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Pronk Technologies INC

Pronk Technologies was founded in 1998 in Sun Valley, California. We specialize in products like Oximeter, simulator, analyzers, adapter, etc. All the products provided by Pronk have at least guaranteed 4 years or more.

Buy The Best High Fidelity Patient Simulator From Pronk Technologies INC

Buy The Best High Fidelity Patient Simulator From Pronk Technologies INC. SL-8 SimSlim® Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator Features: 12-lead ECG:8 Selectable Heart Rates: 30, 60, 90, 120, 140, 160, 200, 240 bpm10 Selectable Arrhythmias: NSR w/ PVCs, VTACH, VFIB, Asys, Bigeminy, Pacer, Trigeminy, ST+, 2nd Deg.

Buy The Best High Fidelity Patient Simulator From Pronk Technologies INC

Block, Square Wave8 Banana Plug InterfaceRespiration:8 Selectable Rates: 15, 30, 45, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120 bpm4 IBP Channels:8 Dynamic: 120/80, 60/30, 30/10, 20/10, 125/15, 60/5, 8/2, 4/1 mmHg7 Static: 0, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 mmHgCardiac Output Simulation:3, 5 and 7 l/m. No adapter cable required.YSI 700 and 400 Temp Simulations:25, 37, and 40 degrees CelsiusBattery Life:Total life depends on usage: 5-10 years, all day, every day. No charging or changing required. Purchase The Pulse OX Tester From Pronk Technologies INC. Get electrical safety analyzers from Pronk Technologies INC! Purchase a heart rate monitor simulator at an affordable price! Check out the new patient simulator! What is human patient simulation? What is ECG simulator? Use the most reliable oximeter and get the most accurate readings.

What is testing in electrical installation? What is a patient simulator? Get the latest technology patient simulator from Pronk Technologies Inc. What is a good heart rate for my age calculator? Infusion Pump Analyzers. Purchase the best featured NIBP simulators from Pronk Technologies Inc. What causes the bottom number of blood pressure to be high? How do you check electrical safety? Order Your Safety SIM Today From The Website Of Pronk Technologies Inc. How do you use a AccuMed pulse oximeter? What is the importance of patient simulators? Get the most reliable electrical safety analyzer. What is pulse oximeter used for? What are the advantages of simulation? Get the best electrical safety tests solution with the touch of one button. What is human patient simulation? What is electrical safety testing of medical equipment? Get the world’s smallest electrical safety analyzer. How is simulation used in healthcare? How does an electrical safety analyzer work?

Look Up To the Simulation System Classic from the Pronk Technologies INC. What is an infusion pump used for? What are the most important safety concerns for electricians? Just like all other tools in life, electricity can be your friend or your enemy.

What are the most important safety concerns for electricians?

Especially when you are associated with the healthcare sector, you must understand how electrical faults can harm your patients, employees, visitors, and you. The risk is very real. However, electricity people use daily, if uncontrolled or misused, it can cause a severe burn, injure, kill, or cause fires with shocking results. When it comes to medical locations, healthcare professionals mainly focus on patients and their recovery. Therefore, momentary power failure or electrical faults can jeopardize successful diagnostics and treatment. In a hospital setup, electrical hazards are at high-risk and affect patients, visitors, staff, and doctors adversely. All the biomedical and electrical equipment used in a hospital, a management team should inspect and test before use and label it with a safety sticker. Conclusion. Pronk Technologies INC Offers World’s Smallest Electrical Safety Analyzer.

Advanced and New Features available only in Safe-T Sim* User-Defined Tests with Adjustable Pass/Fail Limits: Each electrical safety test can be programmed On/Off and test limits for each test can be customized to fit your testing protocols.

Pronk Technologies INC Offers World’s Smallest Electrical Safety Analyzer

Default Test Protocols available for: AAMI ES1 – 1993, NFPA99, IEC.* (*model ST-1-IEC) Automated Electrical Safety Testing: Select the Automated Sequence, Press Start and Safe-T Sim will perform all programmed tests with no user interaction required. One button walk-away testing! Bluetooth Connection Provides Real-Time Electronic Data Capture & Remote Control of Safe-T Sim: Safe-T Sim App designed to capture all your test results, upload to your database, copy, print or email directly from a smart device or PC.

NEW LinxIT App Links your mobile device to BOTH your test equipment AND your CMMS/PC folders LinxIT will also provide the ability to print a PM Sticker! How to Find the Fastest Infusion Pump Analyzer in Market-Best Measurement Sensitivity? What is Benefits of patient simulator machine? The technology has entered into health care and has made it simple.

What is Benefits of patient simulator machine?

The patient simulator machine is the best example of it. The machine helps in monitoring the patient and ensures patient safety. Need for electrical safety analyzers? Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator Introduction and Features. A patient simulator is one of the best machines to use in instructional strategies that pervades nursing education and medicinal academics.

Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator Introduction and Features

It provides a range of active and interactive learning. The students who undergo learning using a patient simulator get dual advantages – they can learn easily without having to harm a live human being. Plus, they can easily replicate real life situations and what they need to do to keep the situation under control. Some of the key markers that can be tested using a patient simulator include ECG, cardiac output, and even pediatric diagnosis and treatment. The multi-parameter patient simulator is the smallest power circulator providing a good range of battery life without having to change the batteries. Here below are some key features of the multi-parameter patient simulator. 1 – Long-lasting Battery Life.

Advanced features of smallest automated electrical safety analyzer. An electrical safety analyzer is a kind of device that performs a range of electrical safety tests intending to check that the device being tested compliance with electric safety requirements.

Advanced features of smallest automated electrical safety analyzer

The general tests that an electrical safety analyzer can carry out are as follows. Line leakage testInsulation testHigh voltage testGround continuity tests In today’s tech-driven world, everyday innovations are coming up including electrical safety analyzers. If you are in search of the most advanced electrical safety tester in the industry then your search ends here.

Pronk Tech has introduced the world’s smallest automated electrical safety analyzers. Do you want to know more about the advanced features of this smallest automated electrical safety analyzer? From Where Can You Purchase Pulse OX Tester with a 4 Year Guarantee? OxSim® Optical SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Tester Features: SpO2 Simulations: Mode 1: Saturation: 85%Heart Rate: 80 bpmPerfusion Index: approx. 2.0Mode 2: Saturation: 95%Heart Rate: 40 bpmPerfusion Index: approx. 2.0Mode 3: Saturation: 98%Heart Rate: 80 bpmPerfusion Index: approx. 2.0Mode 4: Saturation: 98%Heart Rate: 140 bpmPerfusion Index: approx. 2.0Mode 5: Saturation: 99%Heart Rate: 80 bpmPerfusion Index: approx. 0.2Size: 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ (6.4 x 6.4 x 3.2 cm), excluding finger sectionWeight: Only 5 oz. (0.14 kg, excluding battery)Simple operation: Just two buttonsConvenient: No adapter cables to purchase or carryEconomical: ‘Finger’ is fixed and permanent.

From Where Can You Purchase Pulse OX Tester with a 4 Year Guarantee?

No parts to carry or replace annuallyRugged: Polycarbonate housing. Drop tested 65 time from a height of 3 feet (1m) to a hard surface with no failures! Power: 6VDC Adapter or AA battery. What Is Human Patient Simulation? The human patient simulator or a human patient simulation, is a unique piece of tool, which is also known as test equipment used in biomedical workshops.

What Is Human Patient Simulation?

The simulator is connected with the ECG monitor, and in return helps in delivering a specific signal. The signal helps in emulating the human heart rate so that the monitor can be taken in the field of testing for important diagnostics and reliable capabilities. They are also well-known to create mathematical arrhythmias or irregular heartbeat. Therefore, the detection of arrhythmias, with the help of these simulators is considered very important, since arrhythmias are often linked with cardiovascular diseases, and different types of heart conditions, which takes place because of arrhythmias. The use of these simulators The benefits of using such simulators. Purchase SL-8 SimSlim® Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator from Pronk Tech. What Is A Patient Simulator And What Should We Know About It – Pronk Technologies. A patient simulator is a medical device used mostly by medical students to get a hands on experience of what it is like treating a real like patient, but without the risks that come with it being a human being.

What Is A Patient Simulator And What Should We Know About It – Pronk Technologies

These are used by doctors and surgeons as well to test out techniques to see how a critical patient might react to them. These can come in the form of dummies or as a small box that accurately portrays ECG, Arrhythmia, respiration, 4 channel IBP, 400/700 temperature and cardiac output, amongst other things.

How does it work? A human sized patient simulator or manikin is a model that is integrated with computer software to allow for accurate replication of normal and abnormal bodily responses to medical conditions or emergencies, which makes it ideal for students in training. Patient simulators have the potential to completely remove the risk of mortality from medical student training. What are the features it offers?

How an Electrical Safety Analyzers Works? Do you remember learning about safety measure to be followed before using electrical appliances?

How an Electrical Safety Analyzers Works?

Well, not only we as consumers take the precautions when it comes to using electrical appliances. Companies conduct several tests on their electrical appliances before launching them in the market. They use electrical safety analyzerto check whether the appliance complies with prescribed safety measures. They conduct tests to check the following: To check if the product functions a property during high voltage.To check if there is a leakage in the line that might result in a short circuit.To check the appliance’s resistance to insulation.

For a product to comply with standards, it has to pass the aforementioned tests. Find the Best Pulse Ox Tester. Why is calibration needed in electrical equipment? How to use Pulse Oximeter Simulator? Find the Finest Biomedical Test Equipment at Pronk Tech. What Is The Best And Safe Way To Read An ECG? How a Patient Simulator Works? Safe-T Sim™ Electrical Safety Analyzer – World’s smallest automated electrical safety analyzer. How are 4 lead ECG different from 12 lead? Why do you need to test medical equipment for electrical safety? Safety analyzer designed by Pronk Technologies for harmless working. All you need to know about Pulse OX Tester Importance in Fitness. The Importance of the Electrical Safety Equipment in Hospitals. Best SpO2 pulse oximeter simulator. SL-8 SimSlim® Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator. Heart Rate Simulator - SpO2 Pulse Oximeter.

Buy ECG simulators with advanced features and different simulation patterns from Pronk Technologies INC. Get ECG Simulator With Multi Parameter Simulator. Get accurate readings of oxygen saturation level with Pulse Oximeter Tester – Pronk Technologies. Dental Care Tips. Pulse Oximeter Simulator - Pronk Technologies.