10 Property Tips - HENRY DAVIS MENTORING

Over 30 plus years in property the one rule I live by is: “The day you buy is the day you sell”. Anyone can easily learn development, management and refurbishment skills, but buying and valuation skills are key to succeeding in property. We can’t predict the economic cycles or guess when it’s a good or bad time to buy, so the key strategic advantage any investor can gain is to buy at the right price and create equity in every purchase, either through your buying skills or by adding value via refurbishment, planning consent or a reconfiguration. Much talked about, but few succeed at this. Marketing & Branding - Property Mentor. The property market is becoming more and more competitive and I expect oversupply to increase in the coming years.

Marketing & Branding - Property Mentor

For that reason, you need an effective marketing and branding strategy to attract attention, drive enquiries to your property, and set you apart from the competition. With so many competing property ads, what will make tenants click on yours? In my experience, I’ve found that kitchen and living room pictures receive the highest number of clicks, so make these count. I also add text inside photos with benefit-driven words, and I watermark all photos with my logo. Despite our ever increasingly digital culture, you should not underestimate the power of using traditional ‘offline’ marketing too. Walking The Streets - Property courses. Walking The Streets. The best way to find hidden gems is to simply slowly drive around a target area and then get out on foot and walk the streets in that area.

Walking The Streets

Services such as Google maps consist of dated mapping visuals, so it could be that an old pub in the target area has recently gone bust and closed but the map doesn’t reflect this. The same applies for any type of business premises or residential building. Sourcing online is also full of potential distractions.

Checking your email, social networks, a quick read of the news headlines and so on.. Property courses at Liverpool, UK. MANAGING & RETAINING TENANTS. A professional, business-like approach is key to successfully managing and retaining your tenants.


When you value them as customers and make them feel welcome in your property, they are much more likely to stay long-term. It’s all about having a positive and proactive working relationship with tenants and you will find they are much easier to manage when you are on top of your game with customer service. I always aim to start the relationship on a helpful and positive note by greeting the tenant with a ‘Welcome’ email, a copy of which I also attach as an appendix to their contract.

Whenever possible, you should aim to deal with maintenance issues within 24 hours of being notified by the tenant and keep your tenants updated rather than waiting for them to chase you for information. 9 Signs of a Dubious Property Investment. Property Negotiation tactics. When it comes to negotiation, a streetwise attitude and an awareness of the tactics used by agents will give you a major competitive advantage.

Property Negotiation tactics

Generally, I believe negotiation is about hiding your bottom line, being patient, and teasing information out of the other person at every stage, which you do by being a good listener and a keen observer of body language. Your body language, words and actions are important at every stage the negotiation. You will often see TV property ‘experts’ show their enthusiasm for a deal from the very beginning, but this is actually an example of very poor tactics. Managing & Retaining Tenants. Creating a 'Wow' Factor Archives - HENRY DAVIS MENTORING. Property Investment Liverpool. Contact - HENRY DAVIS MENTORING. Gallery - HENRY DAVIS MENTORING. HENRY DAVIS MENTORING. Property Training & Mentoring.